World Defying Dan God - Chapter 354

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With half of his True Qi, he could only congeal a speck of Dragon Force. Chen Xiang now came to realize why in the past he was unable to congeal Dragon Force even after so many tries, it was all because his True Qi was still not vigorous enough!

Although it was such a small amount of Dragon Force, its might was altogether completely different. If one day he could release and use Dragon Force in a steady stream just like the Universe True Qi, he would have an exceedingly powerful strength in his hand. It was also the reason why so many people wanted to seize the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise.

"A speck, that's all! However, if you assimilate this speck with the strength in your palm, you will be able to smack an 8th level True Martial Realm guy to death, even a 9th level too!" Huang Jintian laughed and said. He was feeling extremely happy because his apprentice accompanied him. Even though he knew that Chen Xiang was afraid of coming down; he, as before, helped Chen Xiang improve his strength, though his means were extremely brutal.

"You have now learned how to utilise Dragon Force, in the future, once your True Qi becomes vigorous, then you too can utilize it just like your teacher! However now, as far as you are concerned, it is not extremely useful to you. You might as well use some powerful martial technique with all your strength."

Chen Xiang nodded his head, then he said farewell to Huang Jintian and on his own flew out. In the past, he never had the chance to say farewell and was kicked out.

Chen Xiang just flew out of the forbidden area, as he traced his steps back to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, he met Gu Dongchen on the road.

Gu Dongchen looking at Chen Xiang tattered clothes could imagine what kind of torture Chen Xiang had to undergo there.

"Young Martial Uncle, I admire you!" Gu Dongchen spoke this from the depths of his heart. If it was him in Chen Xiang's place, he would not dare to arbitrarily go and seek Huang Jintian.

Chen Xiang laughed and said, "But of course, otherwise how can I be your martial uncle?"

"Little Featherhead, quickly go and tell that Herculean Family’s Little Monster that father will fight him after three days. You can prepare a good place to show how I deal with him!"

He heartily smiled and swagger his way into the Extreme Dan King Courtyard.

Gu Dongchen was secretly excited. Herculean Family's Xiao Chou had defeated many genius martial artists from overseas. If Chen Xiang defeated Xiao Chou, all of his fame would be snatched by Chen Xiang; and Chen Xiang only had to fight one battle, while Xiao Chou had to fight many.

"Humph, every day he remained low-key and now he can easily get so much prestige!" Gu Dongchen cursed.

After Chen Xiang came out from the forbidden area, his strength had improved a lot. He was very confident in defeating Xiao Chou and that was also why he dared to say such aggressive and lofty words. Gu Dongchen didn't know Chen Xiang had advanced to what level, but he was very much looking forward to it.

After returning Chen Xiang took a bath right away. When he came out, he happened to encounter Wu Qianqian. He chatted with Wu Qianqian for a while and came to know what happened this past few months, Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan too had earned a great deal of fame. All of this because of their identity as girls, and also defeating many formidable genius martial artists who think highly of themselves. However, the one they had defeated all came from overseas, they had refused Xiao Chou's challenge many times.

"Qianqian, that Herculean Family's Little Monster is no longer pestering you, right!" Chen Xiang asked. Since he had accepted the challenge, many people were now anticipating their fight.

"He has not, this is all thanks to you!" A smile appeared on Wu Qianqian's face. In regards to Chen Xiang's strength, she naturally was not worried. Last time, she had witnessed Chen Xiang pummeled Xiao Chou unconscious.

"Hei hei, you are also not weak. You can also learn to be like Xianxian and Youlan, and challenge other guys. This is a very good opportunity!" Chen Xiang rubbed his chin as he watched Wu Qianqian's beautiful face.

Wu Qianqian shook her head, smiled and said, "I am just an alchemist, fighting and all, if it can be avoided, then why not? Elder Dan has prepared many cultivation materials for me, moreover, there is still the alchemy part."

