World Defying Dan God - Chapter 357

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From the very beginning, this fight was completely led by Chen Xiang. And his subsequent onslaught made everyone lose their breath!

"Is this the strongest young martial artist of the Chenwu Mainland? That's completely crazy, this guy is a madman, he is not human!" A youth from the other mainland murmured.

"And I even wanted to challenge him before! If he had hit me that much, I'm afraid I would have keeled over already!" A man said with a completely horrified look. Chen Xiang's thunderbolt like offense made every young martial artist from overseas scalp tingle. They have already realized the conclusion of their fight with Chen Xiang!

And of course, Xiao Chou had also shocked them. Much to everyone's surprise, under such a violent onslaught, he could still utter such heartbreaking screams. If it was someone else, perhaps not even an ounce of a dreg would have left.

"How about I lend you my power? Get rid of this little rascal with the strongest strength!" Long Xueyi anxiously said she was itching to get in action.

"No need, I can do it myself!"

A frown appeared on Chen Xiang's glabella because Xiao Chou's strength was still soaring. If he could not finish the fight before Xiao Chou's awakening was finished, he would enter an arduous battle.

Sensing the power emanating from Xiao Chou gradually weakening, Chen Xiang knew, Xiao Chou's awakening was about to be completed. He hardened his heart and let out a thunderous shout; soon after an intense aura overflowed from his body, powerful waves of energy whistled to every direction. Much to everyone's surprise, the strength emanating from Chen Xiang was no weaker than Xiao Chou's.

Watching such energy erupting from Chen Xiang, everyone freaked out. Chen Xiang was already formidable, yet he was still able to rouse his strength, this scared the hell out of everybody!

Chen Xiang was not rousing his strength but casting some kind of a powerful martial technique. Suddenly the sky turned dark as it was densely covered in dark clouds. The clouds swell as a tyrannical Spirit Qi gathered above the square; the friction between the clouds gave birth to lightning one after another.

Suddenly the square was shrouded in a layer of darkness which was accompanied by the flashes of lightning! The onlooking Deans could not help but have a scare; last time, in the Fragrance City, he also came up with such move which had rendered Xiao Chou unconscious. Not to mention, that move had ravaged the square there.

"Young Martial Uncle! I'm not going to get any compensation, please have mercy!" Gu Dongchen upon witnessing the billowing dark clouds in the sky groaned in his heart.

Liu Menger grabbed Xiu Xianxian and Leng Youlan; apparently, she was preparing to jump. Last time, she had witnessed Chen Xiang's earthshaking strike from the sky. She cannot forget that scene. In particular, that majestic White Dragon whilst it charged towards the ground, it made her feel as if the world was about to end.

Everyone who had witnessed that scene was all preparing to jump. There were many such people in the square because that move had nearly buried them, they didn't want to get buried a second time.

Obviously, Chen Xiang was not going to be casting the Furious Dragon's Retribution. Currently, he was in no condition to cast that move, he didn't have enough Spiritual Energy, and also he would have to rely on Long Xueyi's power. He was casting the Thunderbolt Cut!

It was a move from the Dragon Slayer's Seven Killing Cut. It was a very powerful move, last time using this move coupled with the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade as well as Long Xueyi's strength, Chen Xiang had killed a 9th level True Martial Realm, the Lu Family Elder.

For the first time he was going to cast this move without the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, but instead using his arm as a blade! He rarely did such because it required time to gather lightning, furthermore, he also needed to draw support from the lightning force and let the lightning channel through his body and finally transform it into power and release it outside of his body.

Xiao Ziliang could not wait to rush over and stop Chen Xiang, but he knew Gu Dongchen would definitely not let him. He could only helplessly watch Chen Xiang as he once again cast an earth shattering move. What gave him a slight pleasure was that this time it would be the Extreme Martial Sect's square which was going to be destroyed, and he did not need to compensate for this.

"Chen Xiang, you are so dead! Ha ha..." Xiao Chou's voice suddenly reverberated; a white light flashed from his tiny fist as a terrifying power surged out.

