World Defying Dan God - Chapter 296

Chapter 296 - The Resurrection Grass


Chen Xiang continued to read the brochure, and the more he look, the more excited he became. His breathing became very short and rapid, and at this time, Hua Xiangyue quickly seized the brochure.

"Little rascal, are you stunned?" Hua Xiangyue grinned and asked.

Chen Xiang was indeed stunned. At the same time, he was still in doubt as a frightened look appeared on his face, "Which idiot is actually willing to take out an earth-level spirit herb, and even a brilliant equipment!?"

Hua Xiangyue suddenly giggled and said, "Which idiot is selling the earth-level spirit herb, I do not know. However, I know that the idiot selling the brilliant equipment is your Sister Menger!"

Liu Menger snappily snorted. The fact that she was selling brilliant equipment was nothing surprising, a lot of Deans knew about this. Not many individuals were able to refine brilliant equipments, which was why they were rather more expensive, even among the other various things up for auction.

"Next, we are going to auction a spirit fruit called the Lightning Element Fruit. This fruit is very strange, if it is eaten by a martial artist with lightning attributed True Qi, his lightning attribute True Qi will increase by a large amount. In addition to this, this fruit can also explode, if used improperly, it will be very dangerous..." Mrs. Li continued to explain the usefulness of Lightning Element Fruit, and other important details.

Liu Menger shook her head, "Useless."

Hua Xiangyue said, "Some people always think of auctioning some strange and mystical things, praying they’ll bump into an idiot and then it can be sold at a very high price."

The instant Chen Xiang caught sight of Lightning Element Fruit, his eyes started to shine. Su Meiyao had told him just a moment ago that this lightning Element Fruit had a big magical effect. To be specific, it was a herb used for refining a dan, a kind of dan which was not eaten, but rather used to attack. Once it was thrown out, it would release a very strong power, capable of blasting off a big mountain. However, others herbs were also needed before such a strong dan could be created.

"Heavenly Lightning Pellet, even a 9th level True Martial Realm martial artist would not dare to meet it head on. After acquiring this Lightning Element Fruit, you will also need a Profound Lightning Seed before infusing a large amount of lightning attribute True Qi, only then you will be able to successfully refine it. With just a pellet, you could blast a 5th level True Martial Realm martial artist into pieces." Bai Youyou said. She and Su Meiyao could be described as someone who had went through fire and water together. From their childhood to adulthood, these two had rarely been separated, that was why she too had an understanding of the dan recipe.

This could blast a 5th level True Martial Realm martial artist into pieces, this kind of thing left Chen Xiang rather shocked. It was also the first time he came to learn of a type of dan which could be used like that.

"If you had a few pellets, you could even blow up a 9th level True Martial Realm martial artist. However, the effect wouldn’t be that large against an Extreme State martial artist." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang had already decided after he had bought the Lightning Element Fruit he would plant them after returning to the Elder Dan Courtyard.

"Upset is 1 million crystal stones!" Mrs. Li shouted.

Nobody actually wanted to bid! They had heard Mrs. Li narration, the usefulness of Lightning Element Fruit was too small. Moreover, there was a limit of increasing the lightning attribute True Qi. The fruit’s effects weren’t that good, it was just relatively rare, nothing more.

"1.1 million!" Chen Xiang changed his voice and shouted in a low-spirited voice. If he had used his own voice, many would definitely and maliciously raise the price against him, by then, a heavy loss would be inevitable.

There was an idiot who was willing to buy this thing, everyone felt that might as well bought some True Elemental Dans. That would have been more cost-effective.

"Little rascal, is this thing useful?" Hua Xiangyue asked. She knew Chen Xiang was not someone stupid.

Chen Xiang didn't answer, he was waiting for Mrs. Li to eventually drop the hammer.

No one raised the price, so Chen Xiang very easily bought the Lightning Element Fruit. He laughed and said, "This is a good thing, but I can’t show it to you right now. Wait for me to collect another herb, then I'll let you know I haven’t spent these crystal stones in vain."

