World Defying Dan God - Chapter 356

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Chen Xiang had only utilized fire attribute True Qi, he did not use that peculiar invisible True Qi which would undoubtedly weaken him a lot. Yet, Chen Xiang was still able to thwart Xiao Chou's punch. It appeared that the two were neck and neck with each other.

Last time, even when Chen Xiang had utilized the invisible True Qi, he could only weaken a large part of Xiao Chou's strength. But now, his fire attribute True Qi was surprisingly equally powerful as Xiao Chou’s which made it difficult for Xiao Chou to understand!

Many formidable martial artists had seen the previous fights of Chen Xiang, and now it was crystal clear that Chen Xiang had made great progress which took them aback.

Xiao Chou tightly clenched his tiny fist above which some smoke appeared to be rising. The scalding hot True Qi had forcefully invaded his arm; fortunately, he had already learned how to deal with this situation.

"How did you become so strong?" Xiao Chou let out a shout as he once again sent a punch directly towards Chen Xiang's face.

Chen Xiang's current speed was extremely fast. When he was training with Huang Jintian, Huang Jintian focused on helping Chen Xiang improve his speed which allowed him to become more agile. With such speed he was able to evade the enemy's powerful yet quick attack.

Xiao Chou too was very confident in his speed. In the past, because 7th level True Martial Realm martial artists were not able to predict that kind of frightening speed, they were defeated in one move.

Xiao Chou grinded his teeth. The moment when his ruthless strike was going to land upon Chen Xiang's eyes, he only punched through the thin air. He had felt that his fist touched Chen Xiang's eyelashes yet Chen Xiang still dodged it.

After Chen Xiang leaned his head sideways, he mischievously smiled as he smacked a palm directly towards Xiao Chou's tiny face. As he smacked his palm, his palm seemed to be flashing in numerous electric aura.

It was an extremely violent Lightning True Qi. However, it only flashed once before his big palm ruthlessly slapped Xiao Chou's tiny face. Moreover, it was accompanied by a deafening roar, as if a thunderbolt from the sky struck there.

Chen Xiang had utilized sufficient strength on the Shocking Heaven Palm, moreover, it was also carrying a vigorous lightning power. Such strength was enough to topple mountains. Watching Chen Xiang so casually cast such violent palm technique, everyone was aghast.

Xiao Chou was mistaken, Chen Xiang was not only faster than before, he was stronger too, and attacked even more ruthlessly. On his tender white cheek appeared a red palm imprint, a drop of blood also trickled down from the corner of his mouth. Xiao Chou was boiling in anger, his chest was as if a volcano was ready to erupt. Even he had to burn himself up to defeat Chen Xiang, he would not hesitate to.

Chen Xiang had directly slapped his face, which was the worst action to hurt someone self-esteem. Normally in any fight, very few people would hit the other's face, most would go for the head. Seemingly Chen Xiang had intentionally done so.

"Chen Xiang, I'm gonna kill you!" Xiao Chou growled in anger. His young and tender voice became hoarse as a duck, his pair of eyes turned red in anger, blue veins were bulging on his forehead, and his muscles swelled which gave him a grim appearance; now he was like an angry wild beast.

Suddenly, Xiao Chou's thin body trembled as a White Qi fiercely exploded from his body. Xiao Chou once again let out a furious roar, the square suddenly started shaking.

The anger had allowed Xiao Chou to tap into the hidden strength in his body, the frightening potential of the Ancient Herculean Family! Even the Deans who were watching this were incomparably shocked, this kind of frightening potential made them feel threatened. If Xiao Chou grew up, for sure he would become one extremely powerful guy, it would be absolutely difficult to find a rival in the same level.

"Fuck, he sure is as formidable as the old mad man had stated. Is this the awakening of power of the Herculean Family?" Chen Xiang was unexpectedly laughing. Anyone could see that because of his anger Xiao Chou was erupting with a fearsome power than the usual, while Chen Xiang not only had no ounce of tension, on the contrary he was laughing.

Is he laughing? Many people thought that he had some loose screw!

