CHAPTER THREE is hereeee!

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  Feng Yu Heng knew that no one was going to verify the facticity of the so-called guarantee, you could only choose to believe it or not believe it. She had no intention to guess whether or not that the young fellow, Bai Ze will send the old man back home safely or he would just murder him halfway back. She had to treat this man's legs after all, then she needed to get back to the small village, the mother and younger brother of the original owner were still waiting for her.


  “Let's get started!” She didn't say anything anymore, half kneeling beside the brocade robe man, then started tearing apart the cloth which was covering the injury.


  The brocade robe man was watching her movements, he just felt the efficiency in her movements, not even a bit hesitation, as if she had used to be doing this all the day. But it was impossible for a ten-year-old kid.


  “Any alcohol?” she asked as she scrutinized the wound.


  The old man quickly opened his medicine box and took out a small flagon, he looked a bit embarrassed: “I'm usually a drinker, so I'm taking it to everywhere I go.”


  “Hmm, nice habit.” Feng Yu Heng took the small flagon, then gave instruction without any hesitation: “Bai Ze, go get some clean water.”


  Bai Ze saw the brocade robe man nod, he turned back and ran towards the side of rivulet.When he came back again, he held the half jar of water in front of people with a broken jar which he found from nowhere.


  Feng Yu Heng took the water, said without lifting her head: “I’ll wash the wound with clean water then clean the wound with alcohol.It will hurt, you gotta bear it a bit.”


  Not surprisingly, the brocade robe man answered again: “It’s okay.”


  She picked her eyebrows, actually there was ethanol for disinfection in her pharmacy, but she could not turn out another bottle again. The kid’s sleeve was not that big, her pharmacy might be exposed if she kept getting things out of her sleeve.


  “Then I’ll get started.” Feng Yu Heng had stopped talking, started to handle the wound scrutinizingly.


  Water, alcohol,disinfection was done. Bai Ze had found a wooden couch to let the brocade robe man bite, Feng Yu Heng waved her hand, “No need,take it away, it is dirty to put it in the mouth.”


  Bai Ze did not listen to her, he just said: “Scraping meat and setting the bones aren’t as easy as saying.”


  “I know.” She shook the bottle in her hand again, she sprayed on the knees when she almost finished shaking it.


  The peculiar sound of the sprayer and the misty medicine caught the rest of them off guard, the brocade robe man was better, his eyes was glowing with inquisitive, the other two of them all gave out an exclamation.


  “What is this?” Bai Ze was on his guard now, grabbing Feng Yu Heng’s hand to keep her from spraying again. “What remedy are you applying for my master?”


  “Pain-killer.” She told the truth, said to the brocade robe man: “You try to feel, your legs are getting paralyzed, aren’t they?”


 This remedy soon took effect, the most time it took to kick the local analgesic and anesthesia in was three seconds.


  The brocade robe man felt amazed as well,as if his knees started anaesthetizing in a moment, following by the vanishment of the pain. Furthermore, this remedy was used right on the nose as it only covered the injured part, he could still feel all the uninjured part.


  He stared at the bottle in Feng Yu Heng’s hand, until she felt awkward, “That......I can give the rest of it to you if it still got remaining of it after I treat your injury.”


  He did not turn her offer down too,”In this way, thanks.”


  “It’s your turn now.” Feng Yu Heng pushed the old man beside her, “Scrape the rotten meat.”


  She could originally do this operation all by herself, and Feng Yu Heng absolutely believed that she could handle this much more better. But she could not expose herself! Really could not expose herself too much! She needed to remind herself that she was only a twelve-year-old little girl, a little girl.


  The old man was also on his way, he did not talk much, taking out a scraper from the medicine box and started to scrape the rotten meat off for the brocade robe man.


  A bit and a bit, the wound looked bloody, Bai Ze frowned as he looked at it. On the contrary, Feng Yu Heng and the brocade robe man looked as if like nothing at all.


  She was because she believed her own remedy, and as for him, really could not feel the pain at all! He could not help but to take a few looks at the remedy bottle.


  In a few moments, the old man scraped the rotten meat off by a sleight of hand. Bai Ze took the clean water again and washed the wound, Feng Yu Heng took the opportunity to spray the remedy once again, the quantity of remedy that she sprayed was enough to make the brocade robe man’s heart ache—— “I don’t feel the pain, save some of it”


  “Pfft.” She rolled her eyes at him, he lowered his head, making no sound.


  The old man held the below of the knees, said in a deep voice: “I will start to set the broken bones. I will apply the remedy on the sore after setting the bones, and the rest is that you gotta take good care of it.”


  The brocade robe man showed his understanding, the old man was no longer speaking, his hands were holding the bones for a while, suddenly he use his strength and set back the bones of one leg with a clatter.


  “Leave here to me, you continue to connect another leg.” Feng Yu Heng hugged the rough branches which she just collected in her hands, taking the old man’s medicine box and went through it herself.


