World Defying Dan God - Chapter 361

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Wu Qianqian too wasn't aware of the exact details. Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong told her to quickly bring Chen Xiang.

Chen Xiang followed Wu Qianqian to the King Martial Courtyard inside where only Yun Xiaodao and the group were present. Wu Kaiming and Gu Dongchen, were both not here.

Inside a room, with a pale complexion, Yao Haisheng was lying on the bed. His breath was very weak, apparently, he had suffered a very serious injury.

Witnessing such an appearance of Yao Haisheng, Chen Xiang immediately took out a piece of Hell Spirit Grass and fed it inside Yao Haisheng's mouth. Although Yao Haisheng was an alchemist, in the same level, he could not be considered as a weak opponent. Such serious injuries were only possible if he had been besieged by many people or beaten by a very strong person till he was injured.

"Did you report it to Elders?" Chen Xiang asked.

"We did, they just gave us a few dans. But those Elders dared not to take action against them." Yun Xiaodao looked completely furious.

Zhu Rong sneered, "Who would have thought that our Extreme Martial Sect's Elders would actually be so good-for-nothing. They had been so scared by those few guys who were just in the 7th level of the True Martial Realm that they would not even dare to fart in front of them. Fuck, those guys are making me angry! It's alright that they didn't even dare to fart, but when we were planning on going they even stopped us."

In the King Martial Courtyard, Hao Dongqing and Yao Haisheng were Elders for the young disciples. However, they socialized with Yun Xiaodao and the group and were very familiar with each other.

Lian Mingdong said, "Uncle Hao was blamed and was taken away by the Elders. If it was Elder Wu, he would absolutely not do such a thing!"

Wu Kaiming had taken Xiao Chou to recuperate. They didn't even know where he was. As for Gu Dongchen, he was discussing some important things with Xiao Ziliang. There was no need to mention about Elder Dan, god knows where she was. Chen Xiang too had not seen her for a very long while.

"Tell me exactly what happened!" Chen Xiang slightly took a breath. He knew that the people who had injured Yao Haisheng were extraordinary, or else the Extreme Martial Sect's Elders would not be so scared of them.

"Uncle Yao is awake, you can ask him!" Xu Weilong said.

Yao Haisheng felt his body recovering at an astonishing speed. When he noticed that Chen Xiang was here, he immediately knew that Chen Xiang must have given him the Hell Spirit Grass!

"Teacher!" Yao Haisheng gratefully shouted.

"Tell me who beat you up, and what happened!" Chen Xiang asked, his complexion was very calm. But those who were familiar with him all knew that he was very furious inside. It is also the time when he was reckless, in this state he would even dare to go against the world.

Yao Haisheng heaved a long sigh, "It was a group of seven people dressed in golden robes. They were extremely strong and extremely arrogant as well !"

"In the Trading Square, I found a spirit herb that looked like a black stone..."

"Black Wood, a spirit herb used for refining high-grade profound level dan. It is very precious!" Chen Xiang said. With regards to spirit herbs, his knowledge was vast.

The Trading Square was a place where people came from various places and set their stalls. Many liked to go this place. Sometimes if one’s luck is good, one could find a very precious thing just by spending a very meager sum.

No doubt, Yao Haisheng found the Black Wood.

"Right, my Black Wood could at least sell for 30 million crystal stones. The teacher should know of its value!"

Chen Xiang nodded his head. The Black Wood was a very strange wood; it could be used as a spirit herb or be used to refine an equipment that could calm one’s mind. Furthermore, when refining a high-grade profound level dan, as long as a rice grain size of Black Wood was added to the furnace, it would add an effect of promoting one's divine sense. It was incredibly precious.

"When I arrived at the entrance of the Extreme Marital Sect after buying the Black Wood, I was attacked by seven gold robe wearing individuals. In just a short span of time, they had beaten me to the point where I suffered some serious injuries. By the time some of the Elders, and Xiaodao and the group arrived, I was already unconscious. They in order to rob the Black Wood did this in front of so many Extreme Martial Sect disciples. They directly snatched my storage pouch!"

