World Defying Dan God - Chapter 297

Chapter 297 - Dragon Soul (Part-1)


Chen Xiang, while looking at the exquisite grass on his palm, was extremely shocked in his heart. This was the Resurrection Grass worth more than three hundred million crystal stones. He could clearly feel the peculiar life force inside it.

"By chance, if the alchemist failed in refining, won’t more than three hundred million crystal stones go down the drain?" Chen Xiang asked as he returned the Resurrection Grass to Liu Menger.

"Whatever, in any case, I have already been accustomed to it." Liu Menger lightly gave a sigh, it was quite clear that she had lost a lot in many years.

In Chen Xiang's mind suddenly flashed an idea, "Sister Menger, can you let me take care of the Resurrection Grass? I'll plant it inside the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm, there it can grow even better, for now, it should not be a problem for you to not quickly give it to some alchemist for refining."

Liu Menger thought for a moment, nodded her head and said, "It's not a problem, however, you can not eat it, this is very important for me!"

While speaking, she then handed the Resurrection Grass to Chen Xiang. This kind of forthrightness caused Chen Xiang to feel a little surprised, he didn't expect Liu Menger would so easily put the Resurrection Grass into his custody; this made him feel warm in his heart.

"Next there are two Five-Colored Profound Fruits, which is the main ingredient for refining the Five Elements True Elemental Dan. From what I remember, the Five Elements True Elemental Dan have not appeared in the Chenwu Mainland for a very long time." Mrs. Li introduced another item, the Five Elements True Elemental Dan, which among the low-grade profound level dan, was on par with the Elemental Spirit Dan, whether it was the difficulty in refining it or the rarity of its herbs.

As Mrs. Li introduced the next item, Chen Xiang was secretly excited, he already had the Five Colored Lotus, so if he bought the two Five Colored Profound Fruits, he would then have to only search for the Colorless Lingzhi and the Five Leaves Grass. By that time, he would have all the herbs of the Five Elements True Elemental Dan.

"Starting price is 2 million crystal stones, everyone is free to raise the price!"

"2.2 million." Gu Dongchen too was interested in this thing.

"2.3 million." Chen Xiang immediately shouted, from looking at the starting price, the final price would not be too high. He had three hundred million crystal stones, he had the confidence that it was more than enough.

"2.5 million." Lian Yingxiao, this wealthy guy, would always increase the price rather by a large amount.

Chen Xiang said in a heavy tone, "2.6 million."

"2.8 million." Gu Dongchen actually increased the price by two hundred thousand. Chen Xiang felt rather strange, he knew that his martial nephew was quite stingy.

Chen Xiang simply didn't shout, he was going to let the both of them compete to the end, in that way, he could save a bit of his strength.

After a short while, under Lian Yingxiao’s and Gu Dongchen’s competition, the price had reached thirteen million crystal stones, which had already surpassed the value of the Five-Colored Profound Fruit, however, the Five-Colored Profound Fruit was already very rare, and even though its rank was very low, some collectors would definitely buy it rather at a very high price.

Gu Dongchen no longer continued to bid, and just when Lian Yingxiao was secretly feeling proud, Chen Xiang shouted, "13.05 million."

"Humph, for someone more miser than your Dean, you had the nerve to call such a price!" Hua Xiangyue ridiculed, this was also the very first time the price rose by such a small amount in this auction. Moreover, the price came from someone from the VIP box, although no one knew who it was.

Chen Xiang was unlike those Deans, who had a bunch of people earning wealth for them. Not to mention there were no restrictions regarding the increment in price, and it was quite obvious he was indifferent regarding such actions.

"No one knows me!" Chen Xiang pursed his lips and said, "The misers are rather thick-skinned, I'm not like each and everyone of you, a local tyrant."

[TLN: The local tyrant (土豪) word here used, in the ancient times, referred to “the rich and powerful local tyrants as they were called or the bully in the countryside." But nowadays the very same word is used as an internet slang referring to someone who had been from poor background but made wealth rather quickly but don't have the manners or sophistication to go along with their money. Here, the meaning is the former one.]

