World Defying Dan God - Chapter 358

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As Xiao Chou threw in the towel, Chen Xiang slightly smiled and left.

Xiao Chou was lying on the ground facing the sky. He was seriously injured. Although he was able to awaken his strength, it had been simply shattered under the Chen Xiang's Thunderbolt Cut.

Chen Xiang took out a little bit of Hell Spirit Grass and shoved it into Xiao Chou's tiny little mouth.

Anyone with good eyesight among the audience could easily discern that it was Hell Spirit Grass. This made many burst into exclamation one by one, admiring Chen Xiang's behavior. He even gave this kind of sacred herb to his opponent, this sort of magnanimity made many Nirvana Realm martial artists secretly nod in appreciation!

Soon after swallowing down the Hell Spirit Grass, Xiao Chou recovered enough of his strength for him to stand up.

"Humph!" Xiao Chou coldly snorted, but he soon followed up with a word of gratitude in low voice, "Thank you!"

"In the end, you are still just a little monster! You can not beat me." Chen Xiang laughed while he pressed his arm on Xiao Chou's little head. This made Xiao Chou clench his fist and stare at Chen Xiang.

"Chen Xiang, I want to worship you as my teacher!" Xiao Chou shouted suddenly which made the laughing Chen Xiang suddenly stop as though he had suddenly eaten a fly.

Meanwhile Xiao Ziliang, who was rushing towards Xiao Chou, suddenly halted his footsteps with his mouth agape.

Everyone was once again dumbfounded. Much to everyone's surprise, Xiao Chou wanted to take Chen Xiang as his teacher. What kind of request was this? Anyone could see that after Xiao Chou had undergone the awakening, he was almost as strong as Chen Xiang. He could be said to be at the same level as Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang’s strength was far from enough to become his teacher.

After blankly staring for a while, Xue Xianxian started giggling, "Little guy, later you should call me missus."

"Does that mean he’s going to call me martial aunt?" Leng Youlan also felt it was a little interesting. Furthermore, her eyes shone with an intelligent gleam. Liu Menger knew what she was thinking — She was definitely thinking of taking Xiao Chou often for spars.

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming both started secretly deliberating. If Xiao Chou became Chen Xiang's student, then they would be his peers, he would become their junior brother! They were somewhat dumbfounded. No one had expected that things would develop like this.

Xiao Chou suddenly knelt down and knocked a few times on the ground, furthermore, his each knock was very heavy that drew a large crater on the ground.

"Teacher!" Xiao Chou directly shouted, as he completely disregarded whether Chen Xiang was going to agree or not.

Chen Xiang swallowed a mouthful of saliva; this was going to his second apprentice whose strength was comparable to his.

"Aren't... aren't you from the Free Immortal Sea? Now you are worshipping me as your teacher, isn’t this a little inappropriate?" Chen Xiang looking at Xiao Ziliang said.

"No. Uncle Xiao just promised me that he will arrange battle for me. I only fought for the Free Immortal Sea, I never actually entered the Free Immortal Sea." Xiao Chou replied. At this moment, he was looking at Chen Xiang without any ounce of hatred in his eyes.

Xiao Chou's attitude took a big turn which made it Chen Xiang difficult to accept for a while. However, he remembered Huang Jintian say that 'once the Herculean Family guy firmly believed in you, that day would be your lucky day'!

Chen Xiang eyes turn bright as he slightly smiled and said, "Ok then! Are you going to join the Extreme Martial Sect? Same sect as your teacher's."

Gu Dongchen was secretly elated. Another monstrous talent was going to be added to the Extreme Martial Sect, and it was one from the Herculean Family!

Xiao Ziliang had a bitter look on his face. Xiao Chou was a rare good seedling whom he had found after searching for a long time. Although he had not officially entered the Free Immortal Sea, Xiao Ziliang was confident that one day he could hoodwink Xiao Chou into joining his sect. But Xiao Ziliang had never expected that Xiao Chou would be seized by Chen Xiang.

