World Defying Dan God - Chapter 232

Chapter 232 - All By Himself


Leng Youlan was somewhat unhappy; she had also done her part.

"Xianxian, I, at that time, had cut a 5th level True Martial Realm guy into a slag, yet this Proud Sword Sect guy actually didn't even mention me." Leng Youlan said with a pout. She and Xianxian had once done special training together, and at this point, they had already become close friends. Although both of their personality was different, they still liked each other in their brief encounter..

"I'll speak openly then. After entering the Southern Wasteland, as long as anyone dare to move against Chen Xiang, don't blame me for not being polite! If I came to know, humph, humph, I'll not hesitate to move the whole Elder Courtyard and annihilate his sect!" Gu Dongchen said in an ice cold gloomy voice carrying Slaughter Qi, deterring many of the people present.

Now Chen Xiang had a bounty of 15 million crystal stones, and Gu Dongchen was also worried that some other sect's disciples would move against Chen Xiang while inside the Southern Wasteland. He just warned them, besides, what he spoke was completely determined to follow up. If Chen Xiang was truly attacked by righteous sect disciples, he would absolutely annihilate their sect.

A part of people standing dispelled the idea of moving their hands against Chen Xiang. In their eyes, Gu Dongchen was a God of Slaughter like character, because they believed in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, the Beast Martial Sect's Dean and many Nirvana Realm tycoons there, had been massacred by Gu Dongchen. It was why they totally did not held any doubt regarding Gu Dongchen's words.

"Chen Xiang, you first enter the Southern Wasteland, be careful!" Gu Dongchen said.

"Yes!" Chen Xiang replied. After this word left his mouth, he immediately disappeared, and his speed left some of the Deans secretly shocked. All of them looked at the forest at the foot of the mountain, and they only saw a figure leaping on the trees. Chen Xiang exerted a very exquisite Qing Gong while speedily treading on the leaves.

After the disciples saw Chen Xiang suddenly go further away with a ‘shua’, they were completely shocked in their heart. All of them secretly compared themselves with Chen Xiang, and they immediately realized that there was too big of a difference between them and Chen Xiang. Even if Gu Dongchen had not spoken, they would not be stupid enough to actually attack Chen Xiang. It would be simply courting death! Chen Xiang not attacking them would be considered very good.

Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue, had their eyebrows twitched after seeing Chen Xiang’s hasty disappearance. They originally wanted to exhort Chen Xiang, however, as the occasion was not appropriate, they could not speak with Chen Xiang at all. Just as they wanted to use their divine sense, Chen Xiang had already left.

Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian also nibbled their lips as they looked at the direction where Chen Xiang disappeared. They certainly wanted to be together with Chen Xiang, however, both of them had been arranged as the core of their squad. They knew that they could not be too selfish, otherwise, it would lead to destruction of their squad.

"We can not fight a lone battle, we should all be together. This is a battle of survival. This not a fight to death, and everybody should be well aware of it!" Gu Dongchen said. Now there was still some time before everyone would enter the Southern Wasteland, and Gu Dongchen wanted to convince the other sects to make them act together.

"Not good, the devil path disciples entered first, and they seem to be very familiar with the inside. We be fighting against an invisible enemy, if so many encircled them at the same time, it would be very troublesome." The Lotus Island's Master said.

Liu Menger also nodded her head, "Master Lian is right. I think we should act in accordance with the training and spread out, so that the devil path disciples also have to divide their attention to deal with us."

Hua Xiangyue said, "Fine, but let the disciples keep in contact with each other. Leave a mark or something and converge from time to time. The squads cannot be too far away from each other either. If something happened, then they can also act as support."

While the discussion was going on, Chen Xiang had already entered the Southern Wasteland. Anyone would have a strange feeling after entering the Southern Wasteland, and there was only a giant canyon as its safest entrance. If someone wanted to enter from somewhere else, then they would have to cross over a few thousand zhang high giant mountain, and in these mountain, they would not only be required to resist the cold, they would also have to deal with some highly toxic poisonous creatures.

The Southern Wasteland was very big, furthermore, it also had a naturally formed giant mountain range surrounding it tightly. Inside it was even more gloomy; it had many bizarre trees with extremely terrifying appearances.

In that canyon entrance, Chen Xiang saw two men wearing a black robe. They had a gloomy complexion, as well as a bizarre evil aura. With a single glance, it was clear that they were terrifying martial artist from the Devil Path sects.

"You call these guys devil cultivators? They should be called as evil devils!" Bai Youyou said with a cold snort. She was also a devil path cultivator, however, there was not a trace of hostility on her body; her cultivation had not advanced by killing a pile of humans.

After the devil path and righteous candidates were determined, both side would present their list to another, so that the other party could make arrangement in advance and enter.

"Brat, are you a righteous sect disciple? What is your name." A black robed man coldly asked.

"Chen Xiang!"

Hearing these two characters, the two black robed men could not help but stare. They carefully looked at Chen Xiang, and gradually, a cold smile appeared on their face.

"Enter!" A black robed man sneered and said.

Chen Xiang flew away and entered the canyon.

"Little dragon, you can not be lazy now!" Chen Xiang shouted with his divine sense.

"Rest assured, if you die, I will not have things to eat. Although you are somewhat bad, it is very difficult to find someone stupid like you to live." Long Xueyi replied in laziness.

The Southern Wasteland was very desolate, and although there were some forests and river streams, they were all shrouded in darkness. These river streams and trees looked black, giving off a jittery feeling.

Inside it was very quiet, however, occasionally, some hair raising shrieks could be heard. If some timid people came in, they would definitely be scared to death.

"Chen Xiang, don't you think Lian Mingdong and the Lotus Island's master look somewhat similar?" Su Meiyao suddenly asked.

Listening to her speak as such, Chen Xiang also felt the same, besides, he discovered that when they got down from the flying disc, Lian Mindong’s complexion was somewhat strange.

"The Lotus Island master seemed to be also surnamed Lian!" Bai Youyou said.

While rushing, Chen Xiang suddenly stopped. Zhu Rong had thoroughly checked Lian Mingdong's background, however, now that Su Meiyao mentioned this matter, he could not help but suspect whether there was some relation between Lian Mingdong and the Lotus Island Master.

"Is he the son of the Lotus Island Master? Or an illegitimate child? Or because he had poor talent, he was abandoned?" Su Meiyao asked. Women always like to snoop on these kind of things.

"I don't know, wait for me to leave this place, then I'll ask him." Chen Xiang walked towards a forest which was also the most likely place to get ambushed. Chen Xiang was now precisely trying to find the devil path disciples to kill; this was the mission given to him by Gu Dongchen and the others.

Through the forest, everything was somewhat calm. Any kind of dangerous stuff didn't occur. Chen Xiang changed his own appearance a bit, and he was now in the periphery of the Southern Wasteland. There was no danger here. If they decided to hide in the periphery, they simply need to defend against the devil path disciples.

"I have always felt that these devil path guys have planned something nasty. They went through so much trouble to do something big; maybe they have arranged a few hundred people inside to ambush." Bai Youyou said.

Just as her words resounded in Chen Xiang’s ears, Chen Xiang suddenly felt some movement all around him. It seemed that he was surrounded.

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