World Defying Dan God - Chapter 367

Translated by - Ash

Edited by - Beansprout

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After the meeting was adjourned, everyone rushed their way out because they were on a tight schedule. Although some of them were Elders, they were still responsible for managing various things of the martial courtyard.

Only Chen Xiang was left here.

After everyone had gone far away, Gu Dongchen quickly asked, "Young Martial Uncle, have you seen the junior sister? I have already told her that it's best for her not to train in seclusion this time, yet there is still no sign of her!"

Chen Xiang shook his head, "I have also been looking for her, but it is as if she is not in the Extreme Dan King Courtyard!"

Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming were looking for Elder Dan too, yet she could not be found. It was more difficult for Chen Xiang to find her. She was a fearsome alchemist and so was her strength. She was one of the tycoons of Extreme Martial Sect. If she was absent during the Heroes Assembly, it would surely make the Extreme Martial Sect look weak.

The last time Chen Xiang had seen Elder Dan was during the Danxiang Taoyuan Grand Meeting. At that time, Elder Dan had handed him the Five Elements True Elemental Dan herbs. After that day, he had not seen her again.

Although Elder Dan often appeared and disappeared mysteriously, she had still not turned up at such a critical situation which made Gu Dongchen and the others extremely anxious.

"What in the bloody hell is going to happen tomorrow? Is it very dangerous? Should I still attend?" Chen Xiang asked. If it was so dangerous to the point that he might lose his life, he obviously would not go.

Gu Dongchen pondered for a moment, then said, "It is hard to say. Whether to go or not go, it is all up to you. Anyway, whether you go or not, it is not going to change anything! However, if you plan to go, you might get the chance to see a very rare scene, as for the danger... I can not say with certainty!"

Chen Xiang shrugged his shoulder, "I am going to ask the old madman, you go look for that girl!"

Gu Dongchen immediately grabbed Chen Xiang, smiled and said, "Young Martial Uncle, you really have guts! You are actually going to visit him so soon. Initially, I was planning to go, but now that Young Martial Uncle intends to, then you must help me ask him, what does he think about current situation!"

Chen Xiang swore a while before immediately taking his leave. He didn't expect that Gu Dongchen would actually be so afraid of Huang Jintian. Now after acquainting with his teacher, he felt that the torment from that unbearable torture had reduced a little.

Inside the pit, Huang Jintian was examining a huge cow. He had no idea where his teacher had procured it, also he had also taken out a unique seasoning; baking the meat gave a very delicious aroma. It was also one of those things which made this "Hell" a little better for Chen Xiang.

"Don't talk, let's put it off till we are finished eating!" Huang Jintian while observing that cow used his hand gestured Chen Xiang to barbecue the cow using the Heavenly Sun Fire.

If the Fire Beast at the bottom of the Netherworld Abyss came to know that Chen Xiang was using the Heavenly Sur Fire to barbecue meat, it would definitely vomit blood in anger, and not just once. Of course, it was all because of Huang Jintian, this old madman instructed Chen Xiang to do. According to him, barbecuing in Heavenly Sun Fire makes the meat relatively tasty.

Very soon, the Monster Cow had been barbecued. Chen Xiang and Huang Jintian started a contest to see who could eat more and how quickly…

After the meal, Chen Xiang lazily leaned against the stone wall. Looking at the warm and gentle yellow aura next to the sparkling pool of water, he suddenly felt that this pit was pretty good; in his vision, it looked even beautiful.

"Teacher, Little Featherhead said that he is going to convene the Heroes Assembly tomorrow. From his appearance, it seems the Extreme Martial Sect is about to be finished." Chen Xiang said. Now, he must do what he came to do.

Huang Jintian laughed and said, "Little rascal, tomorrow you should also go to the Heroes Mountain; it will broaden your vision! And also, no matter what happens tomorrow, you must not blame Little Featherhead and the others!"

"Why do you say so? Are they going to handle the things very badly?" Chen Xiang frowned. He suddenly had a bad feeling.

"Hei hei, I can see you are going to face an imminent disaster. At that time you must be careful!" Huang Jintian laughed and said.

Chen Xiang's pair of eyebrows started twitching. Huang Jintian could predict the future, so he immediately believed Huang Jintian.

"Teacher, don't joke with me!" Chen Xiang bitterly smiled and said.

"I'm not joking with you, you are going to face an imminent disaster, haha... little rascal, at that time, make sure you don't die!" Huang Jintian burst into a maniacal laughter. Chen Xiang could not wait to ruthlessly slap him a two, his own apprentice was in mortal danger, yet he was actually laughing so happily.

"Teacher... what in the hell is going to happen? Is it the entire Extreme Martial Sect who is in mortal danger, or is it just me?" Chen Xiang's face revealed an anguished look.

"It’s just you! If you want to know exactly, then you have to check it out during tomorrow's Heroes Assembly! Regarding this matter, although I don't agree, I am particularly not against it! Moreover, it will also be a huge test for you!" Huang Jintian laughed and said.

Chen Xiang dispiritedly sat down on the ground as he vigorously threw a stone in the water. He knew what Huang Jintian was speaking must be definitely true.

"Little rascal, don't worry. You are my apprentice. Although you are in a great danger, I assure you, I will not let you die! In the future, you will be crazier than this old man, I am certainly looking forward to that day." Huang Jintian burst into laughter.

Chen Xiang would have liked to ask more questions, but he was eventually kicked out by Huang Jintian. Rubbing his ass which was sore from the kick, he cursed several times while facing the pit before quickly returning to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard.

Much to his surprise, Gu Dongchen was waiting for him at the entrance. Noticing Chen Xiang's arrival, he asked with a smile, "Young Martial Uncle, did you ask him?"

"I have asked; according to the old madman, I'm going to be facing imminent disaster. In short, I might be out of luck tomorrow." When mentioning this, Chen Xiang, in his heart, felt extremely uncomfortable as if there was a knot in his heart.

"He also said, no matter what happens, I mustn't blame you! What the hell is going to happen?" Chen Xiang stared at Gu Dongchen.

"Y-you will know it tomorrow!" Gu Dongchen said while rubbing his hands.

Chen Xiang scoffed, "Tomorrow I'm not going to be participating in the Heroes Assembly, I will then see whether or not I will face any disaster."

"You will! But it will be better for you to go and check it out for yourself! I still have many things to do, I will leave first!" Gu Dongchen had a little guilty look in his eyes. After he was done speaking, he immediately left.

Chen Xiang cursed him a few times. He always felt as if Gu Dongchen was going to be selling him out.

"Is he planning to tell others about my and Sister Menger's relation? Or the relation with Hua Xiangyue? But will it do him any good?" Chen Xiang was completely uncertain as he entered the herb garden.

"Master, my father and mother are nearby. It might be better for you to not take me outside, I don't want to return with them together!" From the Profound Beast Bag came the timid voice of Little White Tiger.

"Zhenzhen, you don't need to worry!" Chen Xiang grinned. He too didn't want to lose the Little White Tiger. After all, it was his ace in the hole.

Su Meiyao said, "Little rascal, it might be better for you to clean things up. Who knows what will happen to you tomorrow!"

"Do I have some things to tidy up?" Obviously, Chen Xiang too had realized that his situation might be dire tomorrow, but he remained very calm.

"You can shift the entire herb garden inside the ring; it is best to take the whole Spirit Field." Su Meiyao sounded extremely anxious.

"Is it possible?" Chen Xiang asked. The herb garden if placed inside, it would have to be taken care of by the two, moreover, he would also be carrying the herb garden along with him; but this way, he would have no shortage of herbs.

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