When she talked about alchemy, Chen Xiang took out some herbs and gave them to Wu Qianqian, "These are a hundred set of True Elemental Dan herbs, take them! When you are going to try refining the Building Foundation Dan, I will give you some herbs again!"

The Building Foundation Dan herbs! Wu Qianqian was stupefied. She didn't expect that Chen Xiang would actually be so generous. So casually giving her Building Foundation Dan herbs!

She knew some of Chen Xiang secrets in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard, like the Azure Profound Tree planted by Chen Xiang. In the beginning, she had often come to watch the flowers bloom, however, after Elder Dan had laid the restrictive barrier, she could not come anymore. However, Chen Xiang still trusted her.

Wu Qianqian was a poor and strong girl. Yet, to Chen Xiang, she was a happy-go-lucky girl. Moreover, she was the only person with whom he could have a conversation within the Extreme Dan King Courtyard.

Subsequently, Chen Xiang had also given Wu Qianqian many tips regarding alchemy, and even guided her in refining a few batches of True Elemental Dans, such that, Wu Qianqian was able to refine five dans with one set of herbs!

In the field of alchemy, Wu Qianqian could be regarded as extremely talented, not to mention that she had a Fire Spirit. In the future, she would surely become one powerful alchemist.

In the dark curtain of the night, Chen Xiang laid on the roof, looking at the stars in the sky. The scene in the sky was exactly the same as the outside, it was just that it was not in same space. This was the miraculous thing about the Mysterious Realm.

He closed his eyes and recalled the sparring with Huang Jintian past this month. Although he would lose every time, and suffered serious injuries; he had benefited a lot during the course of the fight, it also stimulated him to release his strongest strength.

"Little Rascal, Wu Qianqian seems to be taking a bath. Do you want to take a look?" Long Xueyi naughtily laughed and said.

"You smelly dragon, weren't you firmly against the idea of me taking such kind of actions? Are you planning to frame me?" Chen Xiang rejected Long Xueyi's suggestion.

"That is one extremely beautiful girl, are you sure you don't want to take a look?" Long Xueyi asked again.

"Forget it, I have seen even more beautiful figures. So it is not that tempting to me!" Chen Xiang didn't seem to care.

"Damn brat!" Su Meiyao tenderly snorted. She knew that Chen Xiang was talking about her and Bai Youyou; when they first encountered Chen Xiang, they were completely naked.

Bai Youyou snorted and said, "Never mention this again!" She had told this many times, but how could Chen Xiang forget a such thing, from time to time, he would still mention it.

Although Chen Xiang's mouth said so, in the end he was still a man. Moreover, he was also a little lascivious. He could not wait to turn into a bird and flew over to peek at the top beauty of the Extreme Martial Sect whilst she was taking a bath.

Every man's mind, would more or less harbor some evil thoughts. The majority of which could restrain themselves, some just fantasize about it, and nothing more; while there were a few who could not restrain themselves and act according to their desire. So, they would become evil, and create some crime and bring calamity.

In a flash, two days were over. Chen Xiang had also taken a good rest. He walked out of the Extreme Dan King Courtyard and followed Gu Dongchen to the Extreme Martial Sect's square.

On the way, Gu Dongchen exhorted him multiple times that he must not wreck the square. Although during their fight many Nirvana Realm martial artists would lay down a barrier, he was still worried that the scene from the Danxiang Tower would be repeated here.

"Fuck, the Herculean Family's Little Monster came to challenge me, why must we fight here?" Chen Xiang doubtfully asked.

"Our Extreme Martial Sect is the biggest sect in the Chenwu Mainland, naturally, we should act a little nobly. Not to mention, the majority of the people are gathered here." Gu Dongchen replied.

A lot of people had arrived at the Extreme Martial Sect. In addition to the disciples of the Extreme Martial Sect, there were disciples of the different sects from Chenwu Mainland and other mainlands. Among which many had been defeated by Xiao Chou. They wanted to witness the strength of the rumoured strongest young martial artist of the Extreme Martial Sect .

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