It was also normal for some upsetting things to occasionally appear in the auction, however, under ordinary situations it would just be bought by an idiot.

"Next is a high-grade earth level spirit herb, the Resurrection Grass! Even though it is not as good as White Jade Lotus Seed and Hell Spirit Grass raw, the Resurrection Dan that could be refined after combining it with other herbs is far more precious. Even if a Nirvana Realm martial artist suffered heavy injuries, taking a single Resurrection Dan would immediately restore them to their pinnacle state." Mrs. Li introduced the next item.

Chen Xiang had read the brochure just a moment ago, he had not expected someone would actually sell the high-grade earth level Resurrection Grass.

It was a crystal-clear grass that contained a unique energy. If eaten raw, one could quickly restore some injuries, but it was far better used as a Returning Life Dan.

Among the high-grade earth level dans, the Resurrection Dan was the most famous healing dan, basically exclusively used by Nirvana Realm martial artists. After achieving that kind of level, the body and the soul both were very strong. Only this level of spirit dan could be effective on them.

For the True Martial Realm and the Extreme State martial artist, the dans used were from low-level profound level dans to low-grade earth level dans. As for Nirvana Realm martial artists, it was middle-grade and high-grade earth level dans. Of course, heaven level dans were also useful, but they were very scarce. Sometimes even if a Nirvana Realm martial artist had it, they could not bear to use it.

"There is no upset, everyone can start at your own discretion!" Mrs. Li slightly smiled and said.

"10 million!" Liu Menger lightly shouted.

Seeing Liu Menger taking action, Chen Xiang shook his head and sighed. He knew he didn't have any chance. Liu Menger wanting the Resurrection Grass was also very normal, as she was going to cross her Nirvana Tribulation. If she had the Resurrection Dan, it would be equivalent to another life.

"You also want it?" Liu Menger asked.

"I do, but Sister Menger needs it more than me, I just want it for the sake of collection." Chen Xiang laughed and said, if Liu Menger wanted, he would not hesitate to give even the Hell Spirit Grass and White Jade Lotus Seed.

"13 million." Gu Dongchen also participated in the bidding, although these Deans didn't refine dans, they all knew very well the value of the Resurrection Grass, they all knew very well.

Hua Xiangyue just glanced at the side, she knew Liu Menger was going to cross the tribulation, so she didn't bid. Not to mention fighting with Liu Menger would make it so the auctioneer selling the spirit grass would make a large final profit.

Soon the price hit ninety million.

"I must win!" Liu Menger slightly frowned, then she continued to raise the price, "95 million."

It was only a spirit grass, nothing more. Moreover, the alchemist would not necessarily be successful in refining the dan. The risk was truly very big, yet these tycoons still vied with each other.

"100 million." Lian Yingxiao didn't back down, even if he knew he was facing the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empires Empress and Extreme Martial Sect's Gu Dongchen, he was going to struggle no matter what.

Chen Xiang just dumbfoundedly stared onwards. He was never able to figure out from where the price was being increased, just as any one's voice befell, it would be immediately followed by another increment. In the blink of an eye, the price had already reached two hundred million.

Only Liu Menger and Lian Yingxiao adhered till now. All the other Deans had already been defeated. Although everyone had the capital, their capital was not as much as these two.

"In the Chenwu Mainland there are five plutocrats, Liu Menger, Lian Yingxiao, Elder Dan, Gu Dongchen, and finally our mysterious Dean. The Extreme Martial Sect had occupied two seats, while the women occupied more than a half." Hua Xiangyue laughed and said.

Liu Menger continued to shout, "230 million."

"240 million."

"250 million."


Both were increasing the price by ten million after ten million. After all, the fight was happening among the two plutocrats, everyone did not find it strange.

Chen Xiang had a complete new outlook. He had a total fortune of three hundred million left, but this small Resurrection Grass had already surpassed this number.

"330 million!" Liu Menger's voice was still dull and filled with majesty.

Lian Yingxiao no longer continued, this was almost his limit.

After Liu Menger had successfully acquisitioned the Resurrection Grass, she immediately left the room, and bought back the Resurrection Grass.

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