World Defying Dan God - Chapter 264

Chapter 264 - Black Tortoise External Strength Technique


After eating a piece of Hell Spirit Grass, Chen Xiang felt a lot better. However, his injuries were still very serious, which left him with no choice but to eat some more Hell Spirit Grass to recover faster.

"Ghost Martial Technique?" Chen Xiang felt that it was definitely something frightening.

"En, an invisible martial skill! A martial skill similar to a ghost, thus its name. However, this kind of Ghost Martial Technique has already been lost with time. Its learning conditions are also very harsh.” Su Meiyao said till here, before she burst into a strange laugh.

Bai Youyou let out a cold snort as she spoke, "The Ghost Martial Technique has always been learned by females, if a man insisted on learning it, the consequence could only be one in the end; that is the shriveling of his manhood."

The corner of Chen Xiang's mouth fiercely twitched for a while. He suddenly understood why when he struck in between Lu jie's legs, he didn’t felt anything there.

"No wonder this guy is so abnormal!" Chen Xiang slightly gasped. Although he had a high bounty on his head, many people were jealous of him. After all, his name was already well-known throughout the entire Chenwu Mainland, and many martial artists dreamed to be world famous. All of them had degrees of vanity.

"I want to kill this guy, I want to become strong!" Chen Xiang fiercely pounded both his fists on the ground and ruthlessly shouted.

"Regarding the Ghost Martial Technique, we don't know too much about it, but from looking at his attack, we discovered that the True Qi he had used was very strong. From the start, he wanted to kill you, so he exhausted all his power. However, after it struck your body, the strength was less than in general, and because of your tough powerful body and the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, your life was saved." Su Meiyao said. Although that scene when Chen Xiang got attacked was quite short, it was still clearly engraved in their mind, so they could perform such a detailed analysis.

"So you have to toughen up your body. If you use the Universal True Qi along with divine exercises, your strength should be comparable to his. But, you still have to defend against his Ghost Martial Technique. If he had attacked you again, you would have definitely died. Fortunately, that guy wanted to make you kneel down to him." Bai Youyou said.

A powerful body, it was rather easy to speak than to make it the truth. Just wanting to become stronger would not make him stronger. Currently, his Immortal and Devil body was at 2nd level, however, he could not progress and reached a bottleneck.

"Not to mention in a short time, even if I have a long time, it’s difficult to progress in my body cultivation." Chen Xiang heaved a deep sigh.

"Says who? When you had obtained the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor last time, didn't you get a Black Tortoise External Strength Technique?" Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang eyes lit up, he had almost forgotten. At that time, he had given it to these two beauties to look over.

"The prerequisites are rather harsh, the first thing required is to have a 2nd level Immortal and Devil Body, the second is to have a extremely large furnace, along with someone who is very proficient in controlling the flames, the third requires the cultivator to jump into the furnace and operate the cultivation method of the Black Tortoise External Strength Technique inside. The fourth is to be able to come out of the furnace alive." Su Meiyao said.

The corner of Chen Xiang's eyes twitched, wasn't this commiting suicide!? Jump into a furnace for tempering! What is he suppose to do if he got cooked alive?

"This is just the entry stage of the Black Tortoise External Strength Technique. According to aforementioned records, if the entry stage is accomplished, your 2nd level Immortal and Devil Body would directly advance to 5th level!" Bai Youyou said. Listening to her tone, she very much supported the idea of Chen Xiang going through the tempering.

The 2nd level Immortal and Devil Body already made Chen Xiang extremely powerful, not to mention the 5th level! If his body was not in the 2nd level, he would not have been able to do so many things. For instance, fuse with the Fire Spirit, learn powerful divine exercises or devil techniques, all of which had very high requirements for the body.

"How long would it take?"

"Three days and three nights! This is just the entry stage, after the entry stage, you will need to gather other mixtures to temper your body. If it is the furnace, then ordinary molten iron would be enough." Listening to Su Meiyao's words, Chen Xiang's complexion turned pale.

