World Defying Dan God - Chapter 355

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Just as Chen Xiang appeared, the entire square quieted down.

Today he was meticulously dressed, he looked extremely handsome and stunning, he was overflowing with heroic spirit.

Chen Xiang's handsome and angular face was extremely clear, his eyes were glistening in an unyielding aura as bright as the stars and as deep as the starry sky. His lips stretched to reveal a calm smile, it had a unique charm on its own. His entire body was wrapped in black tights which seemed to be emphasizing his robust body, revealing a dense masculine spirit, and overflowing with charisma. Some of the girls in the square secretly gasped in admiration.

Watching a man with such an extraordinary bearing appear, those martial artists from overseas were discussing in a low voice. They had all seen Chen Xiang's portrait, but they have not seen him personally. Now sensing the extraordinary temperament from Chen Xiang, all of them acknowledged that the portrait and the actual person were worlds apart; like heaven and earth.

Many among the audience knew that Chen Xiang had once defeated Xiao Chou, but a false information was disseminated by Xiao Chou and the Free Immortal Sea that the outcome of the battle was hanging by a thread, and both parties were on par with each other. However, Chen Xiang mainly with a stroke of luck won the fight. What made Chen Xiang dumbfounded, even more, was that — according to the Free Immortal Sea, that day Xiao Chou was actually seriously injured and despite his injuries, he still fought with Chen Xiang!

Many people came to believe this information, especially the people who had been defeated by Xiao Chou. They all knew Chen Xiang's cultivation was lower than Xiao Chou, so they believed without a shadow of a doubt. Among the martial artists who had lost against Xiao Chou, there were many whose cultivation was higher than Xiao Chou, nevertheless, they were still defeated. That was why they choose to believe these rumors.

On one side of the square, stood Xiao Ziliang with a smile hanging on his face. This time he and an elder from the Free Immortal Sea, as well as, Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming were going to lay out the barrier. Even if the entire square is wrecked, this time it had nothing to do with him. Moreover, this time, he had extreme confidence in Xiao Chou. This time he was not going to lose, there would be no second time.

"Chen Xiang, you cowardly turtle, after hiding for so long you finally came out!" Xiao Chou shouted in a young and tender voice.

Looking at the little boy in front of him, Chen Xiang secretly chuckled. A sentence of Long Xueyi appeared in his mind, "He is one immature brat, pummel him to the ground."

"Last time I was seriously injured, and you also used underhanded tricks to defeat me. That's why the previous fight can not be counted!" Xiao Chou yelled.

The spectators were watching the whole drama unfold very calmly. Although it was just a fight between two True Martial Realm martial artists, the Nirvana Realm Deans who had come far and wide across the seas were still very much in anticipation. After all, it was a duel between two peak young martial experts of the Chenwu Mainland. And Xiao Chou had defeated many of their outstanding disciples again and again.

Because Xiao Chou was from the Ancient Herculean Family, they did not feel disgraced. After all, they were all normal humans. They knew that there were some among the humankind who could win against the Herculean Family, but for them, it was difficult to believe. So they were seriously watching the contest.

Chen Xiang smiled and said, "Little brat, lying is bad!"

"Father is a couple of hundred years old, you are not even worthy to be my grandson!" Xiao Chou hated it the most when others called him a 'little brat', let alone Chen Xiang, the guy who had defeated him.

"Haha, if you were my child, I will not despise you. Quickly call me daddy!" Chen Xiang laughed and said. His words made the entire square burst into laughter.

Xiao Chou was boiling in anger, his whole body was trembling. Yet he actually suppressed his anger, which made Chen Xiang feel surprised. Last time he discovered that the Herculean Family was easy to anger, which was a magnificent move.

On one side of the square, Xue Xianxian with a white muslin hanging on her face said in a low voice, "Teacher, last time did Brother Xiang really used some trick to defeat this little monster?"

