2/3 Chapter.

   Thinking about this, she half turned around to look at Shen, “Auntie Shen, Ah Heng was just putting in good words to Father for you, to let Father in any case remember the grace of Clan of Shen.” You see, how good I was.


   “It is enough!” Feng Jin Yuan could not listen to this anymore, his Clan was not a rich and politically influential family which had taken root for generations in the Capital, he had taken the first place in the examination with his real ability, plus he was blessed with good luck all along in the courtroom, he then got today’s family business.


   Feng Yu Heng was right, at the beginning of the examination, Clan of Feng was strapped for cash, could not supply his long years of hard study,it was the Clan of Shen, a clan of business, who widely dispersed the family wealth under Shen’s request to supply him the money to take part in the examination. Shen also stayed in the village to take care of the grandmother for years.However, he married Yao, the daughter of the chief minister of the imperial hospital right after he became the Number One Scholar.


   Clan of Feng owed this matter to Clan of Shen,but did he not also promote Shen to be the Headed Mistress, did not tell him that the grace needed to be kept saying over and over again?


   “Don't ever mention the past again!”


   This sentence just came out of his mouth, Shen had quited—— “What did Master mean? Did you mean that everything that I’d done was fake?”


   “I did not mean that.”


   “Then what did you mean?” Shen persevered, transferring her fighting firepower in a moment.


   Feng Yu Heng pulled her mother and younger brother, readying to watch the fun, but unluckily someone was not stupid.


   Once Feng Chen Yu saw that something was wrong, she rolled her eyeballs, she muffled Shen’s mouth as she shouted at Feng Yu Heng: “Sister Ah Heng, how can you call Mother auntie? What is this like? Mother had been angry until confused now.” She pinched Shen stealthily as she said, “Mother, Sister Ah Heng just came back to clan, she doesn’t know the rules, so you need to teach her a bit later.”


   Yao had been frightened by Feng Yu Heng’s call for Shen as Auntie Shen, and now Feng Chen Yu mentioned it on purpose, Yao intended to kneel to ask forgiveness.


   Feng Yu Heng held on to Yao, there was no way she would let Yao kneel.


   Yao was shivering because of nervousness, she urged Feng Yu Heng lightly: “Ah Heng, we just came back here, you can’t behave like this.”


   A cold smile was now hanging on Feng Yu Heng’s face, she bowed to Shen, “It was Ah Heng wrongly calling you, I’m sorry for Auntie…...Oh, Mother.It is mostly because I got used to calling you auntie, it’s not easy to change my habit now.”


   Shen was going to get angry, then she heard the grandmother stomped her walking stick on the floor—— “One and one is getting worse and worse! The first mother has no the manner of first mother, the daughter of concubine has no the manner of daughter of concubine. Are the rules in the Clan of Feng only a decoration?”


   Shen pressed her injured hand, tears were on her face, howling: “Grandmother, you have to decide for me!”


   “Decide?” Grandmother glared at Shen, she always disliked this daughter-in-law, if Yao wasn't convicted, and Clan of Feng needed to make their position clear, otherwise she would have never made Shen as the Headed Mistress. “Then what do you think that I should decide for you?”


   Shen’s eyeballs rolled, then she looked at Feng Yu Heng, “That year, someone said that this girl is a disastrous star, we were safe during these years after we sent her away, and now she causes the disaster of blood in the Clan of Feng even she just came back, how can we keep this disastrous star here!”


   “Lady!” Yao got worried, “Why will Ah Heng be a disastrous star? It was the nonsense of the sorcerer!”


   “Then how do you explain what just happened today?" Shen held out her hand and showed it to the people, “Everyone knows that this girl’s life is disastrous, in my opinion, she should be sent to the temple outside the city.”


   She mentioned the matter of disastrous star of three years ago, Grandmother’s heart also suspected, in a moment, the main hall was full of silence.


   Ended in a deadlock, the house steward hurried inside, whispering in Feng Jin Yuan’s ear. They saw that Feng Jin Yuan’s iceberg face changing into a few expressions within a moment.


   Soon after the house steward withdrew, they saw Feng Jin Yuan waving his hand and giving instruction to the servant: “Send Auntie Yao and Second Miss and Second Master back to Willow courtyard and settle them down, the daily food and clothing costs will be purchased by Auntie’s portion.”


   “What?” Shen was having seizure in a jiff, she hurried towards Feng Jin Yuan in two steps: “What did Master just say?”


   Feng Jin Yuan threw his wrist which was grabbed by her, he repeated it again: "I said, let Yao,  Ah Heng, and Zi Rui settle down at Willow courtyard."


   “No way!” Shen was almost shrieking, “If they stay in the clan, then what about my Chen Yu?”


   Feng Chen Yu sealed up Shen’s mouth, she knew that Shen meant if Feng Yu Heng stay here, this engagement would not be her turn, however the words could not be said like this even if they could think so.


   “Mother, no matter who is in the clan, Chen Yu will always be the first daughter of the Clan of Feng, this point will not change.” On balance, it was better to talk about the matter of the first daughter.


   Feng Jin Yuan certainly knew what Shen really meant, but he was also gratified for Feng Chen Yu could be calm in the hour of peril. This daughter was not brought up for nothing, no matter what she did was always satisfactory.


   “Yes.” He nodded, “Chen Yu is the first daughter of my Clan of Feng, this point, will never change.” His gaze was shifting to Feng Yu Heng as he said these words.


   Feng Yu Heng made eyes contact with him, her eyes was not shining and charming like Feng Chen Yu’s eyes, but was smart and intense, a glance, they looked bottomless.


   Feng Jin Yuan took back his vision, he did not know when did this daughter become so unfathomable, she just came back to clan, a few sentences had already stirred up Shen’s temper, while she was only watching the fire burn on the other side of the river like it was none of her business.