Previously Huang Jintian was boasting to Chen Xiang that he had taught lessons to many martial artists of Herculean Family. Furthermore, he also suggested to Chen Xiang that if he wanted to truly anger a Herculean Family member, the quickest was to hit them on the face ruthlessly and that too in front of many people.

However, this would make the Herculean Family member enter a crazed state, in which their strength would soar a couple more times; which would be extremely frightening.

"Little rascal, quickly slap him! It's a very good opportunity. Didn't your mad teacher said that after they are furious, they would erupt with a stronger power? However, while their power is increasing they will also come to a standstill; which is their weak point. You must seize this opportunity!" Long Xueyi hastily shouted. She very much abhorred the Herculean Family.

Chen Xiang smiled whilst he rush forward like a lightning bolt. On his pair of arms appeared a layer of lightning net. Everyone was shocked by the terrifying power erupting from Xiao Chou. But once again a deafening explosion rang as Xiao Chou's cheek was once again ruthlessly slapped by Chen Xiang.

The strength behind this slap was not any lower than the previous slap. However, once this slap landed upon Xiao Chou's cheek, as Xiao Chou was about to fly, he was once again pulled back as if there was some kind of force pulling him back to Chen Xiang, which was once again followed by another slap; and once again a glaring electric aura flashed.

This time, Chen Xiang's violent and continuous Shocking Heaven Palm was carrying lighting. Under Chen Xiang's onslaught, Xiao Chou fell into a peculiar state in which he was unable to control his body, he could only helplessly watch as his body was constantly ravaged by Chen Xiang.

This was precisely the weak point of Herculean Family; even Xiao Chao was completely oblivious to this. Furthermore, it was only useful for those members of Herculean Family who had never experienced the awakening of strength.

A White Qi constantly emerged from Xiao Chou's body, this was the aura overflowing due to the increase in his strength. It was rather powerful, but he could not fight back.

Xiao Chou's both cheeks had been slapped with armageddon like might, everyone could not help but feel a burning sensation on their own cheeks, let alone Xiao Chou.

Witnessing this, Xiao Ziliang was secretly grinding his teeth. He had realized that Chen Xiang had intentionally angered Xiao Chou, and then the moment his strength was awakened he had been fervently attacked.

"Brother Xiang is really ruthless!" Xue Xianxian slightly frowned. She had rarely watched Chen Xiang's fights. Now that she got to watch how overbearing Chen Xiang was, she realized why Chen Xiang had refused to fight her before.

"This is so gratifying! Brother is too good, I must have a bout with brother sometime!" Leng Youlan said in excitement. This made Xue Xianxian and Liu Menger speechless. Even after witnessing how strong Chen Xiang was, she unexpectedly wanted to fight with Chen Xiang!

Witnessing Chen Xiang's wild onslaught on Xiao Chou's cheeks, everyone gasped in unison! In particular, those guys who had once been defeated by Xiao Chou. Before, they all believed that no one could win against Xiao Chou, but now Chen Xiang had subverted their cognition.

There was no shred of a doubt that Chen Xiang was extremely strong. But no one could exactly see his cultivation. Some believed that he was in 9th level of the True Martial Realm, but he was just twenty or so years old, which made it difficult for them to accept. It was well known that Chen Xiang was in 5th or 6th level of True Martial Realm, which was rather easier to accept.

However, under such cultivation, Xiao Chou was unable to fight back even after being a member of the Herculean Family!

"This little monster can really take a beating!" Chen Xiang slightly frowned. Suddenly, both his arms were wrapped in some lava-like stuff. Subsequently, a scalding hot Qi erupted from his body which continued to impact the barrier.

At this moment, Chen Xiang's pair of arms were as if they had been casted from molten iron, they appeared to be extremely terrifying. Even more scary was that after Chen Xiang's Shocking Heaven Palm landed upon Xiao Chuo's cheek, not only had it erupted with a flash of lightning, the subsequent impact was no different than a meteorite crash which gave rose to an intense heat wave one after another.

All of Chen Xiang's strike landed directly upon Xiao Chou's cheek. Nevertheless, Xiao Chou still continued to roar. Apparently, Xiao Chou's defense was very tough!

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