Xue XIanxian and Leng Youlan, both had arrived to watch the fight. They had personally seen several fights of Xiao Chou. Although they were strong, they believed that they could hold their ground against Xiao Chou. However, if they wanted to win, they had no such confidence.

Liu Menger pondered for a bit and said, "You can't say that it was a trick, what Chen Xiang had used was a kind of powerful martial technique which can cause a damage to the spirit. Now Xiao Chou appeared to be so confident, I think he has a way to overcome it! In the previous battle, Chen Xiang was indeed far weaker than Xiao Chou, that's why Xiao Chou remained unconvinced of his defeat."

Regarding that fight, Chen Xiang also didn’t believe he had won; he felt that he had not won in the martial art because at that time he was weaker than Xiao Chou and had to rely on Ice Spirit Devil Aura to defeat him. That's why, this time he had made up for it, otherwise, he would not have accepted the challenge.

If the barrier was still not completely laid out, perhaps Xiao Chou had already charged at Chen Xiang.

Xiao Chou was still as before; his strength had not much progressed. While Chen Xiang had advanced from 5th level to 7th level of the True Martial Realm. He was a lot stronger than before. Not to mention, he had gone to the forbidden area and had undergone the brutal training of Huang Jintian.

Xiao Chou also was not aware that Chen Xiang was suddenly a lot stronger. Who was going to believe that someone, in just a few months, could continuously advance two levels? It was totally unheard of.

This time, Chen Xiang could not use the Universe True Qi, as there were too many Nirvana Realm martial artists among the audience. If they recognized that peculiar True Qi, they might guess that he was Huang Jintian's apprentice.

Naturally, Xiao Ziliang was completely aware of the truth, however, he dared not reveal this. He knew the consequences he would face if he did so. Moreover, he guessed that Chen Xiang too dare not use his Five Elements Universe True Qi, which was also one of the reasons he invited so many Nirvana Realm martial artists to spectate this fight.

The barrier had been completely laid out. Four Nirvana Realm martial artist spread their strength and completely enveloped the center of the square to create one transparent barrier enveloping the center and even the ground too, to protect the tiles which were the most vulnerable to damage.

"Start!" Gu Dongchen loudly gave the signal for battle. He too had no idea how powerful Chen Xiang was. He just knew that Chen Xiang had undergone a hellish training this past month. What was the cause of concern for him was that, now, Chen Xiang was absolutely unable to use the Universe True Qi. Otherwise, the secret would be easily exposed, he now realized that it was quite unfavorable for Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang was a normal human while Xiao Chou was from Herculean Family; his blood was flowing with a mystical power which had strengthened his body. He also had divine power inherently, and along with the cultivation, his strength would only increase if not decrease.

Which was also the reason why, at the same level, Xiao Chou was unrivaled in the world. Which also made him even more arrogant!

Once the fight began, the first to attack was Xiao Chou. He was boiling in anger, but unlike before, his mind was not in a mess because of his anger. He was now channeling his anger into power, noticing this kind of progress, Chen Xiang held him in admiration.

Xiao Chou like a lightning bolt leaped, his tiny fist suddenly surged out with a shockwave as if it could shake the space. He punched out, and because of the impact force generated from the jump, the strength behind his fist was even stronger.

Chen Xiang clenched his fist and punched directly towards Xiao Chou's tiny fist which was carrying a shockwave. The fist met with the fist, last time too Chen Xiang fought with Xiao Chou just like this.

Xiao Chou's punch was carrying his innate power, and through some kind of martial technique, he had turned this power violent. Because of which it produced a terrifying shockwave, while Chen Xiang's punch was burning in flames. His entire fist seemed to be burning red, that scalding hot aura was spouting steaming flames.

As both punches collided with each other, two different types of power collided with each other. Much to everyone's dismay, both shares of power fused into one before bursting out with an explosion; the resulting strength exploded and spread to all direction, giving rise to a fierce gale, which collided with the invisible barrier.

With the collision of their punches, the curtain of this fight officially opened.

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