Lian Yingxiao also felt funny, someone actually raised the price with such an amount, it was the first for him encountering such a kind of person. He truly wanted to have a look who was it on the other side who could occupy a VIP box, yet could be so stingy, that he even left Gu Dongchen, this famous stingy figure, behind.

"14 million." Lian Yingxiao didn't even bat an eye when he raised the price.

"14.01 million." Chen Xiang only increased it by ten thousand.

"15 million."

"15.01 million."

The auction house suddenly burst into hustle and bustle, there was actually someone so thick-skinned to increase it by such a meager amount.

After a while...

"21.01 million." Chen Xiang lazily shouted.

Lian Yingxiao no longer continued. He felt that it was a little boring, although he was rich, he would not so casually spend. This was only a herb for a low-grade profound level dan, the price had already reached far more than its own value, and if this continued, he was going to lose a lot.

As long as it was a spirit herb, in Chen Xiang's eyes, it was not a loss, because he could grow a large number of them.

Finally, he acquired it for a value of 21.01 million crystal stones.

The next thing turned out to be sword, it was a brilliant level equipment. The brilliant equipment were the same as spirit equipment, they were divided into nine levels, the 9th level brilliant equipment was already the topmost equipment in the mortal world, and now a 4th level brilliant weapon just happened to be auctioned, the Meteor Sword, which was posted by Liu Menger. Because she had just refined it, it was still unranked.

Only 4th level, yet it made the heart of many sword users among the audiences beat rapidly. The brilliant weapon they were all using were of 4th or 5th level, nothing more, but this kind of thing was ‘the more the better’, they obviously wanted to include it in their bag.

After Mrs. Li introduced the Meteor Sword, the bidding began directly.

What left Chen Xiang surprised was that even Hua Xiangyue and Wu Kaiming participated among with the others. Everyone in the VIP box beside Chen Xiang and Liu Menger, heedlessly increased the price.

The temptation of a 4th level brilliant weapon was truly amazing.

"I had spent eight years to finish this Meteor Sword!" Liu Menger's tone was filled with a kind of sad mood. She had personally refined this brilliant weapon, moreover, she had spent so many years of time.

The price kept on soaring and soaring, ten million upon ten million, sometimes it was even tens of millions. In the blink of an eye, the price had already reached five hundred millions!

Chen Xiang, after seeing this, secretly clucked his tongue, however, he knew that if it was the Resurrection Dan being auctioned now, the increment definitely would have been more intense, because it could rescue a Nirvana Realm martial artists from his grave.

800 million... 900 million... 1 billion, not long after, the price finally broke the billion mark, and yet the intense competition was not showing any sign of stopping!

"1.5 billion!" Lian Yingxiao shouted, the gentleness and courteousness in his voice had already disappeared; it was replaced with an incomparable excitement.

Hua Xiangyue slightly sighed, "I give up, I'll just gather material for Menger to refine."

The auction house suddenly quieted down, Lian Yingxiao, in one breath, had added five hundred million, which left the other tycoons a little unable to bear.

No one fought with Lian Yingxiao again, and finally, it was bought by Lian Yingxiao for 1.5 billion!

After this, Lian Yingxiao rarely participated in any other bidding battle, apparently, after buying the Meteor Sword, he didn't have enough courage and energy anymore.

Subsequently, Liu Menger fiercely entered the bidding battle. She bought a Nine Elements Flower, which was also the main herb for refining the Resurrection Dan. For this item, she had spent three hundred and fifty million crystal stones, and thereafter, she once again spent five hundred million crystal stones to buy a stone, and seven hundred million crystal stones to buy a big piece of yellow jade.

There were not many herbs in the auction, which was quite disappointing for Chen Xiang. He only bought the Five-Colored Profound Fruit, which made him feel good.

"The next is a bizarre piece of stone, this piece of stone can release a very intense spiritual pressure, however, it is currently sealed! Even Extreme State martial martial artists, under this spiritual pressure, are unable to bear. The starting price is 50 million crystal stones."

"Dragon Soul!" Long Xueyi exclaimed.

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