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   Feng Fen Dai was so angry that her face turned into green, she pointed at Feng Yu Heng: “You, you”, “You” until half of the day and still did not know what to snap at her, after all she was educated by the wealthy and influential family, perhaps she could scold “blind like a dog” this kind of word, but she certainly had nothing to say if she had to abuse new patterns.


   Feng Xiang Rong, who stood aside, was more confused about what to say, she was usually prim and shy, when she heard that Feng Yu Heng had come back, she came to visit the Willow courtyard behind her servant’s back, who knew that she bumped into Fen Dai, who did not bring her servant as well when she arrived at the door.


   Right now Fen Dai just spoke up once she came, Second Sister Feng Yu Heng had actually sharpened her temper when she was out there, it frightened her that she dared not to speak, she lowered her head and counted the drops of water which was dripping from Feng Fen Dai’s body.


   “Thanks for two sisters coming to visit, but our courtyard was as black as skillet now, we are unable to invite you to come in and have some tea, you just go back. For the matter of Fourth sister mucking my courtyard up, Fourth sister please don't worry, I won't tell the elders, all in all you come here for visiting me, it's no good to let you get punished.” Feng Yu Heng carried the empty basin, saying sincerely, as if it was a matter-of-fact.


   Her words made Feng Fen Dai wide-eyed and not make a sound, even Xiang Rong was startled.


   Telling a bare-faced lie, her Second Sister was really capable!


   Seeing that the two of them were blank there, Feng Yu Heng postured a please movement, her meaning of seeing the visitors out was clear-cut and direct.


   Feng Fen Dai was so furious that her teeth trembled uncontrollably, she did not dare to let Feng Yu Heng blow it out of all proportion, Han, the Fourth Auntie had ordered her not to get a rise out of Yao first, they had to see the manner of Clan of Feng. Especially when they heard that Feng Jin Yuan decided to let them stay here, they just could not figure out what on earth did it mean.


   However Feng Fen Dai could never fight with Feng Yu Heng since they were small, one was the first daughter and another one was the daughter of concubine. She was unable to contend and also scramble with her, but now was different!


   When she heard about the news of Feng Yu Heng coming back here, she wished that she could tread on her immediately, where would she be obedient. She just never thought that she would fail and be trodden on by her the other way around. This visit was indeed heartwrenching.  


   “Huh!” She glared at Feng Yu Heng fiercely, throwing a cloth-wrapper at her: “Second Sister left too hurriedly that year, you didn't bring lots of clothes along with you, so I kept them for sister. Since you've come back now ,I'll return them to you. It's a shame that all these clothes were made for the first daughter of the Clan of Feng, you're only a daughter of concubine now, you're unworthy of wearing these best-quality clothes.”


   Feng Yu Heng nodded, “You're right, the daughter of concubine, we're in the same situation.” She then stared the Fourth Sister, who was now dripping wet, she asked her considerately: “Does Fourth Sister not think it's no good to leave like this? Or else, Man Xi, take off your clothes and give it to Fourth Miss.”


   “This…...” Man Xi was very depressed, why would the contradiction between the sisters turn to her?  “Second Miss, it's not that I don't want to give it to Fourth Miss, but you see, I am one head taller than Fourth Miss, Fourth Miss was unable to wear this too!”


  Feng Yu Heng spread out her hands, “Then Fourth Sister you gotta find a no one place and run faster, it's no good to let others to see you like this if you keep procrastinating.”


   Feng Fen Dai was after all a kid, once she was having such a bluff from Feng Yu Heng that she was frightened out of her mind, not caring to earn back her reputation, she carried her skirt, turning around and ran away, leaving Xiang Rong herself behind at the same place, blankly, neither should she go, nor should she remain here.


   Feng Yu Heng gazed at this sister who was not like Chen Yu could do things sleekly, also was not like Fen Dai that penetrating, her timid manner was a bit like Yao, she therefore became placid as well.


   “Third Sister, how are you?”


   “Ah?” Seeing that Feng Yu Heng suddenly change her tone to talk to herself, Xiang Rong was so shocked that she did not know how to reply, she held for a long time, and nodded, “Fine, I am fine, is Second Sister fine?” Not waiting for Feng Yu Heng’s reply, she looked at Yao, “Is Mother…...Eh, Auntie, are you fine?”


   Hearing that Xiang Rong subconsciously call Yao Mother, the smile on Feng Yu Heng’s face became sincerer.


   But Yao still looked cool, she just nodded, said nothing.


   Xiang Rong was quite embarrassing, she drew her hands back, taking out a small paper bag, and stuffed it to Zi Rui, then she said: “I’ve been out for long, auntie is still waiting for me, I’ll come and see Second Sister if I have time.” She then turned back and ran away.


   Feng Yu Heng stared at Xiang Rong’s silhouette which was getting far, she recovered some memory.


   She seemed to be remembering that Xiang Rong and Fen Dai were both born in the same year, two years younger than her. Xiang Rong always liked to follow behind her, she had put her hair in two buns, and she was chubby like a female doll in a new year pictures. When she did practice in calligraphy, that girl would grovel on the stone table a little way off, resting her cheek on her hand.


   Only that she was the first daughter that time, the daughter of concubine was not qualified to study the lessons which were planned by the clan with her, therefore it was a shame that this sister was trying to befriend her. Until the Clan of Yao got into trouble, the three of them were casted out of clan, she saw her looking at her with tears in her eyes from distance before she left.


   Following by the light sigh of Yao, Feng Yu Heng recovered from her preoccupation, she gave the empty basin in her hands to Granny Sun, handing over work to the servants, she then pulled Yao and Zi Rui into the house.


   Zi Rui opened the oil paper in his hands, there were a few pastries inside, spongy and fluffy, obviously they were just baked.


   The kid smelt the spreading aroma of the pastries avariciously, he was going to slobber, but he did not dare to eat, he just looked at Feng Yu Heng eagerly.


   She took a look at those pastries, nodding at Zi Rui: “Just eat them.”The kid then started eating them happily, he did not forget to give one to each sister and mother.