World Defying Dan God - Chapter 325

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Noticing the sliver of ruthlessness flashing through Chen Xiang's eyes, Yan Yanran felt as if she had eaten a fly. Her seduction didn’t have the slightest effect on Chen Xiang. At this point, she felt like a clown as an inexplicable shame overwhelmed her.

Hua Xiangyue had felt the same way when she failed to seduce Chen Xiang in the past.

Yan Yanran's response was just as Hua Xiangyue's, both of them immediately got dressed and quickly covered their beautiful and tender figures.

The charming smile on Yan Yanran face disappeared in the blink of an eye, which was now replaced by a menacing expression. Originally, she believed that with her figure, she would be able to charm Chen Xiang, thereby making Chen Xiang let down his guard during the fight. However, contrary to her expectations, her plan had actually failed.

She was very well aware of how strong Chen Xiang was; just a while ago, while hidden among the crowd, she had been carefully watching Chen Xiang’s previous fight. Even though she was a 6th level True Martial Realm martial artist, she didn't have any confidence. Although she couldn’t understand why, she knew that Chen Xiang's True Qi was more vigorous and powerful than hers.

Hua Xiangyue, after noticing that Yan Yanran had already thrown the towel, was secretly pleased in her heart. Chen Xiang had even won the heart of a character like Liu Menger, so obviously, he wouldn’t be so casually tempted by Yan Yanran.

Although Chen Xiang had not seen Yan Yanran in the past, he was still knowledgable about the top beauty of the Beast Martial Sect. When he had gone drinking with Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong and the others, he had once heard them mention her. According to them, Yan Yanran was a very perceptive martial artist, and she was using some sort of a cat-like martial art. Which made her extremely agile.

Watching Yan Yanran wearing her clothes, the Beast Martial Sect's Elder realized that their initial plan had failed. If Yan Yanran lost, their Beast Martial Sect would have to pay 200 million crystal stones to Chen Xiang. Thinking about this, he secretly felt sad. He came to regret ever cooperating with Xiao Ziliang.

The Proud Sword Sect and the True Martial Sect's Deans were also feeling the same. They thought that after the end of the tournament, Chen Xiang would be greatly exhausted, and it would be a perfect time to trouble Chen Xiang. But who would have thought that Chen Xiang's speed of recovery would be many times better than they had imagined, and his strength was even more beyond their imagination.

These Deans were also extremely experienced. It was their first watching Chen Xiang, this genius who, with the strength of 5th level True Martial Realm, could still suppress someone from 6th or 7th level of the True Martial Realm. Naturally, they realized that Chen Xiang was cultivating a powerful martial exercise.

"Begin!" Xiao Ziliang shouted. His voice was totally gloomy. If their four sects still failed to defeat Chen Xiang even after taking turns to fight him, then their prestige would very possibly go down the drain. In the future, they would have no face to pick a fight with Chen Xiang.

Once Xiao Ziliang gave the signal to start, Yan Yanran suddenly jumped backwards. Chen Xiang had just jabbed once, yet he didn't expect Yan Yanran's vigilance to be so high, to the point where only air was struck by his jab.

After his jab failed to struck Yan Yanran, the instant Chen Xiang thought of pursuing her and continuing his attack, Yan Yanran's figure suddenly disappeared.

"Behind?" Chen Xiang frowned. He suddenly turned around, and with lightning-like punches, he continuously bombarded. In the blink of an eye, he had already punched dozens of times, yet he just struck nothing but air. He was secretly amazed by Yan Yanran's speed.

Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang felt that he was about to be hit by Yan Yanran. At that time, he felt a weak power fluctuation from behind. If he had not been cultivating Shinto, he wouldn’t have such an extraordinary divine sense.

Chen Xiang now came to grasp the timing to counterattack, and he had to counterattack just after a half second interval. If it was faster by a bit, Yan Yanran would have reacted and dodged, but if it was any slower, he would definitely be struck by Yan Yanran.

At this time, Chen Xiang unconsciously used the Refining Simulation Technique that was normally for alchemy. He calculated the timing of Yan Yanran's attack and the timing for his counter-attack.

