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  Feng Yu Heng didn't ask more questions, continued to close her eyes. This incident analysed ostensibly, was that the Feng was scared that the Ninth Prince would be looking for her and wanting to marry his fiancee if she suddenly came to his mind.


  But if she considered deeper…… She knitted her brow, she was afraid that it wasn't that simple from the deep inside.


  It was very far between Northwest and the Capital. The least time they needed was twenty days even if they made their way through the nights at full speed. Feng Yu Heng did not know the surface feature of Da Shun very well, but she could still discern all directions. She felt something was weird when the carriage had travelled for about five days, they should go all the way towards North where the Capital was located at, but why would it turn to South abruptly?


  Yao and Feng Zi Rui were resting, Granny Sun was serving beside them, scared that they would feel hot, fanning them with a fan slowly.


  Feng Yu Heng felt reassured as it was Granny Sun, but the coachman was not in her reassured list. Especially the few whips that he gave Xu in Xi Ping Village had indicated that this person was never kind.


  “Granny stays here, I want to go outside to get some fresh air.” Having greeted Granny Sun, she picked the curtain and climbed out of the carriage, and sat together with the coachman.


  The coachman did not expect that she would come out here, he was stupefied for a moment, and he gave an unnatural smile to greet her: “Second Miss.”


  This was the sort of Feng, there was a sister above her, Feng Chen Yu, who was exactly the daughter of Shen, who got the throne of Headed Mistress by stepping on Yao’s shoulder. Nowadays, she was the real first daughter of the Clan of Feng.


  “Uncle works too hard to drive the carriage.” She relied her body backwards, leaning on the carriage, her right hand stretched into her left sleeve, gently turned a few times on the Phoenix birthmark.


  “What Second Miss says is my duty.” The coachman pulled the rein, unaware of the strange tone of Feng Yu Heng,the carriage steered faster.


  Feng Yu Heng picked her lips, “The servants of the Clan of Feng were actually loyal servants.”


  “Of course.” The coachman chuckled, and did not pay much attention to her. It was indeed difficult to be suspicious of a little girl who was at the age of twelve.


  Nevertheless, things often tend not to develop common sense, just like Feng Yu Heng, who had been neglected by the coachman.


  “It's a pity.” She said nonchalantly, “The loyal servant doesn't know the way, we won't arrive at the Capital forever if we keep going this way.”


  “Hmm?” The coachman then started getting suspicious, twisted his head, looking at Feng Yu Heng, his originally honest face started contorting, his eyes began to glow with a sharp, bright light, “What does Second Miss mean?”


  Feng Yu Heng stared at him as well, they gazed upon each other, a twelve-year-old girl's momentum actually did not lose to a strong man who was nearly forty.


  “I mean, this is absolutely not the way to the Capital.”


  The coachman's hands which were holding the rein tightened his grip, “Then where does Second Miss think that we're all going?”


  “How do I know.” She leaned on the carriage again, “Killing someone to keep one’s mouth shut should be done cleanly and without being spotted the weak points by the other people. Of course the great Clan of Feng isn't having scarce of master-hand, they're just too underestimating the three of us.” She laughed in self-mockery as she said, “In fact, it is really so sarcastic, even death, the so-called father doesn't will to give me a better adversary.”


  “You...” The coachman's atrocious look was completely exposed on his face, even though it was a surprise that his purpose was looked through, however, he did not think that a twelve-year-old girl could pull any stunt. Nothing more than paying her lip service, it really impatient him, it was no big deal to just kill them now here, it was really no great deprivation.


  He was the domestic vassal of the Clan of Feng, he was ordered secretly by Feng Jin Yuan, the Left Chancellor, that Yao and her two children definitely could not come back to the Capital, kill them on the half way back.


  As for the engagement with the Ninth Prince, it was plighted by the royal family for the first daughter of Clan of Feng. Now the first daughter was Miss Feng Chen Yu, it had nothing to do with Yao and her children.


  The coachman sneered, not intending to conceal the truth, he was only inquisitive about why a little girl could be so incisive and trenchant. “When did you start realising?” He asked, but he already held the dagger in his hand, waiting for Feng Yu Heng to answer the question and killed her.


  Feng Yu Heng sneered too, the laughter sounded eerie.


  “If you went easier on Xu when you whipped her, I might not suspect you.”


  “Only this?”


  “Not only this.” She pointed at his hands, “There are calluses between your right hand’s thumb and index finger, it’s obviously the cause of years of holding the weapon, if you are a coachman, the calluses should grow on your index finger.”


  She finished her words, not waiting for the coachman to take any action, she took her action first. She shot the palm-sized anaesthetic gun, which she concocted from her drug-store space, at him through her sleeve.


  There was entirely no process, the coachman collapsed with his face upward. Feng Yu Heng got up and seized the dagger from him, wiping his neck without even looking at him, the gushing blood splashed her sleeve and the curtain, scaring the people inside that they screamed in chorus.


  Feng Yu Heng pulled the rein, kicking the corpse from the carriage, she then shouted: “Giddyap!” The carriage turned around and steered towards the North.


  All the way, four of them were fleeing for their lives towards the Capital.


  Feng Yu Heng was now very much looking forward to seeing the Clan of Feng, she wanted to see what on earth did this Father, who had such a vicious heart, look like.




  Twenty days later, the Capital was right before them.


  Feng Yu Heng heaved a sigh of relief at last, they were relatively safe now at the Emperor’s presence.