Xiao Chou's awakening of strength was complete! Earthshaking waves of power were released from his body, making everyone choke.

Chen Xiang immediately brandished his palm to counterattack Xiao Chou's oncoming fist!

Lightning and fire combined with the Shocking Heaven Palm clashed with the Herculean Divine Fist after the awakening of Xiao Chou's strength, the resulting explosion from the clash gave off the impression that space was about to collapse! The subsequent powerful recoil sent Chen Xiang as well as Xiao Chou both into flying, while a tremor ran through the ground from the shockwave produced from a moment ago.

Xiao Chou spewed a mouthful of blood, he had suffered a couple thousands of Shocking Heaven Palms; he was not lightly injured, and now he was once again subjected to such a powerful rebound, he had been holding back the blood somehow, but now because of further injuries he couldn't hold back and spewed that writhing blood.

Chen Xiang also felt sweet in his throat, but he forcefully swallowed the surging blood!


Suddenly, in the sky a few dozen thunder simultaneously rang, tens of lightning like net suddenly came down. Xiao Chou was startled upon witnessing this; it was the power of nature, he, of course, had to avoid it. If his body was struck by it, the consequence could be disastrous.

Lightning was naturally very fast which rendered anyone unable to resist. When everyone saw lightning coming down, they all subconsciously thought that it would strike Xiao Chou because this lightning was produced by Chen Xiang's move. But much to everyone's surprise, every bit of lightning was gathered on Chen Xiang's body.

In that moment, everyone was stupefied! Someone was struck by so many lightning, it would be a wonder if he would not vanish into a puff of smoke!

In that very moment, Liu Menger and the others' mind went blank, they all believed that Chen Xiang was finished!

The instant that countless lightning fell on Chen Xiang's body, everyone including Xiao Chou felt that time had stopped. They all thought that Chen Xiang was finished, they believed that Chen Xiang was unable to control those bolts of lightning.

But after that moment, everyone was once again shocked by Chen Xiang. Much to everyone's dismay, Chen Xiang was alright, his entire body was wrapped in wild and dazzling lightning. As he raised his arm high towards the sky, hideous blue veins started bulging on his forehead one after another. He let out a roar and suddenly his arm swelled as if a big river was about to flow out of his arm.

Thunderbolt Cut! It was as fierce as a thunderbolt!

Just as everyone reacted to the moment Chen Xiang was hacked by lightning, Chen Xiang had used his arm as a blade and hacked towards the far away Xiao Chou. A wild lightning immediately surged out from his arm and transformed into a Powerful Qi that was accompanied by a dragon's furious roar as it charged towards Xiao Chou.

This was nature's lightning power whose might was boundless. After Chen Xiang mobilized the abstruse principle of Dragon Martial Technique, it was transformed into a Powerful Qi which made it, even more, stronger.

In just a blink of an eye, an irresistible Powerful Qi flashed in a dazzling electric aura which crashed into Xiao Chou and was soon followed by bloodcurdling shrieks of Xiao Chou. The Heaven and the Earth once again calmed down.

Xiao Chou flew out and fell on the ground. And on the ground, a deep gully appeared from the impact of the Thunderbolt Cut which further crashed into the barrier; the barrier was almost smashed into nothing!

Chen Xiang slightly sighed. He was a little tired but his breathing was still smooth, evidently, he still had strength to spare!

Obviously, he had only mobilized the Azure Dragon True Qi and the Vermillion Bird True Qi, there was still three kinds of attribute True Qi left unused! This was also the reason why Xiao Ziliang and the others were feeling surprised.

This time Xiao Chou had not fainted, he was still able to move. He very difficulty raised his head and looked at Chen Xiang with a look of admiration in his eyes. He had lost twice in the hands of Chen Xiang; he was truly impressed by Chen Xiang's strength.

"I... I admit defeat!" Xiao Chou said with difficulty. It was not because he was injured but he had never thought that he would say such a thing.

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