World Defying Dan God - Chapter 364

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If they succumbed to the Sacred Light Temple then maybe the entire Chenwu Mainland too would similarly follow their footsteps.

"The Sacred Light Temple's people in power always felt it was not enough. They were worried that their status would be threatened; so, on one hand, they developed the Sacred Light Temple's strength, while on the other they infiltrated many mainlands overseas and took control of them! Since a long time ago, it had been their ambition. I just did not think that they will so soon rein in other mainlands of the eastern sea."

"If so, then isn't it very hard on the residents of the Sacred Light continent? Will it keep on going?" Wu Qianqian asked.

"No, this is not going to always be so; someday, their sun will set! Any influence similar to devil path sect, sooner or later, will have to perish! This time they had prevented many powerful mainlands from coming and participating in the Heroes Assembly; it's clear that they want us to feel isolated, hoping we would seek refuge with them! They don't want to have any forces in the entire eastern sea to threaten their position!" Wu Kaiming said.

Gu Dongchen smiled, "The Sacred Light Temple was established far later than the Extreme Martial Sect, although, in the fight with the Demons and Devils one-hundred-thousand years ago, they have earned a substantial amount of meritorious service, this time the Sacred Light Temple is unlike before!"

Chen Xiang calmed down upon noticing the smile on Gu Dongchen's face. He realized that Gu Dongchen must still have some ways of escape, especially when it came to the secret strength of the Extreme Martial Sect which when he asked Huang Jintian about, he was only told that it was a secret which can only be revealed to the Extreme Martial Sect's Dean!

Chen Xiang and the group arrived in front of a house. Xiao Chou immediately went forward and kicked the door; thereby smashing the entire door into pieces.

"The mongrels of Sacred Light Temple, get the fuck out and kowtow to admit your mistake." As Chen Xiang shouted, a large mass of azure True Qi spewed out from his mouth which completely wrecked whatever remained of the gate.

This was a bare-naked provocation. When the pedestrians on the street saw Chen Xiang creating trouble, they immediately went far away; because the last time, in the Fragrance City, when Chen Xiang fought with Xiao Chou, he had completely wrecked the entire square. The memories of that scene still haunted them, no one wanted to get affected again.

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming glanced at each other before suddenly disappearing from the scene. They jumped far away and watched everything unfold; if they were here, the Sacred Light Temple would definitely run away. They wanted to publicly teach a lesson to the Sacred Light Temple which would be rendered impossible due to their presence. That was why they wanted Chen Xiang and the group to act.

"Young Martial Uncle, you are allowed to destroy the house, but just the house. The rest is up to you!" When Gu Dongchen left he transmitted the message to Chen Xiang using divine sense.

From the inside, seven people clothed in a gorgeous golden dress walked out. Each and every one of them kept a straight face while their eyes were filled with an ominous gleam. They gave off the impression of a murderer.

"They are nothing, just in 6th and 7th level of the True Martial Realm!" Long Xueyi spoke in disdain.

One of the Sacred Light Temple's disciple shouted in anger, "Who are you? For doing something like this, you are going to pay with your life!"

Just as the man finished speaking, Chen Xiang gave a glance at Xiao Chou. Xiao Chou understood what Chen Xiang wanted him to do; he immediately swooped over, just in half-a-blink of an eye, Xiao Chou's ruthless punch landed upon that man's abdomen. The power behind the punch was extremely strong. As its power invaded that man's body, it violently raged inside, thereby destroying everything within.

The man immediately spewed a mouthful of blood. The dress covering his body was suddenly shredded to pieces as blood, followed by Xiao Chou's strength, gushed out from the pores of his body! The man flew out and crashed into a pillar as he lost his conscience.

It could be said that Xiao Chou went lightly, or else the entire house would have been wrecked. He just crippled the Sacred Light Temple's disciple and nothing else.

"Before this, for the thing, you have robbed in front of the Extreme Martial Sect's entrance you must pay it with your blood!" Chen Xiang had his hand behind his back. Xiao Chou was rather strong. There was already no need for him to get involved. He was very pleased to have such an apprentice.