  The carriage was pulled up outside the city gate, Yao sighed as she lifted the curtain up and stared out there.


  Feng Yu Heng pat the dust on her body,comforting her, “Mother, don’t be afraid, we should tell Father about the coachman when we go back to the clan, and let Father decide for us.”


  Feng Zi Rui clenched his fists too, “Father will throw the book at the villain!”


  Granny Sun nodded, “The clan has come out this kind of person, Big Master will certainly investigate it thoroughly.”


  However, Yao waved her hands, “Don’t bring problems to your Father once you just go back, it is lucky that we can get back home safely, the incident of coachman…… Just say that he fell to death on the way back, and the others, just don’t mention it to them.”


  “If it was the coachman who stirred up trouble, we’re lucky, I’m afraid lest it was the host of the carriage who cannot tolerate us.” Feng Yu Heng’s one sentence, brought Yao’s and Granny Sun’s frowns.


  Actually, everyone had several guesses in their heart, but none of them was like Feng Yu Heng who wished to say and said what she wished to say. Granny Sun was a servant, she thought, full of joy, that her own master could have a good life ever after, Yao though did not expect extravagant hope from the Clan of Feng but she hoped for years of ease from now on. The incident of coachman was a thorn in their heart, they said that they didn’t want the trouble and not wanted to talk about it, it was only self-deception.


  “Mother, you have to remember, sometimes, compromise will not make a conflict much easier to resolve.” Feng Yu Heng was hoping for a change in Yao’s temper, but she knew that she could not rush her now.


  Now…...She raised her eyes to look at the nearby official road beside her, she saw that the roar kept rising in the crowd, in the same direction with them, there was a troop made its way towards the Capital slowly in the cluster round of the people.


  Apparently, the people had come with preparation, Feng Yu Heng’s carriage were soon squeezed into the crowd, a lot of people, followed the triumphal horn sound, squeezed out of the city gate, they stood at both of the side of official road when they saw the troop.


  Some of them were taking flower baskets, some of them were taking eggs and food, some of them were taking wine bowls, and some of them were holding their children, tears coursing down their cheeks.


  Some of them even simply knelt on the ground, kowtowing[1] towards the troop.


  Feng Yu Heng looked towards the troop, but what she saw behind the pioneer, was a luxuriant chariot which was focused on being protected, the chariot was surrounded by navy blue antependium, four soldiers were standing by the four corners of the chariot, all dressing in heavy armor, long blades were in their hands, all of them looked solemn.


  “May the Ninth Prince live a thousand years!”


  All the people knelt down, in a moment, Feng Yu Heng’s carriage looked particularly prominent.


  But none of the people seemed to be too concerned about them right now, the Ninth Prince had returned in triumph, the people was now busy cheering for him, people kept passing the wine bowls to the front of the soldiers.


  However, no one took them.


  The people had also gotten used to this as well, thought that it was only strict military regulations. Nevertheless, where could she see any festive in the mighty team, even the pioneer officer walking in the front of the team had a look of haze.


  But the Ninth Prince won the war was the truth, she had confirmed this a few times all the way here. Every station had been spreading the good news, and the bulletin of glad news had been affixed to all over the streets as well.


  Happiness was unlike happiness, this must happen for a reason.


  Again, she stared at the chariot, her vision with more curiosity. Coincidently, a blast of wind blew past the chariot as it passed by, the curtain of the window was lifted.


  There was a face which was wearing a golden mask, the part of face from below the nose until the forehead were covered by the mask. Only a small hole was opened at the place between the eyebrow, a faint purple colour could be seen indistinctly.


  Feng Yu Heng subconsciously stood up on the carriage, staring at the opposite curtain, blew afloat by wind, and closed, blew afloat again, and closed again. She put her hand on her heart, she started having shortness of breath.


  Yao and the rest of them came out of the carriage too, they did not ask much when they saw her like this, they thought it was a normal reaction for a person who first saw this kind of spectacle. However, Feng Yu Heng’s heart set off monstrous waves as she saw the wipe of purple colour.


 It was him!


  She was sure, that the person in the chariot, who was now wearing gold mask, was the man whom she met in the mountain when she first came to this world. She was unable to forget the handsome face with the seductive purple lotus for any sake, and once again she was unable to figure out the reason why he wanted to wear mask for any sake.


  “Is that person the Ninth Prince?” Feng Yu Heng asked Yao.


  “Does Ah Heng the person sitting in the chariot?” Yao looked towards there too, “It must be him since they are welcoming the return of the Ninth Prince to the Capital.”


  Granny Sun followed the people’s track and knelt on the ground, constantly kowtowing towards the chariot.


  Consideration rose in Feng Yu Heng’s heart, she just stood on the carriage and watched, she had a feeling that the person inside looked towards here between the movements of the curtain, but his vision did not stop.


  Perhaps he already did not remember me.She retracted her body and sat down in self-mockery. Since he was the Ninth Prince, then he was the honorable person of this Feudal Dynasty, it was impossible for him to remember a kid from a mountain.


  Just…...Why did she not see the happiness in his team even if they had won a battle?




  1. ^ Kowtow - it comes from Chinese phrase "磕头(Ke Tou)". It is the act of deep respect shown by prostration, that is, kneeling and bowing so low as to have one's head touching the ground. In East Asian culture, the kowtow is the highest sign of reverence. It was widely used to show reverence for one's elders, superiors, and especially the Emperor, as well as for religious and cultural objects of worship.