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  “Sister!” Once Feng Yu Heng walked into the courtyard, that little boy threw himself on her, tears on his cheek, arms around her very tightly. “Sister you finally come back, they said you have dumped Rui Er and Mother, wu…...” The kid burst into tears, his thin arms were looped around her body, and it was hurt.


  “Rui Er don’t be scared.” She pat the kid’s back, held his dirty face with both of her hands, her heart clicked once she saw his face.


  Feng Zi Rui, the original owner’s same father and mother younger brother, but…...Why did he have the same look just as her younger brother who died at the age of six during her past life?


  Feng Yu Heng’s heart shivered, and it started rolling as she forgot the moment.


  That year, when she was ten years old, and her younger, who was six years old, was suffering from the kidney ailment. The Clan of Feng was an old family which was well-known for traditional Chinese medicine, her external Grandfather and Father were the best Chinese medicine doctors, but their special skill, which was their proud, was unable to save her brother. Since that year, her grandfather made her give up to inherit the family business, and change to the Western study.


  To be sure, the traditional Chinese medicine got to the root of a problem, but the Western medicine was faster, Western medicine could see the effect immediately, on the contrary, the effect of the Chinese medicine was slower.


  Slowly, her thought was held back, Feng Yu Heng looked at the kid in her arms, a sense of belonging, which did not exist since her waking up last night, finally hit her heart. She was not alone in the unfamiliar era, was she?


  She then casted her gaze towards the woman on the ground, Yao, the original owner’s Mother.


  A lump came into Feng Yu Heng’s throat, her mother of her past life died on account of having dystocia as she gave birth to her younger brother, for many years, her mother’s look had started getting indistinct in her heart, now, Yao’s features just looked so amiable that the long time no see and blurry image of her mother appeared in front of her again.


  Suddenly, she laughed!


  Thank the God, she never thought that this time travel was such a very considerable arrangement for her.


  “Ah Heng.” Perhaps this was not a suitable timing for her to laugh, it gave Yao the heebie-jeebies, “Did something happen?”


  She pulled her younger brother and stepped forward, helping Yao up from the ground, she said gently as she patted the dust on the body: “Nothing happened, Mother please don’t worry, no one can bully us once Ah Heng is here.”


  As expected, Yao rested her heart, her Ah Heng was always a strong-minded girl, three of them would not have lived through the years of being driven away from the Clan of Feng, if it were not for Ah Heng who had been supporting them.


  She had to bear all these things since she was young, looking at the things that Feng Yu Heng had carrying on her back, Yao started welling up.


  “Mother, don’t cry.” She patted Yao’s backside of the hand gently, then she passed Feng Zi Rui’s small hand into Yao’s hand, turning around and walking to Xu’s front, she crouched: “Xu’s arm got injured seriously.”


  She shifted her gaze towards Xu’s exposed arm as she said, although it had been handled by simple treatment with the herbs, the obvious burn wound still looked shocking.


  Xu shivered, subconsciously covered the wound with her sleeve, but this time she touched the wound accidentally, she felt so hurt that she drew back the corners of her mouth.


  “I was procrastinated when I went to the mountain to pick some herbs, and I didn’t know why, I heard the ghost’s crying and howling in the depth of the mountain, as if there were many ghosts of innocent people calling for something…...Oh right, they wanted to dun for debts from the people who have burned them.” Feng Yu Heng’s voice was very light, but serious as well, as if she were telling a story.


  But this story was like some life-urging words for some of the listeners, Xu sat on the ground, backing off, she could not help to shriek at last, she got up and intended to run.


  But just as she climbed up she was dragged by a small hand, Xu collapsed and smacked backward, shouting loudly: “Get off me! You are the evil spirit! You are the spirit of the innocent people!”


  “Thanks to you, Feng Yu Heng actually was.” Still, Feng Yu Heng said in her light voice, “But the Lord of Death didn't keep me.”


  There was something mysterious hiding inside her words, it meant that the original Feng Yu Heng had died because of their big club and the sleeping drug, and what a pity that the present Feng Yu Heng had faced the Lord of Death and came back here again.


  Naturally, Xu didn't know about this meaning, but she knew that she had done something guilty, plus what happened last night was also strange and mysterious, she was almost so scared that she didn't want to think about it. She was originally here to get Yao and Feng Zi Rui out of the Xi Ping Village in this morning, it was the best never to meet this family so that she could forget this matter. Never thought that Feng Yu Heng would come back again.


  “A year ago,my mother was ill.” Feng Yu Heng followed the original owner's memory, started counting the debts with Xu, “The silvers that the Clan of Feng gave us only remained fifty silvers, which all, my mother had given to you, but she only got three doses of medicine, Aunt Xu, we need to clear all the debts out.”


  “The...The medicine is quite expensive.” Xu dared not look into Feng Yu Heng’s eyes. This girl was originally lovely and she almost didn't talk to the villagers, but she was just unsociable and eccentric, then why she thought that her eyes were particularly frightful today?


  Not waiting for Feng Yu Heng to speak, she ran towards the outside of the courtyard with all her effort as if she were risking her own life.


  Feng Yu Heng’s small hand did not expect to catch the person, she did not intend to do that too, she just wanted nothing more than to frighten her, and also reminded them that she had not forgotten the guilty things they'd done.


  Seeing that Xu was going to run far away, she picked her lips slightly, raising her voice and said: “Your children are now watching! There are retributions in this world! Don't ever disbelieve this!”


