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   The Ninth Prince…… Again, Feng Yu Heng was suddenly astonished, she blurted out the question: “Granny Sun, before that you said the Clan of Feng come to get us back, what’s the purpose?”


   Granny Sun crept up from the ground, having a look which was heaped of smile, “Miss, it is for the marriage between you and the Ninth Prince!”


   Yao gave a rare delight smile too, “Ah Heng, our bitter life could almost have finished. Now the Ninth Prince has got credit for his victory of war, he could have a notch above the others even before the other princes, my Ah Heng has good luck now.”


   Feng Yu Heng never believed the saying of good luck, she urged Yao and Granny Sun up to the carriage, and carried Feng Zi Rui into the carriage by herself, waited for the army to get into the city, then they followed after it.


   She drew a question mark for some affairs, some affairs gradually made its first appearance, though she did not get the opportunity to dwell on it.


   All of them made their way on the carriage quickly towards the Clan of Feng, however they did not know that, the eyes under the golden mask had seen the transfixed girl through the lifting curtain of chariot. Still emaciated, she looked messier than she was in the mountain, it might be assumed that she must have had a lot of suffering, making all her way to the Capital from the very west of the land.


   “Go check it out.”


   Only one sentence, Bai Ze, the vassal beside him understand immediately, he bowed and answered: “Vassal understood.”




   Finally they stood in front of the door of the Clan of Feng, Feng Yu Heng stared at the plaque on which the four words “Left Chancellor Clan of Feng” were written properly, a sarcastic laugh reverberated in her heart.


   A great Left Chancellor of the Emperor, could actually destroy his wife and dump his children in the mountain just for his favourite concubine’s own sake, she really wanted to know what expression would the Father put on his face when he faced them again.


   Granny Sun took a breath, she nagged “Finally come back”, as she took a few people to knock the door.


   The concierge opened the door, startled as he saw Granny Sun, followed by the ‘bang’ and closed the door again.


   “Hey!” Granny Sun was given a cold shoulder, there was anger in her heart but she did not know where to take it out, still she had to console the rest of them: “Lady please do not worry, the servant must be sending the notification to inside now.”


   Feng Zi Rui did not will to get rid of Feng Yu Heng’s hand, he was both looking forward to this place, which was both strange and a bit familiar to him, and fear too.


   Everyone waited at the door for so long, Feng Zi Rui’s question “Does father not want to see us” had been repeated for three times, when he just wanted to ask the same question the fourth time, the door was finally open.


   He Zhong, the well-dressed house steward came and greeted them with two subordinates flanked by him, the confused, rigid and awkward smile piled on his face, however Feng Yu Heng preceded him before he could speak—— “It is really difficult to enter the door of Clan of Feng.”


   He Zhong was also someone who had used to see the occasion, he continued right after he heard Feng Yu Heng: “Second Miss has said too seriously. It was the concierge who didn’t know the rules, Second Miss please follows old slave to the main hall, the Big Master, Big Lady and Grandmother and other masters have been waiting at the main hall, it’s not good to tarry. Later, the thoughtless concierge can be disposed by Second Miss.” Soon he got himself out of this matter in a few words.


   Feng Yu Heng did not intend to count with the house steward, since she had come in the Clan of Feng, she had wanted to see, how on earth was this family of demons like.


   He Zhong led them towards the main hall, rounded the Shadow Wall, through the cloister, passing by a golden carp pond, they saw colourful flowers and heard the chirping of the hundreds of bird.


   The servants they saw on the way were not enough one hundred but nearly eighty, everyone of them lowered their head and whispered to each other. One sentence wound down into Feng Yu Heng’s ears along the wind: “Second Miss has come back to the Clan, then how’s Big Miss’s marriage?”


   Having had this misgiving, the Ninth Prince won the war, this engagement then occurred to Clan of Feng, urgently sent people to get her back to the Capital. But why did they send people to rob and kill three of them on the way? Now it could be assumed that, mostly was because of the credit of the Ninth Prince and he was now becoming more powerful, if she Feng Yu Heng died, it was definitely Feng Chen Yu, who could hold on to the engagement of the first daughter of Clan of Feng.


   Feng Yu Chen…...She searched through the memory of the original owner, the girl who was two years older than her then was sure to have Chen Yu’s[1] look. Now Shen, Feng Chen Yu’s mother had become the Headed Mistress, it made sense that Feng Chen Yu had become the real first daughter of Clan of Feng.


   Rounded a peony flower sea, they arrived at the main hall at last which was set up in the Peony Courtyard by Clan of Feng.


   There were well-dressed maidservants opening the gauze curtain beforehand and waited there, only that the smile managed on their faces looked very reluctant.


   Yao just lowered her head all the way there, her timid look made Feng Zi Rui feel scared as well. Feng Yu Heng was poker face, she felt novel about the nobleness of the scene in the Clan of Feng which had become more during these years, but she had learned the way to hide her emotions selectively on account of her tough life in her military career.


   Everyone came into the main hall except for Granny Sun who stayed out of the door on account of her identity, they saw a regal old lady sat straightly. Said to be an old lady, actually she was not yet around the age of sixty, her hair had not become whole white, but to show her identity in the Clan of Feng, she kept standing on her elderly attitude, her makeup also emphasised on wealthy and sedateness, she even took a rosewood walking stick with a gold jade on the top of it as decoration, she did not look better with that walking stick, it just made her look older and less vigorous.


   Sat beside her was a strong man, who was around the age of forty, his expression was stiff and serious, he was tall and thin and wearing a long brown robe, there were cloud patterns embroidered on his neckline, sleeves and waist with silver silk, a hanging pendant of the Marquis of seal hung at his waist, his ambitions were all exposed.


   Feng Yu Heng knew at once that he was Feng Jin Yuan, her father, she could vaguely remember from the original owner's memory, that she had been hugged by him before and her cheeks were being rubbed by his mustache, just the memory could not be overlapped with the cold face in front of her.


   Sitting next to his hand, was a stout bear.


   Yes, bear. She didn't know which word else could be used to describe Shen this woman.


   She was already fat and round even though she wasn't yet forty, her neck replaced her chin, her stomach was higher than her breast, and she certainly had no waist, her hands were thicker than bear paws. Unluckily, she loved to wear the close-fitting clothes, the brocade material wrapped her body tightly, as if the clothes will make zipping if she panted loudly.


   Shen was born in business family, even if she had married the Left Chancellor she could still not get rid of her ostentatious behaviour. She liked to show off, and was extremely fear that nobody knew she was wealthy, she wore every jewelry on her body included the gold, silver and jade, her hair could not be seen on her head because of her jewelry, her wrists were hidden in the sleeves, every finger of hers were really covered with rings.


   Stood beside her was the eldest daughter of Clan of Feng, aka the present first daughter, Feng Chen Yu, fourteen years old.




  1. ^ This 'Chen Yu' does not mean Chen Yu the first daughter. It comes from the Chinese Idiom "沉鱼落雁 (Chen Yu Luo Yan)". It means a girl's beauty is so overwhelming that it makes the fish sink and the wild goose fall.