Molten iron! Jumping into it for refining, and that too for three days and nights! Chen Xiang would very much like to know who thought out this abnormal External Strength Technique, he would also like to ask whether this person had actually gone through this kind of body tempering.

Chen Xiang shook his head, as long as it was any sane person, they would feel fear regarding these methods.

“I do not meet enough conditions, I don't have that big of a furnace, nor can I think of anyone to help me in tempering." Chen Xiang said with a wry smile.

"You absolutely meet enough. The Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire's Empress definitely has this kind of furnace. She is a Grand Refiner, in regards to controlling flames, that is definitely not a problem. You have already seen her body, moreover you know each other's many confidential secret, she will definitely help." Su Meiyao let out an ambiguous tender laugh.

From here, the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire was somewhat distant. However, if he used the Vermillion Bird Fire Wings, he would be able to reach it quite soon. Moreover, from a long time ago, he had wanted to visit and take a look around.

"Lu Jie, I'll definitely kill you, even make you kneel before me!" Chen Xiang became resolute in his heart, and decided to go to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and go through the tempering.

Two days passed and Chen Xiang had completely recovered. If not for him having the Hell Spirit Grass, he wouldn’t know how long it would have taken him to recover.

Moreover, Chen Xiang and Lu Jie's matter had already spread to the ears of many people. However, Chen Xiang had always been staying in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard. Those who wanted to find him could not find him. Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen both knocked on the door, but it was only opened by Wu Qianqian.

Wu Qianqian knew Chen Xiang was recovering inside the private room, that was why she did not bother to go. Regarding this, she had also been very concerned. These past two days, Yun Xiaodao and the others had all met with her to ask about Chen Xiang's situation.

"Chen Xiang, how are you?" Wu Qianqian hadn't refined any dans these past two day, she sat in the room waiting for Chen Xiang. From the information she had heard, Chen Xiang was spewing blood, and was almost forced to kneel down. She had a pretty good understanding regarding his strength, the fact that he vomited blood was evidence in itself that Chen Xiang had been seriously injured.

Chen Xiang mischievously smiled, "I'm all good now, I’ve recovered from my injuries, that guy hasn’t left yet right?"

Wu Qianqian saw Chen Xiang's mischievous smile and heaved a long sigh, "That guy called Lu Jie challenged an elder yesterday and also defeated him, even though the elder was in the 8th level of the True Martial Realm! He was very strong, both the Dean and Elder Wu attested to this this."

Chen Xiang was shocked in his heart, Lu Jie could fight with a 8th level True Martial Realm Elder! He was sure his own fist was quite heavy, and with the aid of Long Xueyi's power, it was comparable with 7th level True Martial Realm, even though he had weakened the power at that time in order to not damage his own body.

"You want to kill him…?" Wu Qianqian asked in some worry.

"I'm definitely going to kill him! whoever insults me must die!" Chen Xiang coldly said as invisible Slaughter Qi suddenly overflowed from his body, making Wu Qianqian's whole body cold.

"If Dean and Elder Wu come to look for me, tell them I went to the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. Qianqian, you do not need to worry about me. As long as Lu Jie remains in the Extreme Martial Sect for ten days, I'll definitely send him to hell." Chen Xiang threw out this sentence, before he walked out of the Extreme Dan King Courtyard.

He quietly left the Extreme Martial Sect and Tianmen City. Currently, there was still a fifteen million crystal stones bounty on him, he must improve rather quickly to deal with this.

After leaving the Tianmen City, Chen Xiang released the Vermillion Bird Firewings and soared into the sky. He arrived above the clouds before he flew towards the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire. It would probably take him two or so days to get there, if he had not strided into the 5th level of the True Martial Realm, it would have taken him even longer.

After two days and two nights of uninterrupted flying, a rather huge city far away appeared in Chen Xiang's view, This was the largest of the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire, The Divine Weapon City.

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