World Defying Dan God - Chapter 365

Translated by - Ash

Edited by - Fingerfox

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Gu Dongchen, Wu Kaiming, both appeared behind Chen Xiang and the group, while at the same time, a middle-aged man garbed in a golden robe appeared before Chen Xiang and the group.

Chen Xiang and the group stopped. The six Sacred Light Temple’s disciples had already been beaten black and blue; they were left completely unrecognizable. Although they weren't dead, it would not be wrong to say that they were better off dead.

The middle-aged man of the Sacred Light Temple was extremely strong. Although appearance-wise he looked plain, he had an oppressive aura on him. At this moment, his entire face was distorted from anger as he ferociously glared at Gu Dongchen.

"Gu Dongchen! You're just one Extreme Martial Sect! I'll make you regret this!" The golden robed middle-aged man spoke while grimacing his teeth in anger.

"Qin Zejun, I think you already know that it was your Sacred Light Temple’s disciples who were in the wrong first; we were just taking revenge that's all. It was perfectly justified." Gu Dongchen sneered.

Chen Xiang and the group went behind Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming. If Chen Xiang was not wrong then this golden robed middle-aged man was the Pope of the Sacred Light Temple who was not any weaker than Gu Dongchen.

Qin Zejun looked at the disciples who were on the ground moaning and crying for help, he frowned. He waved his hand and a golden palm burst out and blasted all six disciples that were on the ground; not even a dreg remained of them.

"Disgraceful things!" After Qin Zejun angrily shouted, he looked at Gu Dongchen, "Do you still don't know your own situation?"

Witnessing Qin Zejun vicious act against the disciples of his own sect, Chen Xiang and the group secretly felt goosebumps exploding all over their skin. Now, they didn't have an ounce of goodwill left for the Sacred Light Temple.

"But of course, moreover, I also know that it was your doing!" Gu Dongchen's eyes were filled with murderous intention. He tightly clenched his fists, apparently, he was extremely furious regarding this matter.

Qin Zejun pursed his lips as a ruthless smile appeared on his face, "Gu Dongchen, when the Heroes Assembly is going to convene, as long as the sects of your Chenwu Mainland completely surrender to the Sacred Light Temple, you will still have a way out. Otherwise, you yourself are going to defend this place and deal with those Demons and Devils!"

The Sacred Light Temple wanted to unify the eastern sea under them. Now it seemed that only the Chenwu Mainland was left. If the Chenwu Mainland was rein in by the Sacred Light Temple, perhaps the Chenwu Mainland would be no different than the Sacred Light Continent; it would also turn into a gloomy world.

"Just wait and watch! Your Sacred Light Temple is just a frog in the well. In the Mortal Martial Realm, it's just not your Sacred Light Temple who is the strongest." It appeared that Gu Dongchen had no iota of worry which made Chen Xiang uncertain. He knew that Gu Dongchen had some tricks in the bag, but the Sacred Light Temple had currently unified all the major forces of the eastern sea. The Chenwu Mainland, in front of the Sacred Light Temple, was just an insignificant character.

"Rest assured, sooner or later I will rule the entire Mortal Martial World!" Qin Zejun madly laughed before he turned into a golden light and disappeared from the scene.

Inside the house, there was still a Sacred Light Temple disciple remaining. Chen Xiang and the group also didn't bother to pay any attention to him and followed Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming back to the Extreme Martial Sect.

Chen Xiang followed everyone to the King Martial Courtyard and paid a visit to Yao Haisheng before returning back to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard. He continued on with his usual routine; took care of the herbs in his small herbal garden. There was still some time before the Heroes Assembly, as for the exact date, that still remained undecided. Most probably it depended on Gu Dongchen's decision. Chen Xiang too was in anticipation for that day because it was the very day on which the Extreme Martial Sect was going to unveil its true strength.

"That guy called Qin Zejun had crossed eight tribulations, but why does he have such a narrow view?! He actually wants to rule the mortal world. Does he not wish to ascend to the Heavenly Realm?" Chen Xiang said while irrigating the White Jade Lotus bud.

"It's easy for you to say? Even if it is Gu Dongchen, they might have to stay in the mortal world for a very long time, he will wait until he has the adequate strength, dealt with the matters of Extreme Martial sect, handed over the mantle of Dean and only then would he attract the ninth tribulation. And after crossing it, he would immediately ascend! This period requires a very long time, you can even say that it could even take him ten millennia!" Su Meiyao explained.

After reaching the Nirvana Realm, the life of a martial artist was very long but it was not eternal. If they could not have a breakthrough at an opportune moment, their body would slowly grow old. Wu Kaiming was the perfect example of this.

That's why in the same Nirvana Realm, there were some who looked young and some who looked old.

"If he could rule the entire mortal world, he will have all the resources of the entire mortal world in his grasp which will allow him to have a better chance in crossing the ninth tribulation. Many martial artists who had cross the sixth, seventh and the eighth tribulation, all think like this. That's why they all chose to be obedient to Qin Zejun. This way, they can easily obtain plenty of resources. The Nirvana Realm martial artists are the strongest martial artists in the mortal world, as long as they so wish, they could deter the civilians of a mainland. But this is a nightmare for the rest of the people of the mortal world, by doing so they would reduce the number of martial artists." Bai Youyou said.

The mortal world is vast and so is its population. If the denizens, as well as the entire resources, were controlled by just a handful of people, then this small group could obtain plenty of herbs, ores, crystal stones and what not. Many of the cultivation resources would be out of reach for ordinary martial artists. This way, they would have a greater chance to survive their Nirvana Tribulation.

Chen Xiang was currently in the process of refining many Hundred Beasts Dan. At present, he was not only raising one little greedy dragon, he was also raising a chatterbox — the little tiger. The little White Tiger would keep on shouting every day, non-stop. Chen Xiang after thinking had realized that it was encouraged by Long Xueyi.

However, the more they ate, the faster they grew. Chen Xiang would curse them a few times, but he still refined many Hundred Beasts Dan happily and gave it to them.

Xiao Chou officially entering the Extreme Martial Sect had shaken the entire Chenwu Mainland. After all, he was from the Herculean Family, towering above the rest in strength. But what was simply unbelievable for the most was that Xiao Chou was Chen Xiang's apprentice. Although Chen Xiang was young, his strength was enough to become a teacher, so many still found it acceptable.

Chen Xiang was now feeling a great deal of pressure; because Xiao Chou had made Chen Xiang his target. Furthermore, it was becoming very hard for him to raise his strength. If one day he, the teacher was defeated by his student, he would become a laughing stock.

Chen Xiang was not a freak like the Herculean Family, that's why he had to put in more effort than Xiao Chou. Otherwise, he would be left behind.

Now the guests from the other mainlands were quietly waiting for the Heroes Assembly to convene. However, what made Chen Xiang feel surprised was that, during this period, the guests from other mainlands still continued to flow.

"What's the matter?" Chen Xiang came to know from Liu Menger that Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian, were both in the vicinity of the Extreme Martial Sect. He would run over to them and play with the two daily. Because the Heroes Assembly was about to start, they continued to remain here.

Liu Menger had already been aware of the proceedings with the Sacred Light Temple. She was surprised by how boldly Gu Dongchen dealt with it.

"That guy called Qin Zejun might not have the confidence to make the Extreme Martial sect surrender!" Liu Menger said.

"Teacher, what will our Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire do?" Xue Xianxian asked in a worried tone. After she came to know the situation of Sacred Light Continent; she was furious. She did not want the Chenwu Mainland to be the same.

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