The remaining six men were even more furious. Much to their surprise, the Extreme Martial Sect's disciples actually dared to move their hands on them.

"Chen Xiang? Xiao Chou?" A Sacred Light Temple's disciples spoke coldly. The fame of these two gave rise to much discussion. For sure, they would recognize them.

At this point, the six golden robed men had been surrounded by Yun Xiaodao and the group. They could not let them escape. Even though they knew they won't have the need to take action, more than that they wanted to teach the disciples of the Sacred Light Temple a lesson.

"Correct, it's us! You have robbed my apprentice and even injured him! I now came to have his revenge as well as take back the thing which you have stolen while crippling all of you! Xiao Chou, attack!"

Once Chen Xiang gave the signal, Xiao Chou once again attacked. Xiao Chou was in the 7th level of the True Martial Realm, his strength was not far from any 9th level True Martial Realm martial artist. Although he looked like a child, he was in not way lacking in any power or speed.

Just as Xiao Chou attacked, Chen Xiang's body trembled slightly. Everyone only felt a burst of dense water attributed True Qi spreading around them as the Sacred Light Temple's disciples suddenly had their body wrapped around by a few water vines; tightly wrapped around their body — making it difficult for them to move.

"If your Extreme Martial Sect is going to act like this, you are looking for your own destruction. Our Sacred Light Temple will not let you off! As far as the Extreme Martial Sect, in the eyes of our Sacred Light Temple, you are nothing more than an ant. You’re definitely going to regret!" A disciple was greatly startled. He involuntarily shouted in a voice full of fear.

Chen Xiang smacked his hand which was followed by a deafening noise. The Sacred Light Temple's disciple let out a blood-curdling scream as he spewed teeth along with blood.

"You want to remain stubborn!" Chen Xiang once again smacked a palm. These Sacred Light Temple's disciple weren't Xiao Chou. Facing Chen Xiang's Shocking Heaven Palm, they were nothing more than tofu.

As Chen Xiang slapped him twice, the Sacred Light Temple's disciple lost all his teeth, but he was not dead. While Xiao Chou, also like Chen Xiang, slapped two other disciples.

"Everybody attack, pummel them to the ground! You don't need to act leniently to guys like these. Do they think they are unmatched in the world? Don't they look down upon my Extreme Martial Sect? I am going to make them pay twice for what they have done. I'm going to completely crush them, letting them know that the dignity of my Extreme Martial Sect is inviolable!"

Chen Xiang's voice was filled with endless Slaughter Qi that even infected Yun Xiaodao and the others. Their punches and kicks filled with their entire strength hailed upon those six Sacred Light Temple's disciples.

Chen Xiang exactly wanted to have this kind of effect. Since the Sacred Light Temple's disciples robbed in broad daylight at the site of Extreme Martial Sect, it was nothing more than an insult for the Extreme Martial Sect. Now, Chen Xiang wanted to make them pay everything back and also let the Sacred Light Temple feel an utmost shame.

In a short while, the six Sacred Light Temple's disciples were heavily injured from everyone's punches and kicks. As Chen Xiang withdrew the water vine, all six keeled over.

"Ruthlessly trample them! Just don't kill them!" While speaking, Chen Xiang fiercely stepped on the Sacred Light Temple's disciples. In doing so, he had undoubtedly declared war with the Sacred Light Temple on behalf of the entire Extreme Martial Sect. This was also supported by Gu Dongchen.

Zhu Rong had already picked up the storage equipment on them. After they found Yao Haisheng's items, they passed it on to Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang didn't need the rest of the stuff as he was not lacking in any of these now.

"Stop!" An angry voice abruptly came as an oppressive pressure like a mountain, which was pressing on their shoulder also fell upon Chen Xiang and the group. It made them feel extremely unbearable.

"Continue!" As Gu Dongchen's calm voice appeared, Chen Xiang and the group had their pressure relieved. They continued to trample upon those six Sacred Light Temple's disciples.

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