World Defying Dan God - Chapter 223

Chapter 223 - Candidates

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Yun Xiaodao and Xu Weilong were both scared just like Zhu Rong after they opened their respective jade boxes. They realized Chen Xiang also gave Zhu Rong two Building Foundation Dans. At once, six Building Foundation Dans came from Chen Xiang. This left them extremely surprised, did Chen Xiang find a stash of Building Foundation Dans or something!?

"Hei hei, a total of five hundred thousand crystal stones, are you going to buy or not?" Chen Xiang laughed, in order to not let them feel burdened, Chen Xiang also had recover a little crystal stones.

"How many do you have, I want all of them!" Zhu Rong hastily shouted.

"Get out!" Yun Xiaodao scoffingly said, "Of course we’re going to buy, but can't you reduce the price a little?"

"You are actually bargaining with me, really proximity to pitch turns you black!" Chen Xiang laughed and said as he glanced at Zhu Rong.

Zhu Rong curled his lips and replied, "What proximity to pitch turns you black, this one always had good habits."

Xu Weilong very readily took out five hundred thousand crystal stones and gave it Chen Xiang. Xu Weilong said with a light sigh, "This is all I have, all of a sudden I'm left with nothing."

Chen Xiang's Building Foundation Dans were very useful for all of them, with this, they could quickly obtain a ton of True Qi.

After they walked into a huge courtyard, they saw a hundred or so people already present. These were all the True Martial Realm disciples the Extreme Martial Sect could gather, in total, a little more than hundred True Martial Realm martial artists. It was evident just from this that there were not many True Martial Realm in the Chenwu Mainland. However, Chen Xiang had crippled more than hundred of them last time in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, it was such a huge scale event that it shocked the entire world.

“These past few days, the negotiations between our righteous sects and devil path sects have been fruitful! However, there is a precondition. According to the agreement, a battle is going to be held in the Southern Wasteland, between martial artists under the 5th level of the True Martial Realm. Those who enter the Southern Wasteland will face a life and death struggle, they will have to survive in the Southern Wasteland mountain range for two months. In the end, the side with most disciples surviving will be victorious!" Gu Dongchen announced.

Wu Kaiming carried on, "The righteous sects will send fifty disciples, while the devil path side will do the same. Our Extreme Martial Sect will send ten disciples."

The True Martial Sect and the Beast Martial Sect had suffered heavy losses, and thus they couldn't sent too many. Plus, as the number one sect of the Chenwu Mainland, the Extreme Martial Sect naturally had to send more than the others.

"The devil path sects have proven again and again that they also have great potential in their little Devil Province. If they win, we righteous sects will then have to provide them with a large amount of resources, and if we allowed this to happen, with their growth, they would soon become a great threat for our righteous sects." Wu Kaiming said in a heavy tone.

"Those below the 5th level True martial Realm, and including 5th level True Martial Realm can participate in this battle, who wants to go? Bear in mind this battle is very dangerous, even a single misstep can take your life." Gu Dongchen’s gaze swept over those True Martial Realm martial artists one by one. There were many under the 5th level True Martial Realm, however no one stepped forward.

Chen Xiang shouted, "Count me in!"

Recognized as the youngest and most talented in his generation, Chen Xiang was obviously going to take the lead for the Extreme Martial Sect, this made many elders secretly nod in appreciation. However, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming were both somewhat worried about their young martial uncle, they knew these devil path martial artists were not to be trifled with.

Besides, the Southern Wasteland was in itself very dangerous, it was a notoriously dangerous place.

"I'll also go!" Yun Xiaodao followed up.

This cry was immediately followed by Zhu Rong and Xu Weilong, everyone could tell they had just step into the True Martial Realm, but actually had such guts. This made many secretly admire them.

"Sign me up!" This time, the speaker was Yao Haisheng, Chen Xiang's apprentice. Now five people had signed-up, all of them had good relations with Chen Xiang.

