When God Made Me - Chapter 3

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Note from Sei: I'll have you all know, I was redder than a ripe tomato while translating part of this chapter. XD

When he heard the unexpected voices, Seung-ho hid behind the bed and held his breath.

‘Bed? What school has a bed?’

Seung-ho could not have known that the springs in the bed had broken after a rather large student had laid on it, and that it had been stored in the lab ever since.

Two silhouettes entered the science lab. When Seung-ho listened, he could tell that one was a boy and the other a girl. They locked the door. Something weird was going on.

“They said ghosts appear here.”

“It’s okay. I’ve been here a few times, and nothing’s happened.”


The two sat on the chairs in the front of the room. Seung-ho tried to heave a sigh of relief, but let out a “Hup!” and covered his mouth. Thankfully, the two students didn’t seem to have heard him.

“But who’d you come with?”

“Ah, w-with the guys?”

“Why are you embarrassed?”

“I-I’m not?”

The dark silhouettes drew closer and closer. Seung-ho thought that they would be sitting next to each other, but now that looked closer, it looked like the girl was sitting on the boy’s knees.

“Do people not come here?”

“Of course. It’s okay even if they did because the door is locked.”

As Seung-ho slowly got used to the dark, he started seeing them better. The details weren’t clear, but he could see better than before.

“Do you know it’s been awhile since we’ve done it?”

“It’s only been a week.” 

The girl flicked the guy on the forehead with a finger. Seung-ho gulped unconsciously. Things were going in the complete opposite direction than what he first expected.

‘Are they seriously doing it here?’

As if reading Seung-ho’s mind, the two smashed their lips together.

They weren’t merely smashing their lips together, no. Like snakes, they were sticking out their tongues and rubbing, biting, and sucking each other like there was no tomorrow. Seeing such a scene in person for the first time in his life, his blood began rushing downwards. 

‘The fuck am I in this situation?’

A sense of defeat and shame filled him simultaneously. Some were having a sucking and biting relationship in their high-school youth, and some were hiding in a lab so they wouldn’t get beaten up by bullies.


The two began to kiss even more fervently. The boy’s hand alighted on the girl’s breasts.

Suddenly, the guy got up from his seat while holding the girl up. Their kiss hadn’t stopped all the while.

And then they were steadily making their way towards Seung-ho.

‘W-what? Did I get caught?’

Seung-ho squeezed his eyes shut in fear, like always.



In response to the unexpected sound, Seung-ho slowly opened his eyes. The two students were tangled with each other right in front of his eyes.

Energy flowed beneath his belt. At the same time, he recalled the numerous files he’d seen at home.


If he filmed it, it’d go viral.

Even if he didn’t circulate it on the Internet, there was a lot of value in owning the video, especially since they were students at his high school.

He stealthily took his phone out from his pocket, being careful just in case he was heard; he then entered the camera app.


The two were entangling their bodies with each other. Seung-ho tried to witness this sight with his own eyes and capture it on camera at the same time. 

The cellphone screen started to show the two on the screen. Now he just had to press the button to start recording.


With shaking hands, he pressed the video recording button.

“Look over here! Ding-Dong!”

The male and female student on the bed and Choi Seung-ho all froze in tandem. 

‘Ah, I forgot that recording videos makes a noise.’

“W-who’s there!”


The guy hesitantly got up from the bed, and the girl buried her face in her knees. So what did Seung-ho need to do now?


He headed towards the doors faster than he’d run away from the bullies. With the speed of light, he unlocked the doors and slipped out.

Running without looking back, he went down the stairs to the second floor and back into the classroom.

“Ha… Ha…”

He returned to his seat and collected his breath.

‘Wow, I almost got caught and buried at school as a voyeur!’

Sprawled over his desk due to exhaustion, Seung-ho felt a powerful swipe on the back of his head without any warning.

“Hey, you son of a bitch!”

Screaming ‘oh shit!’ in his mind, he slowly raised his head.

It was them. The bullies who sit right behind Seung-ho. They had apparently finished lunch and were waiting in the classroom since who knows when. 

“You dare to run away?”

One of them harshly hit Seung-ho’s arm. It was somewhere he got hit often, but it hurt every time; even if it was at the point where he might start getting calluses there soon. 

“Impertinent Ug-Face.”

Soon after, the other guy’s hand exploded across the back of Seung-ho’s head. There was so much strength behind it that Seung-ho’s head slammed into the desk.


‘Ow, that hurts.’

A translucent pane rose before his eyes.

You were caught before the break ended. 

As if making fun of Seung-ho, who was currently getting beaten up, the spiteful pane had appeared. Hah, why did it have to give him that kind of quest…


After getting battered for quite some time, the bell rang. Having been pulverized for nigh on 30 minutes, his whole body had become one giant bruise. Seung-ho got up from the classroom floor, brushed himself off, and sat down at his desk with quiet dignity. 

“Watch yourself.”


This was something that happened so often that his feelings weren’t hurt anymore. How should he say it - it was like he’d gotten used to it.

‘Still, at least I completed one quest.’

Seung-ho had 7 points left. Next period would decide if the man he’d met yesterday was a damned god, or if it’d been a dream.


“You want to measure your height?”


With a pounding heart, Seung-ho stood atop the testing apparatus. When the button was pushed, the measuring stick came down and gently pressed on his head.

He was more nervous than he’d been waiting for the result of the final exam; this had the potential to change his life.

“Wow, 168 cm. You’ve grown a lot, eh?”

The school doctor gave a “Wow~” in admiration as if she was marveling at the height. Seung-ho felt proud for some unknown reason; at the same time, he was filled with bliss.

‘It’s real. This is real.’

Seung-ho grinned and nodded.

“Doctor, this isn’t a dream, right?”

Even from a medical professional's standpoint, the school physician found it hard to honestly meet the eyes of such an ugly kid grinning like that.

‘I have to endure it because it’s my job.’

The physician smiled right away and answered.

“Does it look like a dream? Anyway, don’t you have to get going now?”

‘Please, just go.’

Seung-ho nodded and bowed from his waist.

“Yes, thank you. Goodbye!”

Watching Seung-ho leave after politely bidding farewell, the doctor tsked. 

“Whew, he’d be such a kind and good kid if he wasn’t so ugly.”

Seung-ho had no notion of whether or not the doctor was having those types of thoughts. Currently, a sense of exhilaration, expectancy, accomplishment, and other joyful emotions were brimming in him.

‘That guy from yesterday was really a god. That means I really can change!’

At the same time, the man’s other words sprung up in his mind. How ugly must he be to hear that he was ugly 10,000 times? Until now, he’d been shameful and anguished that he’d been born just to live like this, but not anymore. He could change.

‘I have hope, now.’

Buoyant with expectations, he went back into the classroom. 

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