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  “Stop saying it.” He could not bear to hear the words anymore. It just became more and more disgusting. “You can try to pull the straw mat, to see whether or not you can drag me out of here.”


  “Is your injury really that severe?” Feng Yu Heng went blank for a moment. Was that a joke to let her little body drag the straw mat on which was now sat by a big man? “Let me see.” She then held out her hands, intended to touch his legs.


  “Don’t touch!” The man fulminated suddenly as he waved his hand intensely which accidentally flung her to the ground.


  Feng Yu Heng felt the pain as she fell on the ground and she glared at him with anger in her eyes, “You are sick!”


  “Will I be sitting here if I am not sick?” The man also answered matter-of-factly, “I didn’t push you on purpose, I just used too much strength.”


  “Take an honest man’s heart for a donkey’s liver and lungs.” Feng Yu Heng resolved not to heed him, “If you don’t wanna leave, just stay here and continue to smell the roast carcass, I’m not accompanying you.”


  While she just turned back and left, the person behind her growled frustratingly and then stopped her, “You, wait.”


  Feng Yu Heng was almost tired out to death when she finally got him out of the mountain seam by tugging and dragging at the same time. She never assumed that this man’s feet wound would be that serious in this way, he actually could not muster any strength. She half dragged and half hugged, even when she got him knocked on the stone, that man just grumbled a bit, but he never shouted with pain.


  Gradually, appreciation started rising in her heart, then she thought of her brethren in the army during her past life, they were always tough guys just like him and they never cried out with pain even when they lost half of a leg in the explosion during their mission.


  “Walk towards here.” The man pointed at one direction, “There‘s a rivulet a little way off, the wind direction is also opposite so it can’t blow over here.”


  “Okay.” Feng Yu Heng gritted, and enhanced her force, “Straw mat has been frazzled, you gotta bear it for now.”


  “I’m fine.” He responded calmly, as if the injury was not on his body.


  Feng Yu Heng felt a bit unhappy, and said it on her wrath: “You aren’t gonna say you’re fine if I just throw you harder on the ground.”


  “You’re so young to be so cruel.” he turned around to cast a look at the flames pit, “If just now the stones in your hand were more, I’m afraid that two of them would be burned to death too.”


  “Bang!” She loosed her grip, straightforwardly threw him onto the ground.




  “You what!” She was displeased now, pointing at his injured legs, “You’re not eligible to criticize me assume that you’re not going to let those who hurt your legs get away with this! Unkind often reacts on the unkind person. If they didn’t inflict me, where come their today’s evil consequences?”


  There was never ever anyone talking to him like this, without groveling, without currying favor with the powerful, without courtesy respect as well, she had her own notion, and she would boldly question his words. It was almost like each time he said something and she answered back at once.


  Looking at her pouting in a huff, the man smiled with raising the corner of his mouth instead of getting mad. He looked towards the already visible rivulet, and asked her: “Are you still going or not?”


  She sat on her butt, “No, I’m exhausted.”


  They sat beside each other, staring at the flames gathering themselves. It seemed like all the dead bodies had almost been burned out.


  At this moment, two silhouettes appeared from where they just stayed at before, moving around, as if they were looking for something.


  Feng Yu Heng stood up, staring at them for a while with her bright and glittering smart eyes, and then took a look at the person beside her, “Hey, they are looking for you, aren’t they?”


  He asked back: “Why not looking for you?”


  “How can it be.” Feng Yu Heng’s look became erratic on account of her meditating, “My mother is sick badly, my little brother just turned six years old, the villagers just want to either hurt us or avoid us.”


  Her eyebrows raised up, pink lips pouting,even her small nose turned up as she pointed at those two silhouettes,presenting an inexplicable shrewdness on her face, “They've come for the mountain seam, so they must have known where your hiding place were!”


  The man lifted his eyes lazily, looking at the dandiacal and also a little clever look of Feng Yu Heng, this little girl was intriguing. Yes, very intriguing.


   Taking back his thinking, he lifted up his right hand, putting his thumb and index finger on the verge of his lips and made a whistle, blowing hard, the two of them came towards here as soon as they heard the whistle.


   There were a young fellow and an over fifty-year-old man. The old man must be a doctor as he was carrying a medicine box on his back.


   The young fellow was wearing all black, looking nimbly and plain, a sword hung from his waist, obviously the raiment of a guard. He apparently heaved a sigh of relief when he saw the brocade robe man, “Vassal thought something happened to master as just now vassal couldn’t find master.” Finished, holding out his hand to push the panting old man forward: “This is the doctor that vassal found from the capital, let him treat master’s injury.”


   The brocade robe man nodded, glancing at the doctor, “I have troubled you.”


   The old man wiped his sweat, said continuously: “Dare not, dare not”, and hurried forward to examine the condition of his injury.


   The vassal then cast his sight to Feng Yu Heng, asked as he scowled: “Who are you?”


   “An arsonist.” The brocade man answered the question for her. 


   Feng Yu Heng picked her eyebrows, “Which one of your eyes saw that I set the fire?”




   “This childe.” The old man started speaking, “Your patella have broken.”


   This one word attracted their attention towards the pair of legs.


   The brocade robe man nodded, “I see. Does sir know how to set the broken bones?”