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  The old man hesitated before answering immediately: “Well, I know but I’m afraid that the megalgia of setting the broken bones is not something that normal people can sustain! I...” He threw his eye on the vassal, “Was caught by this laddie when I was visiting my patients at their homes, only got a few common medicine herbs in my medicine box, there’s no anesthetic prepared!”


  “He’ll suffer to death without anesthetic.” Feng Yu Heng said coldly.


  The old man agreed: “Moreover, not only the bones need to be connected, the rotten meat of the knees is supposed to be scraped too. Look at the swollen wound, I’m afraid that…...Alas, look at this barren wasteland, how about to let this laddie carry you on his back and follow me back to the capital medical center.”


  “No way.” The brocade robe man turned him down without any hesitation, “Just treat me here.”


  The old man waved his hands: “No way no way, I don’t dare to treat this injury without any anesthetic.”


  Feng Yu Heng was unwilling to hear their argument anymore, she held her hands in cross between her loosened sleeve and felt the heat spreading as she stroked her right wrist. For a moment, she saw things that she shouldn’t see—— The pharmacy which she opened in the provincial capital during her past life.


  The double-storey pharmacy, combination of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine, also associated with the sale of crutches, wheelchairs and much more simple medical apparatus and instruments. It was no different than the pharmacies which could be seen everywhere in the street in the Twenty-First Century, she sold everything that she should sell, including the new and old remedies. She just sold more remedies that provided specially by the army, including the empty capsules and some semi-finished products.


  Feng Yu Heng tried to get some remedies, she could actually concoct the remedies and get it from the pharmacy without a hitch by using her thoughts.


  She was truly surprised for a while. Subconsciously, she was taking a step to leave. I must find a quiet and no one place to look over this novelty I just found out. 


  How could she know that the moment she just moved her legs, a sword was touching her neck, and she could feel the coldness of the sword against her neck.


  “Don’t move.” It was the vassal’s voice.


  Feng Yu Heng really did not dare to move now.


  As the saying goes, the lackeys are even more difficult to deal with. Perhaps she could fight her courage with his master, but this fool vassal were never brainy, his sword must have no eyes.


  She squinted at the cold sword, it was sharp and penetrating, and it seemed to be able to cut the hair.


  “I’m sorry, little girl. Regardless of whatever your identity is, just blame that you shouldn’t’ve seen my master here today.” The tip of sword shook as his voice died away.


  Of course Feng Yu Heng was not going to wait for the death to come to her, just before she could take any action. A “ding” sound came from the cold sword and it fell on the ground with a bang.


  “Master!” The vassal turned around quickly, ran towards the brocade robe man and knelt down, “Master please calm down.”


  The brocade robe man waved his hand randomly, “She’s only a kid, just let her go.”


  “But what if the information was leaked…...”


  “Bai Ze.” The brocade robe man’s became heavy, “I don’t want to repeat the same words the second time.”


  “Yes.” The vassal called Bai Ze lowered his head, silently picking up the sabre on the ground, didn’t dare to say anything more.


  Feng Yu Heng glared at Bai Ze and then shifted her eyes to the old doctor who were now staring at the injury and seemed to be at his wits, said in earnestness: “You should learn more from your master. Even if you want to silence someone by killing him off, don't ever do it in front of the useful people. Doctor is always private and opaque, if he does mind what you have done in front of him, he can fiddle with the treatment to disable your master's legs.”


  “Don't be gone too far in your advance!” Bai Zhe stomped his feet.


  The brocade robe man chuckled, “You're young to know so much senses. Bai Ze, you should learn from her as she's right.”




  “Stop saying it.” He cut Bai Ze off, looking towards Feng Yu Heng, “Go home. Didn't you say that your mother's still ill?”


  Feng Yu Heng stared at him for a while, grudging to take her eyes off the lotus pattern between his eyebrows. Otherwise how to say that the man shouldn't have a too good looking, their handsome would make some of the women lose their principle——


  “That what…..Let me help you.” Feng Yu Heng wanted to slap her big mouth after the words came out of her mouth. Knew what was “only take care of yourself”? Where got you?


  “How do you want to help?” The brocade robe man on the contrary was willing to corporate so she didn't get the opportunity to regret her words.


  Feng Yu Heng moved her eyes to other way, didn't want to look at his lotus pattern anymore,stretching her hand into her sleeve, making a painkiller sprayer with her thought. This thing were not yet on the market, it was developed specially for the usage for the emergency during the mission of army. She had kept one box for her own sake, waiting for an opportunity to sell it, she never thought she would die on account of the plane accident before she could sell it.


  “Kill the pain first, of course.” Feng Yu Heng shook the sprayer in her hand, “Old Mister, as you saw just now, they wanted to silence me by murdering me to guarantee the secrecy of their hiding place.”


  The old man had been scared enough before, he collapsed at once when he heard what she said, sitting paralyzed on the ground, trembling like a leaf.


  Feng Yu Heng gazed at the brocade robe man, “You have to say a word, give a promise or something like that, not only to engage for your life safety, and also keep it as a secret that I've helped you.”


 Bai Ze’s heart wrenched as he heard her words, then he asked again: “Who on earth are you?”


 Feng Yu Heng couldn't help but feel helpless: “I'm just a kid from a mountain village, I met a Persian ages ago and he gave me something good. Now I'm gonna use this good thing to save your master and I don't want anymore people to know that I've got a good thing. You got it?”


  Bai Ze nodded after analyzing her words,“Yes, I got it.”


  The brocade robe man stared at the bottle in her hand, with curiosity in his eyes, he saw that Feng Yu Heng was not going to explain more, so he turned to the old man, and said: “Old Mister you just treat me as a normal patient, do what you should do, then I'll certainly ask Bai Ze to send you home, and I'll never hurt your life.”


  “Re...Really?” The old man was not quite convinced by him.


  “Only if you don't divulge anything that happened tonight. Really.”


  “I did nothing tonight, I just lost my way when I visited my patients at their homes, just lost my way.”