World Defying Dan God - Chapter 351

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Gu Dongchen smiled and said, "You are right. Anyway, I came to tell you that we just returned from the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains; you were right, there was indeed a rift from which many small Evil Demons were coming to our world."

"You mean to say that the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain's large formation is already useless?" Chen Xiang didn't expect that it would lose its role so soon.

"Yes, we had to guard outside for a long time! That rift is already quite large, but seemingly it is releasing some strange power that is blocking the intrusion of some bigger Evil Demons from Demon Domain. However the number of small Evil Demons has already reached a scary number, we spent a couple of days killing them, but we were still not able to kill all of them."

A hopeless look covered Gu Dongchen's face, "That's why we have returned. We are waiting for the powerful experts from the other mainlands to arrive, then we can join forces to seal that little rift; or else the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountain will be packed with these small Evil Demons!"

"Are those Evil Demons still staying inside the Devil Mountain, aren't they coming out?" Chen Xiang recalled the scene when he too had encountered such a large group of Evil Demons. He secretly despised Gu Dongchen and the other's strength; much to his dismay, they had spent a few days killing those Evil Demons yet they were still not able to finish them. That day with just one move Bai Ziqian had killed the entire Evil Demons.

A frown appeared on Gu Dongchen's forehead, "Temporarily they can't come out; as they had just arrived, they seemed to be seriously weakened. They are absorbing the Devil Qi inside the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains to recover their strength, that's why we have to quickly close that rift.

Even the Deans who were standing at the peak of the Mortal World were not able to completely kill those Evil Demons after a few days of killing. Apparently, the Evil Demons were quite large in number; moreover, they seemed to be inexhaustible, kill one, and another one would come right away.

Chen Xiang pursed his lips as a smile appeared on his face, "Little Featherhead, did you come here to tell me this?"

Gu Dongchen smiled, somewhat embarrassingly said, "But of course; however, I hope that Young Martial Uncle can help us with a small matter. You should know that there are many powerful Deans who are coming from overseas to attend the Hero Assembly. They are also bringing their own favorite disciples. They are not only coming to attend the Hero Assembly, but they are also going to show off their prowess!"

Chen Xiang sneered.

"These guys seem to have a very good relation with Xiao Ziliang, it is very likely that when Xiao Ziliang traveled to the other mainland he made some friends. They all have been instigated by Xiao Ziliang such that their disciples are going to challenge our Extreme Martial Sect's disciples. The majority of our Extreme Martial Sect's disciple are going to fight, although we will win some and lose some, the number of winnings should be greater."

Chen Xiang pursed his lips and said, "Do you want me to fight to increase your prestige a little?"

Gu Dongchen laughed cunningly and said, "No, no, of course not, it is to win glory for the entire Extreme Martial Sect."

Chen Xiang gave a spat, "Little Featherhead, if I were you, I'll decide not to fight, now the time is hard pressed, and you still want prestige. If I ask the teacher to come out, these arrogant Deans will one by one return to their mainlands, we will see how they’ll keep their arrogant asses."

Ask Huang Jintian to come out? That would be a complete chaos, thinking of this, Gu Dongchen was hit with a shiver.

Seeing Gu Dongchen’s distressed appearance, Chen Xiang as their martial uncle, of course, wanted to save his martial nephew's prestige, but he didn't want to fight.

"Little Featherhead, do you want to show off? It's simple, aren't those guys from overseas not short on Building Foundation Dans?" Chen Xiang said with a smile as his eyes twinkled with a hint of a sly gleam. On the other hand, Gu Dongchen upon seeing this shuddered from fear. He knew he was going to be having a bad luck.

Gu Dongchen nodded his head, "Since ancient times, there seemed to be a shortage of Building Foundation Dans in the Mortal Martial World."

"In my hand, I have eighty pieces of Building Foundation Dans, I will sell all of them to you! Later you can take them out in front of them to show off, wouldn’t this will be very cool?" Chen Xiang smiled and said.