"Not a problem! Teacher, please once again accept your apprentice's salute!" While speaking, Xiao Chou immediately knelt down once again and fiercely kowtowed. The entire square shook for a bit. At this time, many woke up from their stupor and burst into exclamations. Such a scene was rare. In the near future, such a master and apprentice could roam freely in the entire Mortal World.

Wu Kaiming walked over with a big grin on his face, "Little guy, you are still seriously injured, follow me to recuperate. Come, I will show you the Extreme Martial Sect!"

Chen Xiang said, "It's okay, follow his arrangement, he is an Elder there! If you want to be my apprentice, you need to listen to him. You can not act like before!"

Xiao Chou was somewhat reluctant but still nodded his head before he leaving with Wu Kaiming.

The fight was over. Everyone left with a variety of moods. Today's battle had been completely etched into their memories. Although it was just a fight between True Martial Realm martial artists, it still brought them a great deal of surprise. Especially Chen Xiang, they firmly etched this name into their hearts!

"Xiao Ziliang, how about you return to the Extreme Martial Sect and sit down for a while with us!" Gu Dongchen smiled and said.

Xiao Ziliang coldly snorted but still followed Gu Dongchen to the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm. Chen Xiang also followed behind them.

Leng Youlan also wanted to chase after them, but in the end, she left with Liu Menger. She knew that in the future she could play with Xiao Chou.

Inside the Extreme Martial sect, Xiao Ziliang drank a glass of wine and heaved a long sigh. It seemed as if he suddenly become much older.

"I used to fight the old mad man, and now I am similarly fighting with his apprentice." Xiao Ziliang sighed mournfully. At this moment, he could not hate Chen Xiang because he knew there were still many more things left to deal with, such as the approaching catastrophe.

Gu Dongchen smiled and asked, "Do you want to meet him?"

A look of horror appeared on Xiao Ziliang's face, “Hell no!"

"Useless, I often go look for him!" Chen Xiang said in a despising tone. Naturally, he was unafraid of Xiao Ziliang, especially after he got to see how much Xiao Ziliang dreaded Huang Jintian.

Apparently, Xiao ZIliang seemed to have encountered Huang Jintian's insane methods.

"No wonder you are so abnormal!" Xiao Ziliang heart leaped. He had quite a bit of understanding in regards to Huang Jintian. Naturally, he was aware of how Huang Jintian would teach his apprentice.

Gu Dongchen smiled and asked, "Xiao Ziliang, will you continue to work with us?"

"Humph, in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm, didn't you kill a few of my Free Immortal Sea's Nirvana Realm martial artists? You have made me lose too much, what do you have to say about that?" Xiao Ziliang turned angry the instant he mentioned this matter.

"Haha, why don't you talk about the matter them trying to kill me? At that time, we three tycoons of the Extreme Martial Sect were almost on death's door. If Young Martial Uncle had not arrived at the opportune moment and taken action, perhaps the old madman might have already annihilated your Free Immortal Sea." Gu Dongchen sneered.

Xiao Ziliang looked at Chen Xiang, he was shocked. Thinking about this matter, he just remembered that Chen Xiang was able to use his True Qi in the Black Tortoise Mysterious Realm. If so, then the Nirvana Realm elders had probably all been killed by Chen Xiang!

Obviously, Tang Yichao, who had returned alive, would never mention this to anyone because it was far too shameful; he didn't dare to mention this.

"Impossible, I had told them they could never to resort to ruthless hands!" Xiao Ziliang said with certainty. He was well aware of the consequences if Gu Dongchen and the others died. Huang Jintian's retribution was nothing to joke about, the old madman had always been one of strongest power of the Extreme Martial Sect.

"How would you know? Do you think I wanted to kill them? At that time, it was them who attacked in the most fearsome and gruesome manner. They had probably been encouraged by the True Martial Sect and the Beast Martial Sect. You better go and ask Tang Yichao to clarify this matter!" Chen Xiang said.

Upon hearing Chen Xiang say so, Xiao Ziliang was secretly feeling helpless. At such a young age, Chen Xiang had already killed so many Nirvana Realm martial artists. Who in the world was going to believe this?

If they have truly been killed by Chen Xiang, what could Xiao Ziliang do? He dreaded the consequences he would have to face if he did something to Chen Xiang.

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