World Defying Dan God - Chapter 363

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"Fucking ingrates!" Chen Xiang sneered as he started walking towards the two Elders.

Just as they were within their reach, a white brilliance emerged from Xiao Chou's body. His body was like an arrow of light that charged at the two Elders. As his pair of fists sent a punch each, two white light flashed out from his tiny fists and transformed into two huge rings of white light and landed upon two Elders.

Whether it was the speed or the strength, Xiao Chou had surprised Chen Xiang. He thought that the current Xiao Chou was very powerful and even if he used all his power, perhaps it would be difficult for him to defeat Xiao Chou again.

Xiao Chou's punches were truly powerful. After he punched out, not only did the two Elders flew out, the subsequent momentum from the fist tore the ground away, thereby creating two gullies.

The four Elders were in the 9th level of the True Martial Realm, yet Chen Xiang and Xiao Chou had so easily dealt with them. Witnessing their strength, Zhu Rong and the group were secretly shocked. just as they wanted to take action, the four elders were already on the ground.

"What happened?" It was Gu Dongchen's voice. Although he was inside the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm, he still paid attention to the outside situations. Let alone, such a large continuous disturbance.

Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, and Xiao Zhiliang simultaneously arrived in front of Chen Xiang and the group and looked at the havoc Chen Xiang and Xiao Chou caused in their wake.

"Did you fight here?" Gu Dongchen said with a frown. He had noticed that the ground was littered with bloodstains, an arm was even lying there. As for the four Elders, they had already flown away somewhere from Chen Xiang and's Xiao Chou's strike.

Wu Kaiming looked around before he suddenly disappeared. In just a few seconds, he had thrown four old men with a painful look on the ground.

Gu Dongchen looked at the four Elders lying on the ground and once again swept a glance at Chen Xiang along with Yun Xiaodao and the group. He could not understand why would Chen Xiang clashed with these four Elders, and from the looks of it, Chen Xiang was furious. He for the very first time had seen Chen Xiang so angry.

"Humph!" Chen Xiang looked at the four old men moaning on the ground and angrily snorted. Then he laid it all one by one about Yao Haisheng to Gu Dongchen and the others.

Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, and Xiao Ziliang’s complexion turned solemn, while Gu Dongchen tightly clenched his fists. With eyes full of murderous aura he looked at the four Elders on the ground.

Seeing that Gu Dongchen was so angry, the four Elders could not help but shudder.

"I have never maltreated you and even made you Elders. I also felt regret that you were not able to breakthrough. But you should be well aware that the fault lies in you. I made you all Elders, even let you receive the generous benefits of an Elder without doing anything. Was it still not enough? Why did you do treat my Extreme Martial Sect's disciple like this!" Gu Dongchen coldly said.

"Dean... we, we were only thinking about the bigger picture, and did not want to provoke the Sacred Light Temple..."

"Bullshit! I think you just wanted to use this little action to please the Sacred Light Temple so that you can enter the Sacred Light Temple! You don't want to provoke the Sacred Light Temple, then what about by Extreme Martial Sect's disciple, why should he get robbed without any reason, or be seriously injured? What about the dignity of my Extreme Martial Sect?" The more Gu Dongchen spoke, the more he got angry. His voice was flooding in anger, his facial features were distorted from anger.

"Furthermore, you let him get robbed as well as get injured by other sect disciples in front of the Extreme Martial Sect's entrance! Get the fuck out!" Gu Dongchen madly roared and waved his arm, smacking all four Elders away as they disappeared into the horizon.

"In accordance with the rules of the Extreme Martial Sect, they need to be executed on the spot. But thinking of the contribution that they had made to the Extreme Martial Sect, I gave them the chance to turn over a new leaf and only expelled them out of Extreme Martial Sect!" Gu Dongchen knew his anger won't do him any good; he restrained his anger. Nevertheless, he still felt that the entire Extreme Martial Sect had been slapped on its face.