  The old man saw that she learnt the medical knowledge, so he did not keep her from doing that, he just walked around to another side.


  There were only traditional Chinese herbs in the medicine box, not much, the basic herbs were still enough to use. But……


  Feng Yu Heng was a bit worried, the injury was too severe, even if the bones were connected, she was afraid that the simple herbs that they had here were not sufficient for his trauma. The condition in the mountain was too scarce and moist, it was easy to get infection. What a damn era, what the Great Shun, it was never mentioned in her history textbook, she reckoned that it was impossible to have anti-inflammatory drug here.


  She thought for a while, and her hand reached into her sleeve again, concocting a packet of antibiotic for external use from the pharmacy.


  This was what she contained in the big-size ziplock bag which she took from the army at first, then she divided all of them into over fifty small-size ziplock bags after she came back to pharmacy.


  “What’s this again?” Bai Ze was curious, but he had stopped questioning her.


  “You won’t understand even if I tell you.” She had no intention to explain too much, “Anyway, it is something only useful and has no harmfulness for his injury.”


  She poured the powdery thing on the wound, then she bound up the wound with gauze which she took from the medicine box, and she fixed the knee with a simple holder which was made of the wood branches.


  She was just done here, another knees was connected too.She treated the injury with the same method, until the both of legs were finally treated, the old man heaved a sigh of relief, then he looked at the brocade robe man, trembling with fear.


  The man stared at his legs for quite a while, then he lifted his head, expressing his thanks to the old man, and he told Bai Ze: “Send the mister back to the capital.”


  “What about you?” Bai Ze was still worried that he stayed here alone, casting his eyes towards Feng Yu Heng.


  She could only accept her fate, “I’ll stay here and look after him.”


  The old man said too: “Just send me out of the mountain, I know the way outside.”


  Bai Ze had no more to say, he pulled the old man and left with quick step.


  Waiting for them to walk away, Feng Yu Heng then picked up the pottery jar and went to the rivulet to fetch some water, when she came back again, there were two pieces of white medicine in her hand.


  “Eat this.” passing the water and medicines in front of the brocade robe man, “You might suffer the fever…...Eh, the heat, once you suffer the heat, the treatment for this pair of legs might become nothing.”


  The man did not ask much too, She passed it and he ate it, she looked totally stupefied, “You don’t scare that what I give you is toxicant?”


  He gave a harrumph, “The toxicant can be made so delicately. Never mind that I eat it.” He held out his hand to Feng Yu Heng as he talked, “Give me.”


  “What?” She looked blank, then she remembered at once, passing the sprayer in her hand to him, “It left quite much, it is sufficient to use three more times for this injury.”


  He looked at the bottle in his hand, mimicked her movements before and pressed down the nozzle, Feng Yu Heng quickly kept him from doing so—— “Don’t press!” Then she instructed him by herself, “You look at here, there is a small hole here, face this to the injury and press down, then you can spray it. Like you just now, it will just spray into your eyes.”


  He was eager to learn, “Thank you.”


  Two of them sat on the ground, no one talked anymore. The brocade robe man closed his eyes a bit, leaning on the tree trunk, thinking of something unknowingly. At the same time, Feng Yu Heng was stroking her right wrist, her thought straightforwardly fell into the pharmacy.


  There was a birthmark of phoenix which she had been having during her past life, she did not expect the birthmark and pharmacy were still with her after she travelled through the time.


  The pharmacy was still the same as the one in the old days. There were Western medicine and traditional Chinese medicine on the first floor, and a wall of Chinese herbal medicines.


  The main things on the second floor were some simple medical apparatus and instruments, and the particular remedies which could not be found on the market were privately hidden on the second floor, she took most of these from the army, and also some miraculous medicine that she scrounged from all over the world.


  One of the sales counters sold medical aids such as gauze, medical tape, cotton ball, ethanol and iodine. Besides, her lounge was also located at the second floor, twenty square meters, with built-in restroom and bathroom. There were also a refrigerator and a microwave.


  Her commonly used toiletries were still put on the table, there was snacks in the drawer and a casket. She did not usually wear the jewelries, those in the pharmacy were not valuable as well, most of them were made of silver, she bought it as she thought they were pretty but she never wore it. There were some gold ornaments, no diamond and one ruby necklace.


  These things are originally the things that she always see, but now it seemed like as if a generation had passed…...Oh no, the generation had really passed, though, reversely.


  Feng Yu Heng sighed secretly, subconsciously did not want to analyse the reason of the explosion of the helicopter. She knew that it was not an air crash that simple. She did not want to admit it even though she could guess it from a variety of reason.


  Anyway, she was quite happy that the pharmacy was still with her after she resurrected from death. Her only two special skills during her past life were traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine. The traditional Chinese medicine was an ancestral craft, the Western medicine was the practical experience that she got from her over ten years studying and her years of clinical. If fighting was also a skill, she was an expert as well, at least she could end in a tie in one on one fight with the tough guys from the army.


  But were those skills still useful in this era?