"Now!" After Chen Xiang grasped the timing, a hideous expression emerged on his face. As he smacked a palm, he felt his palm landing upon a very soft mass, and naturally, he realized what it was.

Yan Yanran uttered a tender shout before spewing out blood. She was extremely furious as well as ashamed; she had not expected that Chen Xiang would start so ruthlessly. Much to her surprise, he had even used the terrifying Shocking Heaven Palm and also struck upon the proud chest of her.

Chen Xiang secretly lauded the wondrous feeling transmitted a moment ago from his hand. Although there were a lot of ravishing beauties around him, he had not touched those good stuffs yet. In this regard, he could be regarded as an inexperienced brat.

What made Yan Yanran furious was that Chen Xiang didn't know how to show an iota of compassion on girls. After she was sent flying  from Chen Xiang’s strike, Chen Xiang was already pursuing her in an astonishing speed. Moreover, from the serious expression hanging on Chen Xiang's face, she realized that he would definitely attack ruthlessly. Just as she thought of dodging, she noticed a palm covering her head. Just from the pressure emanating from above she felt suffocated, as fear overwhelmed her mind.

"Ah..." Yan Yanran gasped. In Chen Xiang's seawave-like Shocking Heaven Palm, Yan Yanran's supple body appeared to be extremely weak. She was like a boat tossing up and down along the raging sea in a storm, getting wrecked.

"Is... Is he not a man? So ruthless!" Hua Xiangyue lightly nibbled her lips. In the end, she was also a female, and she felt sympathy for Yan Yanran.

"Sigh, if this little rascal is not harassing a woman, then her luck has come to an end." Liu Menger heaved a light sigh.

Below the stage, some people couldn’t bear to watch anymore. Even if they came to worship Chen Xiang before, but now that Chen Xiang had used such brutal means to destroy the goddess of their hearts, they continously cursed Chen Xiang.

"This power... is inconceivable!" A sharp aura flashed past Xiao Ziliang eyes. He seemed to have realized something, because he was having a familiar feeling from that power.

If the victim was unprepared, under the continuous Shocking Heaven Palms, if he wouldn’t die, then at least he would be seriously injured. This was exactly the case for Yan Yanran. How could she expect that someone could continuously cast such overbearing martial technique?

The consumption of True Qi for the Shocking Heaven Palm was exceptional. Just sending a palm was very difficult, yet Chen Xiang’s complexion remained unchanged even after sending hundreds of Shocking Heaven Palm. This was the clear proof that Chen Xiang had a very rich True Qi reserve.

"Chen Xiang..." Yan Yanran tenderly shouted. Anyone with good eyesight could glimpse Yan Yanran palms landing dead right upon Chen Xiang’s.At that moment, Chen Xiang suddenly felt a pain on his palm. He could clearly feel five sharp things puncturing both of his palms. He had no idea what it was, however, he could not just stop his speeding palm.

The reason why he continued to use such brutal palm techniques on Yan Yanran was because he felt that Yan Yanran's breath was not showing any signs of weakening. In other words, although Yan Yanran appeared to be ravaged, her injuries weren’t bad at all.

"This girl's body is very supple and extremely resilient. The True Qi within her body also possesses the same characteristics. Because of that, about 80% of the power of your Shocking Heaven Palm, after landing on her body, is reduced by her body’s suppleness and True Qi!" Long Xueyi explained. Her sensibility was truly powerful, that was why she could accurately sense every fiber of Yan Yanran's body.

That was the reason why Chen Xiang didn't stop no matter how miserably Yan Yanran cried. On the contrary, he was even more brutal in using the Shocking Heaven Palm to ravage Yan Yanran.

Even if the barrier had been laid down by four Nirvana Realm martial artists, Chen Xiang's continuous Shocking Heaven Palm still made the ground tremble. The quaking made many people's feet numb.

The terror of this power could only be imagined by the audience, not to mention Yan Yanran who was directly suffering from Chen Xiang's strikes!

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