"Little Gu, do you really want to go against the Sacred Light Temple?" Xiao Ziliang asked. Chen Xiang now realized that Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming seemed to be aware of the conspiracy of the Sacred Light Temple.

Chen Xiang sneered, "Sacred Light Temple wants to unify the eastern sea, will you sit back and watch them do this? I know that under their rule we will be nothing more than dogs running here and there on their beck and call!"

Listening to Chen Xiang, Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming and Xiao Ziliang were all speechless. They couldn't fathom how Chen Xiang knew all this. They also thought that Chen Xiang was right. They have long been aware of the Sacred Light Temple's ambition.

"Who told you!" Gu Dongchen could not help but ask.

"Forbidden area!" Chen Xiang snorted. Huang Jintian never told him this, it was all based on the analysis of Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou as well as some speculation from his conversation with Liu Menger.

From Gu Dongchen's and Xiao Ziliang's complexion, Chen Xiang knew that their guesses were not far off from the truth.

"What did that old madman say?" Gu Dongchen using the divine sense asked Chen Xiang.

"He told me to tell you that you don't need to be afraid of any forces, you should act accordingly with your faith." Chen Xiang immediately replied. Huang Jintian had indeed said so.

Gu Dongchen glanced at Xiao Ziliang and nodded his head at Xiao Ziliang, then said, "Elder Wu, we will leave with these little rascals and look for those Sacred Light Temple guys. In case things took a turn for worse we will act!"

Xiao Ziliang harrumphed and said, "I'm not going to follow you into this mad endeavor. I don't have some old madman behind me. I currently don't want to have any clashes with the Sacred Light Temple."

Xiao Ziliang after finished speaking, left. His Free Immortal Sea was still very young and could not afford to toss things around unlike the Extreme Martial Sect who had concealed a large part of its strength.

"Let's go! I presume that you knew where those seven bastards are at! We will show them what we are made of and let them know that our Extreme Martial Sect is nothing that could be trifle with!" Gu Dongchen clenched his fists and proudly said.

Chen Xiang and the group were incredibly surprised because Gu Dongchen had not only not stopped them, he was also planning to join them. The excitement they felt were rushing to their heads.

As far as the Sacred Light Temple was concerned, Yun Xiaodao and the group were all oblivious to it. However, they had heard Chen Xiang say that the Sacred Light Temple wanted to unify some eastern sea, from this they could guess that it was anything far from good. They also didn't ask too much. Although they were quite intimate with Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming, they had always held these two tycoons in awe.

"The Sacred Light Temple is one of the forces of the Sacred Light Continent. The entire Sacred Light Continent is under their control! And the Sacred Light Continent is ten times bigger than our Chenwu Mainland, all the resources there are in the Sacred Light Temple's grasp. Whether it is dans or equipment, all are being controlled by the Sacred Light Temple. The cultivation resources are sold at exorbitant prices, because of which they are raking in plenty of crystal stones and in possession of abundant resources!"

Gu Dongchen along the way informed Chen Xiang and the group about the Sacred Light Continent.

"Many of the martial artists of the Sacred Light Continent are going through a tremendous amount of suffering which can not be expressed in words, even the civilians are not spared! And if somebody is regarded highly by the Sacred Light Temple, he was in luck! Truly powerful martial artists have all been captured by the Sacred Light Temple. If someone disagrees with them, the Sacred Light Temple will use various ways to kill the martial artist or expel them out of the Sacred Light Mainland!"

When Chen Xiang and the group heard this, they could not help but shimmer in anger. The Sacred Light Temple was simply squeezing countless people dry to let a handful of people obtain all the benefits. They were cultivating at someone else’s expense. If so, then all the resources would be grabbed by them and they could foster many powerful martial artists. And then use these very martial artists to suppress the others who wanted to revolt!

And those tycoons of the Sacred Light Temple were getting the most benefit

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