1/3 Chapter.

   This Feng Chen Yu did not let her name down, which was named by Shen, her hands as soft weed, eyebrows as the plume of bird, her smile was beautiful and her eyes were sparkling charmingly. Her water blue full-length dress revealed her remarkable body shape vividly and incisively, a white jade bracelet which looped her hand showed off her skin and made her skin look sparkling white and as smooth as silk. When she looked to the three of them, her eyes were filled with mourn and pity in her eyes. These eyes were enough to make people love her, everyone knew that Big Miss Feng Chen Yu was a goddess-like person, she treated people with respect, how would she have the heart to see her family come back in such a difficult situation.


   Feng Jin Yuan’s heart ached for his daughter first: “Chen Yu might as well go back in and have some rest, you don’t need to take care of here.”


   Feng Chen Yu shook her head, “Chen Yu has long time no see Auntie Yao, Heng sister and also Zi Rui brother. Father just lets Chen Yu stay here for a moment.”


   Feng Jin Yuan did not say anything anymore, Feng Yu Heng followed Yao behind her, pulling Feng Zi Rui to walk a few step quicker, and then knelt on their knees.


   Yao spoke first, “I, Yao, pay my respect to mother.”


   Feng Yu Heng and Feng Zi Rui followed suit: “We greet Grandmother.” However, nobody mentioned about Shen.


   The main hall was covered in silence, only Shen made an unwilling harrumph.


   Looking at Yao, she still looked obedient.


   A moment later, they heard that old lady gave a ‘hmm’ sound, then the main hall was in silence again.


  Feng Yu Heng blinked her eyes, raising her head, staring at the old lady. So this was the end?


   Seeing that she was having eyes contact with Feng Yu Heng, the old lady felt disgusted, but anyhow her tolerance was still here, so she did not rebuke them in everyone's presence, she only said: “Your father and I get you back for our old time's sake and also we're missing you sister and brother. Since you've come back, you should know to appreciate.”


   Feng Yu Heng nodded, did not change her expression, she spoke again, without any emotion in her voice: “Everyone knows that Father always values feelings and righteousness.”


  This sentence was useful for Feng Jin Yuan, he nodded with calm face, who knew that Feng Yu Heng continued to add her words: “If Father weren't giving consideration to Shen’s clan who provided money when Father was rushing for examination, Father would unlikely have given the position of Headed Mistress to Auntie Shen. It can be seen that Father isn’t an ungrateful person, and also has a good bearing.”




   Shen could not sit well anymore as she heard those words. She threw a teacup randomly, with the hot water exploding in flower in front of Feng Yu Heng.


   Feng Yu Heng guarded her mother and brother to stand up, her eyes fixing right on the bear which threw the teacup.


   A woman who had originally no good inner quality saw that she actually dared to meet her eyes this justly, her anger rose up quickly—— “What a scum hoiden!” Shen scurried a few steps forward, did a posture as if she wanted to slap her.


   Feng Yu Heng did not dodge, she lowered her head and stared at the coming steps, watching Shen’s one foot step on the spilled tea water, her another foot stepped on the splinter of the china.


   She shifted backward, kindly pulling back her mother and brother, then heard—— Thump!


   Shen slipped, one hand pressing on the splinter, the blood gushed out in a moment.


   In a moment, the main hall was in chaos.


   Shen was squeaking and shrieking, she sat on the ground and kept squirming without stopping. The bleeding bear paw was held in front of her with her another hand, she stared at it unbelievably.


   Feng Chen Yu who was standing aside, looking shocked, she sprang herself in front of her mother, pressing the wound with a handkerchief, and then she looked up, showing her delicate and touching, and beautiful and moving look: “Father, please call the doctor to treat mother quickly!”


   Feng Jin Yuan glared at Feng Yu Heng fiercely, then he looked at Shen, harrumphing coldly, still, he instructed the servant: “Send the Lady back to Jin Yu courtyard, and let the doctor to treat her injury.”


   Two grannies helped Shen walk towards outside, where would Shen be satisfied, she shook the grannies off, turned around, pointed at Feng Yu Heng the three of them and let loose a torrent of abuse: “A bitch of a ronyon! Know nothing about the rules, the ferity which was brought up during the years in the mountain, a little age has a bewitching look, where do an innocent girl’s eyes have such obsequiousness?”


   Feng Yu Heng blinked her eyes, she did reflect herself on the river all the way here, this pair of eyes looked agile and extraordinary, which was the part she felt the most contented among all her facial features, where got obsequiousness in them? Any word could really come out of this virago’s mouth when she spoke.


   Feng Chen Yu, who was always sensible, gentle and considerate, sealed up her mother’s mouth as soon as she could when she heard Shen speak raucous words, “Mother, you must have thrown your head on the ground when you fell down!” One sentence imputed Shen’s abuse about Feng Yu Heng to her injured head.


   Feng Yu Heng was too lazy to pay attention to that vigora, she just casted her vision towards Feng Jin Yuan. They are both daughters of his, she was once the first daughter of Clan of Feng too, this father had once smiled at the original owner in her impression, and why couldn’t she feel any the mutual affection between father and her?


   “Chen Yu, help your mother back to Jin Yu courtyard.” Feng Jin Yuan’s face blackened, although he did not like Feng Yu Heng’s hostility, Shen as a headed mistress, her words and deeds had verily put him on the spot.


   “Yes. Father please do not worry. I will ask the doctor to take good care of mother, it is better not to leave a root cause.” This sentence had added a guilt of leaving root cause to Headed Mistress to Feng Yu Heng again.


   A smile was in the corner of Feng Yu Heng’s eyes, it looked like the life in the Clan of Feng would not be so boring.