Yao Haisheng was extremely furious. He tightly clenched the futon.

Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong, and the others were all angry as well.

"Boss, let's go and beat those few bastards who injured Uncle Yao. Otherwise, for what did, I became powerful!" Blue veins had already appeared on Lei Xionglin's forehead as he angrily said.

"Elder Brother Chen, let's go! No matter how big the background of those guys is, I'm with you! Tit for tat! We must rob back Uncle Yao's stuff," Yun Xiaodao took out a sword and tightly clasped its hilt.

Usually, Zhu Rong was timid, but now he too didn't show any weakness, "Not only we must rob it back, we must also pummel them to the ground!"

"I will also go!" Wu Qianqian said. Usually, she would socialize with them, she too had feelings, she could not just sit back and watch.

Xu Weilong, Lei Zhong, Lian Mingdong, all of them nodded their head in succession.

"If at that time we were all here, we could have saved Uncle Yao, but we were stopped by a few Elders!" Xu Weilong's voice was incomparably cold, this was also the reason why everyone was so furious.

"Ok, let's go!" Chen Xiang faintly smiled, his eyes flashed with a sliver of ruthlessness.

Yao Haisheng was very moved. He did not want Chen Xiang and the group to take any risks because those people had mysterious and powerful backgrounds. Or else why would several Elders of Extreme Martial Sect be afraid of them.

However, no matter what Yao Haisheng said, Chen Xiang and the group did not pay any attention to him; left the room and closed the door.

As they arrived at the courtyard, they noticed an old man was bringing Xiao Chou over.

"Elder Wu?" Chen Xiang in his heart was elated. If Xiao Chou, this little monster was added to their group, he would naturally be not afraid of anything.

"He said he needed to find the Dean to discuss some important matter, so he made this old man bring him here." Xiao Chou looked at Chen Xiang and respectfully said. Now he would even prostrate before Chen Xiang in admiration.

After the old man left, Chen Xiang said in a serious tone, "Little rascal, your senior brother is lying inside that room. His things had been stolen by some guys and they had also seriously injured him. What do you think, how should we deal with them?"

Xiao Chou was definitely not an idiot. Witnessing the complexion of everyone behind Chen Xiang, he knew that Chen Xiang was about to have a big fight. And Xiao Chou very much like fighting, for sure he was going to support this approach.

"What about it? Whatever they did to my senior brother, we should do the same! Teacher, count me in! I have almost recovered from my injuries!" Xiao Chou's face was filled with ruthlessness.

Only now did Chen Xiang noticed that Xiao Chou was absent of his towering braid, and instead had become completely bald.

"What happened to your hair? Did Elder Wu shaved you?" Chen Xiang caressed his tiny bald head.

"He said my braid was too arrogant, he made me shaved it off!" Xiao Chou pouted his lips. Apparently, it was done against his wish.

Chen Xiang secretly despised Wu Kaiming, that old baldy; he unexpectedly removed that cute towering braid.

Noticing Xiao Chou's arrival, Yun Xiaodao and the group were even more excited. He made them even more courageous. However they also knew that they would not get to have their share of fighting, maybe, Xiao Chou would settle everything alone.

"Let's go!" Chen Xiang with everyone walked out of the King Martial Courtyard. After Yao Haisheng was injured, Zhu Rong immediately started investigating where they lived and found out their room of residence in the city.

When they were just about to walk out of the Extreme Martial Sect's entrance, suddenly four old men flew over. They were all Extreme Martial Sect's Elder. Chen Xiang immediately knew these must be the Elder who had stopped Yun Xiaodao and the group.

"You can not annoy those people!" An Elder coldly said. Even if Chen Xiang was here, he didn't place him in the eyes.

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