"I'll also go, I can’t fall behind the youth." A middle-aged man slightly laughed and said. This time it was Hao Dongqing, Zhu Rong's uncle.

Four left, however, for Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen, this result was very unsatisfactory. This was because the majority of the candidates were young, whether their experience or the required martial skills, they were lacking. Young people will only suffer disadvantages, of course, Chen Xiang was an exception.

"Are all the other martial courtyards cowardly? All six people participating came from our 15th Martial Courtyard!" Yun Xiaodao berated in a ridiculing tone.

"Exactly, the 1st Martial Courtyard this number is in vain for these guys, such a waste of a good martial courtyard." Zhu Rong also followed up with another insult.

Many were very reluctant in their hearts to fight with vicious and fierce individuals from the devil path sects. Facing the ridicule of those younger than them, although they were furious, everyone chose to remain silent.

At this moment, the entire courtyard was dead silent. The Extreme Martial Sect still had four spots left, however, no disciples came forward. Gu Dongchen was slightly angry, he didn't expect the Extreme Martial Sect's disciples to be so weak and cowardly, even the current new generation of True Martial Realm disciples dared to step forward but none of the old ones.

Gu Dongchen didn't want to force anyone, however, he was now left with no choice. Just as he was about to speak, Chen Xiang said, "Dean, how long is left before the start of battle?"

"Three months!"

"Leave those last four guys to me. After three months, I'll bring four True Martial Realm guys to see you!" Chen Xiang once again said.

Gu Dongchen frowned, and said, "Are you speaking the truth?"

"Of course, but we are going risk our lives after all. When we return, will there be any rewards awaiting us?" Chen Xiang laughed and replied.

"There will definitely be proper compensation!" Gu Dongchen said, "Well, now that the candidates are determined, there will not be any further changes"

Chen Xiang once again shouted, "Dean, if we all came back alive, couldn't you give each of us a bronze disciple and silver warrior title?"

Chen Xiang's words raised everyone's heartbeat in an instant. If they could get these two titles, they would be able to enter the King Martial Courtyard.

Zhu Rong and the other four were all secretly excited, and eagerly awaiting Gu Dongchen's answer.

Gu Dongchen considered for a moment before he glanced at Wu Kaiming, only to see him nod his head.

"No problem, as long as you return alive, we will reward a million crystal stones, five hundred True Elemental Dans, as well as the bronze disciple and the silver warrior title!" Gu Dongchen loudly proclaimed, this made Yun Xiaodao and the others extremely happy, however, they need to come back alive first.

Yao Haisheng and Hao Dongqing were both looking forward to the reward, however, they didn't think it was as simple as it seemed, they were clearly aware on how strong these devil path martial artists were compared to the other three.

"Disperse, for the next three months, we of Elder Courtyard will do everything to guide you, so that you're sufficiently ready for the battle!" Gu Dongchen said.

At this point, many people present had some regrets, these rewards were just too tempting. Not to mention, the candidates were going to personally receive the Elder Courtyard's guidance!

"Haisheng, for these next three months, don't bother refining any dans!" Chen Xiang said. Yao Haisheng was currently in the 4th level of the True Martial Realm.

"Chen Xiang, where are you going to get four more people in the True Martial Realm? They shouldn’t be in 1st level right?" Hai Dongqing asked. If they were all in 1st level, then it would affect their overall strength. Hao Dongqing was in 5th level of the True Martial Realm, and was quite powerful. In the Extreme Martial Sect, he also had a decent reputation.

"Uncle Hao, you can rest assured. They might be a little weaker, but they will absolutely not drag us down in any way." Chen Xiang replied, before taking his leave with Yun Xiaodao and the others.

Before, Chen Xiang had asked Yun Xiaodao to search for some talented people to win over, people worthy to vigorously nurture. Yun Xiaodao had already found five, and Chen Xiang was going to see them now.

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