  Her mind flashed, then her thoughts were pulled back from the space.


  There was shadow wobbling not far from here,she looked towards it vigilantly, the brocade robe man started to talk: “It is Bai Ze coming back.”


  Feng Yu Heng stood up, “Since your fellow has come back, then I gotta go.”


  He nodded, “Go.Be careful.”


  She sniffled, the night in the mountain was quite cool, “It’s so unfair, I also had a helping hand in treating your legs, why don’t you ask Bai Ze to send me back.” She waved her hand randomly right after she finished her saying without waiting for his answer, “I was just kidding. But…...” This girl rolled her eyeballs, “I’d wiped out the catastrophe for you, shouldn’t you reward me?”


  “Mmm?” The brocade robe man was a little stunned for a moment, then immediately smiled a bitter smile, “What reward do you want then?”


  She counted with her fingers: “Not only had I cured the wound for you, I had offered three other types of medicines, plus I had just gifted you the remaining of the medicine. How much do you think all these worth?”


  He had no choice, “I know that your medicines are worth thousand golds and they are difficult to get, but I am actually not able to take out the money now.” He untied the brocade bag from his waist as he said, estimating the weight, “The most I have now is twenty, all are silvers, it’s convenient for you since you live in the mountain.”


  “Twenty?” She thought for a while, never got the notion of the twenty.


  He believed that she thought twenty was too little, “If we have the chance to meet each other again, even if you required thousand golds, I definitely won’t say a no.”


  Feng Yu Heng did not like to hear this kind of words, if we have the chance to meet each other again, once this kind of words came from the mouth, mostly it meant that they could never see each other again.


  She could not control herself from staring at the place between his eyebrows, the purple lotus just made people more and more could not move their eyes from it, she thought she was too worthless.


  “Just let it be.” She estimated the weight of it as she took the brocade bag from him, it was quite heavy. Then she identified the direction with the memory of the original owner and strode forward.


  The brocade robe man gazed at the small silhouette which kept getting far and far away, pitifully emaciated, and revealed the stubbornness. A faint smile appeared on the usually emotionless face. This smile just fell at Bai Ze’s eyes who just came back and it absolutely took the vassal who had grown up with him since they were young aback.


  “Mas...Master.” Was he smiling?


  Regained his stare, “How was your job doing?”


  “I laid him out once I sent him to the mountain pass,it depends on himself whether he can stay alive or not before he wakes up.” Bai Ze looked towards the direction which Feng Yu Heng just left, “Should I go deal with her?”


  “No need.” The brocade robe man answered so quickly. “We will leave the mountain area by tomorrow morning.”


  “Vassal obey your order!”




  Feng Yu Heng went back to Xi Ping Village with the twenty silvers, the large fortune in her pocket. The notion of large fortune was what she searched from the original owner's memory all the way back. In this village which the one or two silvers was enough for the family of three to survive, the twenty silvers was actually a large fortune.


 When she arrived at the village, it was already dawn. She picked some herbs and mushrooms all the way back,carried them on her back with the vines tying them together.She could not return empty-handed since the reason she went into mountain was to pick the herbs.


  Looking for her way to home which she had ‘forgotten’, she heard a hullabaloo before she reached home. A virago was shouting abuses in the street, a kid was crying and a woman who was now begging for mercy.


  She took two steps quickly, as expected, it was the home, which was now having problem, that she needed to go back.


  Xu, who had not been burned to death in the corpse pit last night, was pulling a woman's arm outside the courtyard, beside the woman was a little boy around the age of five or six who was crying as he tried to help the woman up who just fell on the ground.


  Xu kicked the little boy aside, “Go away! You have to move out of this house today, I want to keep my house back! If you want to continue to live here,pay me the house rent of one year!”


  The woman on the ground was so, so weak, how was she able to stand Xu’s tugging and dragging, she gasped for breath as she pleaded bitterly: “Just wait until our Ah Heng come back, okay? Even if we need to move out of here, we still need to wait for our kid to come back!”


  “Your Ah Heng? She had run off ages ago! Said she went to mountain to pick the herbs, but never come back even two days later, either she ran off or was eaten by the wolf! What're you going to hope for!”


  “My sister won't be eaten by wolf!” The little boy screamed out loud, “She definitely won't be eaten by wolf!”


  “Ah Heng will never dump us!” The woman refuted Xu’s words, “Please, let us wait for one day, just one day.”


  “Not even one day! Get out of here as soon as possible!” She lifted her leg, intending to kick the woman in her breast.


  But before she could even kick in the right spot, she felt a sudden pain in her calf, it was so hurt that she could not stand properly, and she sat on the ground on her butt.


  The strange things happened at the corpse pit last night started echoing in Xu’s head again, like just now, round and round surprise attacks, hurt and dreadful, she could not even hide from it.


  Xu burst into a strange shout, her eyes gradually fixed at a certain direction. Looked at the girl whom she and her husband had obviously thrown into the corpse pit, walking towards her with cold eyes.