World Defying Dan God - Chapter 360

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At this time, Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian too realized the gravity of the situation. If only the Chenwu Mainland was going to be defending at the start of the Great Battle with the Demon and Devil World, then the end could be imagined.

Just a single Chenwu Mainland resisting the two Demon and Devil World? This was simply throwing an egg against the rock.

"Teacher, aren't there still those small mainlands? Haven't they arrived!" Xue Xianxian said.

Liu Menger shook her head and said, "Yes, they have come, but you can't say they have truly arrived of their own volition, they have all been sent! Even if they came, it will be far from enough. A hundred thousand years ago, the entire Mortal Martial World had exhausted itself to resist the Demon and Devils. Only then was it possible to save so many mainlands!"

"The Mortal Martial World has four sea domains pertaining to the east, west, north and south. Each sea domain has no less than ten mainlands as strong as our Chenwu Mainland. Furthermore, there are some which are even stronger than the Chenwu Mainland. You are still very young and have not traveled to other mainlands. If you had, you would come to know that sects like Extreme Martial Sect are simply nothing in front of these forces!"


Chen Xiang was having a difficult time understanding this. After all, Extreme Martial Sect's Gu Donghen was a Nirvana Realm martial artists who had crossed eight tribulations. He could be regarded as a martial artist standing at the apex of the Mortal World.

"How can it be nothing?" Chen Xiang still could not believe it.

Liu Menger said, "Does Chenwu Mainland have any sect with more than a thousand True Martial Realm disciples? Do we have a sect with about ten Perishing Golden Body-level elders?"

Perishing Golden Body level, it was the Nirvana Realm martial artists who had crossed the seventh tribulation, a sect having as many as ten! Their strength could only be imagined! More than a thousand True Martial Realm martial artists, that was ten times as much as the Extreme Martial Sect. If there was truly a sect like this, it was indeed a lot stronger than the Extreme Martial Sect!

"Why didn’t these sects come? Isn't it better to block the Demons and Devils here? Once the Demons and Devils start invading and if they scatter to other mainlands, wouldn't it endanger many mainlands." Chen Xiang asked in a powerless voice. He already knew he was an insignificant character, but he didn't expect that in the world he was living would actually have so many powerful figures stronger than the Extreme Martial Sect.

"A hundred thousand years back it was indeed so, but men are not what they were in the times of long ago. Now, everyone clears away the snow only in front of their door, how can they still be like before?" Liu Menger snorted, she too was feeling helpless in this matter.

"If so, once the Demons and Devils start invading, isn't our Chenwu Mainland completely finished?" Chen Xiang clenched his fists. Chenwu Mainland was the home of countless civilians!

"En, that's why tycoons of various sects are considering to evacuate. Bring the core disciples and enter some Mysterious Realm to take refuge inside! If not, they will all be exterminated."

Now, Chen Xiang knew why Gu Dongchen and Xiao Ziliang didn't let him know about this. If the disciples came to know about this or if this information was to spread to the civilians and they wanted to evacuate too, certainly, the entire Chenwu Mainland would be in a state of chaos.

"Chen Xiang, do you know this fierce battle is going to continue for at least a hundred years. Only relying on the forces of the Chenwu Mainland, it would simply impossible to resist for so long!"

Liu Menger knew what Chen Xiang must have been feeling at this moment. After all, they had to give up their homeland to survive. They were simply letting their homeland be trampled by these Demons and Devils; many civilians would be killed in this catastrophe. At that time, a river of blood was going to flow in the Chenwu Mainland, it would simply become a hell in the human world!

Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, both were dispirited. It was simply the worst for them. They were martial artists and the will of martial arts way was precisely to cut the demons, eliminate the devils because according to the legends; in the ancient period, the demons, devils and the humankind all resided in the same world. At that time, the humans were weak, while the demons and devils were innately powerful. All humankind had been enslaved by them. Some humans could not take it lying down, so they created the road of martial arts to resist the demons and devils and also get rid of any adverse situation they might face in the future. They wished to go against the heavens and create a world of their own.

Chen Xiang with a broken-heart returned to the Extreme Martial Sect. He tended to his herb garden and left the Extreme Dan King Courtyard for the forbidden area.

He wanted to see his teacher. When he became his apprentice, Huang Jintian had told him a lot about the will of martial arts way. He could still remember it very clearly.

Huang Jintian was surprised to see Chen Xiang return so quickly. Looking at the crestfallen Chen Xiang, he didn't torture him and directly asked the reason for his dispirited mood.

After Huang Jintian came to know the reason, he started laughing.

Listening to Huang Jintian's insane laughter, Chen Xiang felt doubtful.

"Teacher, why are you laughing? Is it very funny?" Chen Xiang asked.

"Little Rascal, you are too tender! This is certainly very funny. If someone goes against their martial arts will, they will be finally abandoned by the martial arts way, they will not have a good end! That's why no matter what happens, you firmly stick to your belief. Use the martial arts you have learned to fight till death!" Huang Jintian laughed and said.

Since childhood, Chen Xiang held the martial arts way in awe and veneration because the martial arts way was extremely strong and could allow people to obtain strength, enable them to break space and ascend to the Heavenly Realm! No one knew who created the martial arts way everywhere or when it began. Many didn't seem to care about it and, over time, the sacred will of martial arts way was slowly forgotten. That was why many people who had obtained strength through cultivating in the way of martial arts did things which were contrary to the will of the martial arts way.

"It seems in the eastern sea only the Chenwu Mainland almost remain unconquered! There is definitely some vicious guys manipulating the others from behind. Let me think, the eastern sea guys will definitely not be so stupid, they must know it would not do them any good if the Chenwu Mainland fall!" Huang Jintian stroked his long beard, his as-deep-as-sea eyes glistened in an aura of wisdom. He was in the course of thinking about this.

Chen Xiang knew his teacher was very formidable. At this moment, he was even more determined to stick to his belief till the end! Otherwise the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade fused with his body would not forgive him, he felt the Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, the Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor, these divine weapons were forged in light with the will of martial arts way, and the same was true for the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise or any other divine exercises!

If he went against the will of martial arts way, these divine exercises and divine weapons would abandon him!

Huang Jintian suddenly sneered. His face unexpectedly revealed a trace of anger. This was the very first time he had seen his teacher angry. This made him shudder, even though Huang Jintian was only slightly angry.

"It must be the doing of those bastards! Brat you can leave now, you don't need to worry about this for long. The Chenwu Mainland is not going to be finished! Tell Little Featherhead that he doesn’t need to worry about any forces, he can deal with this in his own way!" Huang Jintian spoke while grabbing Chen Xiang and gave him a kick, kicking him out of the pit.

Chen Xiang cursed several times before quickly leaving this place. He would like to go down but he knew if he went again, he must suffer torture for a good several months before he could leave that hell hole.

When Chen Xiang arrived at the Extreme Dan King Courtyard he unexpectedly found Wu Qianqian sitting at the entrance. She looked anxious. Noticing Chen Xiang was back, she quickly said, "Chen Xiang, Yao Haisheng is beaten and is seriously injured!"

"What? Who was it?" Chen Xiang was furious, he yelled. He clenched his fists, which gave off a series of cracking of joints.

Yao Haisheng was his apprentice. Although they used have to some disagreements, they get along very well now. Whenever he has the time, he would guide Yao Haisheng in alchemy. Now someone had beaten his apprentice, that was simply equal to hitting him in the face.

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