  Xu collapsed more after she heard what Feng Yu Heng just said, she then fell on the ground with a thump, but she never slowed down, she just kept crawling towards her house.


  But not long that she crawled, she saw a carriage steering towards her so quickly that the furling dust blurred the vision of the bystanders until it arrived in front of Xu, the steed stopped, raising its hooves with neighing as it was flicked with a whip by the driver.


  “You are blind like a dog!” Xu was frightened that her face ashened, this carriage almost stepped her to death.




  Without demur, he flicked the whip with enough force, it peeled Xu’s skin openly.


  This had not yet finished, followed by the second and third whip, Xu crawled on the ground, barely alive with harrumphing.


  “What an arrogant tone, mountain village woman!” The steerer sneered, “Why don’t you just open your eyes, is someone who had this carriage whom you can provoke?”


  Once the words came out, all of the vision were attracted to there. Yao stepped two steps forward unsteadily, trembling as she took Feng Yu Heng’s hand.


  “Mother.” She gave a look at Yao, something apparently came to her mind, and she stared at the carriage again, as expected, the curtain of the carriage was lifted up, an old lady walked out of the carriage.


  Even though this old lady was in a servant dress, but her clothes were unusual as well, at least they were something the mountain villagers could never put it on with their lifetime-earned money.


  Once again, Feng Yu Heng’s memory started billowing, Yao’s dowry servant as she married her husband, she was detained in the house of Feng ever since Yao and her children were sent into the mountain village. Not waiting for her to think much, she saw the old lady hurried towards the front of Yao with only a few steps, knelt with a thump: “Lady, you must have had a rough time!”


  Yao only thought that this scene was as if a generation had passed, she had never been bowed by anyone in the past three years, she had never been in touch with anyone else from the Clan of Feng since then. In her notion, the Clan of Feng had set her, her daughter and son in the life and death ages ago. Now she saw Granny Sun, the first thing she actually thought of was: “Is granny driven out of the Clan as well?”


  Tears coursed down Granny Sun’s cheeks: “No, no. Lady, old slave is here to get you and Miss and young master home!”


  “Go home?” Not only Yao, Feng Yu Heng and Feng Zi Rui too were stupefied, Feng Zi Rui asked first: “Go which home?”


  Yao’s question came on the heel of his question: “Granny, what on earth happened? Why do you come to Xi Ping Village?”


  Granny Sun caught Yao’s hands, shivering excitedly: “Lady’s daughter has a happy event! The Ninth Prince has won a war, Big Master and Grandmother have summoned you to prepare Miss’s wedding! Lady and Miss please get inside the carriage and go home!”


  The sudden news hit them like a heavy bomb, three of them were too shocked to speak.


  “Mother, watch out!” Feng Yu Heng quickly helped up Yao who almost tumbled under the shock, trying to control her frame of mind among the sea of memory, pretending to stay unperturbed: “This is really unexpected, none of us are prepared for this, Granny please wait for a moment, and set off after we tidy things up!”


  Granny Sun wiped the corners of her eyes, bowed to Feng Yu Heng respectfully, “The Ninth Prince will soon be back in the Capital, Lady and Miss please be as quick as possible.”


  In the sloshing carriage, Feng Yu Heng, who was now so exhausted from the nonstop jactitation of last night, resting her mind by closing her eyes and leaning on the window sill, but she did not miss the conversation, not even a word——


  “This is grandmother’s idea to get you back to the Capital, but if you really want to say, it should thank to the Ninth Prince.”


  “But…...” Yao was a bit astonished, “I am afraid that the marriage has not been valid during the years that Ah Heng was sent to the mountain village?”


  “It’s valid! It’s valid!” Granny Sun was very happy when she talked about this matter, “How come the Clan will send old slave to get you back if this marriage is not valid? You never know that, old slave has been looking for the day that Lady comes back to the clan.” Granny Sun choked with sobs and Yao wiped her tears.


  Feng Yu Heng opened her eyes, and asked Granny Sun,“If it's still valid, why would the Clan of Feng dare to send mother, my brother and I to the mountain village?”


  Granny Sun was blank, she looked at Feng Yu Heng, feeling astonished. Yao took her hands quickly and explained: “Granny doesn't know about this. We had a rough time in the mountain during these years, it thanks to Ah Heng had once followed her grandfather to study some medicine knowledge otherwise the three of us wouldn't be alive until now. Although we'd survived, this kid’s temper was sharpened and had become cooler and cooler.”


  Granny Sun nodded, and gazed at Feng Yu Heng. Was that only cool? Then why did she feel that her eyes were glowing with spirit?


  In any case, the present Miss Feng was much more better than the past her, Clan of Feng was a place that kept eating up someone's life, if she was still being played around blindly by people, even before she gets married, she would die.


  “Old slave don't know about this too.” Granny answered Feng Yu Heng’s previous question which just occurred to her, “Old slave felt strange then, Miss has the royal engagement ever since she was small, why would the Clan of Feng be so bold. Now it may be assumed that Clan of Feng never thought the Ninth Prince will have such influence now.”


  “What influence does he have?” Feng Yu Heng was interested in the original owner's fiancé.


  “There are things that Miss doesn't know, two years ago, the Ninth Prince was appointed by the Emperor as the soldier Grand Marshal of the campaign at the border of Northwest. Now the Northwest has prevailed, the Ninth Prince will soon be back to the Capital.”


  So that explained it!