3/3 Chapter

   “Grandmother!” Shen saw that she could not make sense with Feng Jin Yuan, then turned to grandmother to look for a breakthrough.


   Grandmother also did not understand and was reluctant for Feng Jin Yuan’s sudden changing idea to let Yao and her children stay here. When all goes to all, she was not slow-witted like Shen, this was the decision her son made after listening to the house steward’s whisper, so something must have happened outside.


   She glared at Shen, her mace was knocked on the ground again: “Your master’s decision, when is your turn to say no! Chen Yu, help your mother up and back.”


   Grandmother had stated clearly, Feng Chen Yu dared not to let Shen to be unreasonable like a shrew again, she leaned over and whispered in her ear: “Mother please do not worry, father always has his own way of doing things, he will not treat Chen Yu unfairly.”


   Sweeping her eyes through grandmother’s angry face, Shen twisted the handkerchief in her hand, following her daughter to outside, looking rather suspicious.


   When she passed by the young Feng Zi Rui, the anger in her breast was likely going to come out, she pushed Feng Zi Rui forcefully.


   How could a kid stand her push, Feng Zi Rui stepped back two steps, sitting on the ground with a thump.


   He did not cry even though it was hurt, he just bit his lip tightly with his teeth as he clenched his fist tightly, panting quickly.


   Feng Yu Heng and Yao helped Feng Zi Rui up, Yao felt heartache til she wept her tears,  however Feng Yu Heng just sighed faintly, she threw her words with a voice which was audible for everyone like she was talking to herself: “It was really calamitous, the good coachman died abruptly on the way back here, it was not safe and sound in the clan, it’s better to let us come back to the mountain village than let us stay here.”


   When she mentioned the death of the coachman, she saw the others’ reactions on purpose.


   She swept her peripheral vision, she caught a glimpse of Shen’s and Feng Chen Yu’s silhouette, which just intended to walked out of the main hall, became rigid unnaturally, and they hurried out of the main hall.


   Grandmother had no obvious reaction, only that Feng Yu Heng had one glimpse, she found that Feng Jin Yuan’s pupil was producing a fierce contract.


   She sneered, knowing very well in her heart.


   On the way back to Liu courtyard, Feng Yu Heng kept guessing what on earth did He Zhong, the house steward, tell Feng Jin Yuan. She could see that Feng Jin Yuan was tempted when Shen suggested to send her to the temple.Included grandmother.


   She got out of the clan and went to temple, and there the endless possibilities were.


   Thinking about it over and over again, the halfway robbery could not probably be counted on the head of either Yao or Feng Zi Rui, Yao was demoted to concubine on account of being the daughter of the guilty official, she could not possibly change the backwardness of herself even if she came back to the clan. Although Feng Zi Rui was a boy, but there was Feng Zi Hao, Shen’s first son of the clan above him, the family possessions would not be Zi Rui’s turn.


   Feng Yu Heng could be even sure that, all of these, were rushing towards her,even the incident of getting out of the clan three years ago, mostly was not simply that the Clan of Feng wanted to bury its head in the sand about the Clan of Yao.


   She got lost in her thought in silence, Yao was worried,she asked lightly: “Ah Heng, are you too exhausted because of all the way here? Why are you…...”


   “Hmm?” She bounced back from her meditation and looked at Yao, “What did mother want to say?”


   “I…...” Yao did not know what to say as well, she said after thinking for about half day: “Why were you being so trenchant just now in the main hall?”


   “He.” She smiled as she picked her lips, “We followed the arrangement everytime in the past, and what we got eventually? Surely it doesn't mean that mother has not had enough of the years of life in Xi Ping Village?”


   Mentioning Xi Ping Village, Yao had no temper anymore. That three years had polished out all her hope, the reason why she still chose to come back, was that she wanted to look for a good future for her children. It was better the Clan of Feng taking the responsibility than staying in the mountain village.


   Granny Sun, who followed them back,still worried about the manner of Clan of Feng towards Yao,asked a question: “What did Master say about the incident of the coachman?”


   Yao gave out a sigh, did not answer. Feng Yu Heng stretched out her hand and patted Granny Sun’s shoulder, “Father and grandmother did not have any word of concerns.” Talking pedantically made her feel uncomfortable, so she straightforwardly changed into her way of expression which she was accustomed to: “They never care about our fate, they did not even have the patience to concern about us.Therefore,mother, Granny, don’t ever hope the Clan of Feng will be good to us, if they don’t secretly trip us up, they’re already showing mercy to us.”


   This words were also said to Yao, she had to find an opportunity to comfort this mother, but now was not the time, she was worrying about the whisper between the house steward and Feng Jin Yuan.


   Since Feng Jin Yuan changed his mind to let them stay in the Clan of Feng, and it meant that they had acquiesced the engagement between her and the Ninth Prince. This good engagement which the Clan of Feng had made their every attempt so that Feng Chen Yu could get it, why would Feng Jin Yuan changed his mind so suddenly?


   She then thought about the sorrow atmosphere which immersed among the troop, the only possibility was……


   Feng Yu Heng stopped abruptly while she was walking, Zi Rui did not stop,staggered a step.Yao looked at her confusedly, however she just frowned, remained silent and said nothing.


   But an intention yet kept writhing in her brain infinitely—— Something happened to the Ninth Prince!