Indeed it would be very cool, Gu Dongchen thinking of this also felt elated. however, the problem was that he needed to buy these Building Foundation Dans. He couldn't understand why Chen Xiang had so many Building Foundation Dans as though they were peanuts. All of a sudden, he had a few dozen dans, usually even a few dans together would be extremely rare.

"Young Martial Uncle, you are lending them all to me so that I can show off, right? With this we can show to others the heritage of our Extreme Martial Sect, after that I will give them back to you." Gu Dongchen smiled and said. He certainly didn't want to buy them because Chen Xiang was definitely going to swindle him off.

Chen Xiang smiled and shook his head, "You can take them on rent — a million crystal stones for a day."

Gu Dongchen secretly cursed, as far as he was concerned, a million crystal stones for him was simply nothing, but he was a very stingy person, no matter how much it was, he would feel a heartache.

"Little Featherhead, for the Extreme Martial Sect's glory, can't you sacrifice even a little bit!" Chen Xiang said with a smile.

"Alright, I'll take them!" Gu Dongchen clenched his teeth and firmly decided that next time he would not look for Chen Xiang for any cooperation. After the Young Martial Uncle had discovered that he was a local tyrant, he would think of a variety of ways to swindle him off his crystal stones.

Chen Xiang took out a rather large jade box that had a large pile of dans inside which were exuding a dazzling azure radiance. The eighty Building Foundation Dans were looking a lot like shiny beans. Gu Dongchen was tremendously shocked, though he had prepared himself well, so many Building Foundation Dans were after all very rare!

"Worth it!" As Gu Dongchen's eyes shone upon seeing those dazzling Building Foundation Dans which appeared to be no different than emerald, he praised. He immediately closed the lid and left quickly.

After Gu Dongchen left, Chen Xiang smiled and said, "A million crystal stones for a day, if I hid for a year or so, every day I will rake in a million crystal stones, it is totally worth it!"

If Gu Dongchen knew Chen Xiang had this kind of idea, he would rather die than make this trade.

"Little Rascal, you are really bad, you are his Young Martial Uncle!" Su Meiyao tenderly laughed and said.

"What should I be afraid of, as his elder, of course, I have to discipline him. Let him have a lifetime lesson, who asked him to love being in the limelight!" Chen Xiang retorted with a smile, then carried on with his work.

Ten days went by, and Chen Xiang remained in his private room. He knew Wu Qianqian had arrived, he speculated that it was Gu Dongchen who had asked Wu Qianqian to look for him. However, he intentionally dodged them. He would get more crystal stones with the passage of time.

In a blink, two months went by. Chen Xiang took care of the herbs every day. Although his herb garden was small, the spirit herbs growing there were incredibly precious, such as White Jade Lotus Seed which was the main ingredient for some restorative dans, the Nine Sun Flames Tree, the Azure Profound Tree, and likes were all very rare and precious goods. As long as an alchemist saw this, he would be scared to death, he would remain here until his death.

Chen Xiang discovered a very surprising thing, and that was the soil, after absorbing the Golden Dragon Saliva for so long had already changed. As long as any herbs were grown in this soil, the speed of their growth would be very fast, moreover, it would absorb a large amount of Spirit Qi on its own.

"I had never thought that I would be able to create a spirit field!" Chen Xiang excitedly said. He had now planted many Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs, a total of ten or so sets. Out of the twelve that he had refined, he failed twice, which gave him a little heartache, but he was still satisfied.

"Now I have one-hundred-and-fifty Five Elements True Elemental Dan!"

Chen Xiang looked at the exquisite dans and proudly smiled. His days were spent taking care of his spirit herbs, refining dans, cultivating or just chatting with Long Xueyi, Su Meiyao, and Bai Youyou. He very comfortably passed these calm days, as far as he was concerned, it could be regarded as a kind of relaxation.

"I should collect the bill!" Chen Xiang mischievously smiled. As he opened the gates of Extreme Dan King Courtyard, he found Gu Dongchen with a glum face standing at the entrance. Only Chen Xiang would dare to be so cruel to the Extreme Martial Sect's Dean!

"Young Martial Uncle, I realized my mistake!" Gu Dongchen's handsome face was filled with bitterness, he obviously realized that Chen Xiang was intentionally punishing him.


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