World Defying Dan God - Chapter 368

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As the Heroes Assembly was going to be held tomorrow, the entire Extreme Martial Sect currently has too much on their platter; everyone was extremely busy. Chen Xiang looked for Yun Xiaodao and the group, and after having chatted with them for a while, he returned to the Extreme Dan King Courtyard and moved all the spirit herbs in the herb garden into the invisible ring.

Even living beings could be stored inside the mystical ring, and not only that, they could also live inside for a long time as if it was carrying a small Mysterious Realm. Although it was simple and crude, it was pretty useful.

This ring was different from the Profound Beast Bag. Only the Spirit Beasts could reside within the Profound Beast Bag. The Spirit Beasts have an ability which allowed them to absorb the Spirit Qi from the outside world through the Profound Beast Bag's barrier. It was precisely because of this ability that they were able to live inside and also the reason why Chen Xiang could provide plenty of Hundred Beasts Dan. So, the Spirit Beasts inside would not die due to lack of air and Spirit Qi.

Chen Xiang had once asked Liu Menger whether she could refine this kind of ring. The answer he received was that it was quite possible. It was only that she would need some very special herbs, during the refining process, she would have to use a lot of profound spirit arrays and at least refine it for a few decades and only then would she be successful.

Liu Menger was a Grand Refiner. The Profound Beast Bag was originally given to Hua Xiangyue by Liu Menger which was subsequently handed to Chen Xiang later. In other words, she could refine Profound Beast Bag, which was clear proof that she had the experience in refining high-level storage magical equipment.

"Where is the Heroes Mountain? Why have I never heard of it? Do you know?" On one side Chen Xiang was busy digging, while on the other he was asking.

"I have no idea, however, if I have to guess then it must be in the vicinity of the Extreme Martial Sect." Su Meiyao said.

"There seems to be a mountain filled with a peculiar deathly aura in the vicinity of the Extreme Martial Sect. Although it is overflowing in Death Qi, it is devoid of Yin Qi. That place seem to be full of pure and righteous power of the dead souls!" Bai Youyou said.

Chen Xiang was dumbfounded for a moment, "Perhaps that place is a forbidden land outside the Extreme Martial Sect yet directly managed by them. Maybe that place is the Heroes Mountain?"

Long Xueyi said, "Maybe the heroes who had died during the battle 100,000 years ago are buried in that place! But why are their souls still lingering there? Do they want to resurrect?"

Old fogies from 100,000 years ago wanting to resurrect! How was that possible? But Chen Xiang didn't find it absurd, he found it quite possible because he had seen the resurrected Double-Headed Snake Demon in the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains. If Bai Youyou's elder sister had not killed him, Gu Dongchen and the others would have been preoccupied with him for quite some time.

Chen Xiang had irrigated the soil of the herb garden with Dragon Saliva throughout the year. Over time it turned into the spiritual soil which was extremely helpful for planting spirit herbs.

Chen Xiang first started digging the spirit herbs along with its root and placed them inside the ring one by one. Once all the spirit herbs had been dug out, he began digging out the soil. He left everything else to the two beauties to take care of.

It was already late into the night when he finished digging the spiritual soil. Chen Xiang sat on the roof and looked at the full moon in the sky. He didn't know what was going to happen tomorrow, but if not for his teacher promising him to not let him die, he would not have dared to stay here; he would have long run away.

If he wanted to hide, no one could find him. Huang Jintian didn't know he cultivated in Shinto either. In the mortal world, only a few people had heard of Shinto, let alone the kinds of spiritual powers associated with it.

The sky had not even turned bright when Gu Dongchen came looking for Chen Xiang. They were planning to go to the Heroes Mountain so early. At this moment, many of the Extreme Martial Sect disciples had already returned to their home. Only the 10th level Mortal Martial Realm and some True Martial Realm martial artists still remained. After Gu Dongchen left, the rest of the Extreme Martial Sect disciples would guard the entrance of the Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm.

Su Meiyao and the others’ guesses seemed to be on the mark. Sure enough, the Heroes Mountain was a mountain in the vicinity of the Extreme Martial Sect which was prohibited from entering.

Along the way, Chen Xiang also saw Liu Menger bringing Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan on a white jade flying lotus. Gu Dongchen and the others were instead walking.

He also saw deans of other mainlands and sects along with their disciples flying towards that mountain nearby. Some of whose faces he could recognize, Lotus Island's Lian Yingxiao, True Martial Sect's Tang Yichao, Free Immortal Sea's Xiao Ziliang, Proud Swords Sect's Yue Jianglin...

What astounded him even more, was that all deans of five major devil sects were also coming! Yet there was still no sign of Hua Xianyue. She was the strongest of Danxiang Taoyuan. In the Chenwu Mainland and even in the eastern seas, she was renowned. Of course, only after her identity was uncovered that she became famous.

"It seems the guys from five major devil sects have no confidence in the Demon and Devil Domain. After those guys invade the human world they will not even recognize their own kinsmen, let alone the people from Human Domain!" After noticing the deans of five major devil sects flying over with their disciples, Gu Dongchen muttered to himself.

"Rumor has it that the Heroes Assembly of 100,000 years ago was also held at the Heroes Mountain, so the people who died in the Great Catastrophe are all buried here! Who knows whether the people from the last Great Catastrophe had survived till now." Wu Kaiming sighed with emotions. The ancient people from 100,000 years ago had successfully protected the entire Mortal Martial World, or else the Mortal Martial World of now would have been the world of Demons and Devils.

According to Long Xueyi and the others, after the Great Battle of Three Realms was over, the passage which was the connection between a world and the Demon and Devil World would shut close based on the Demon and Devil Qi inside. If a world invaded by Demons and Devils had dense Demon or Devil Qi, then finally it would be classified as Demon or Devil World respectively.

Similarly, if the humans attacked the Demon and Devil World and captured it, then when the passage was closed, it would be included with the Human Domain. However, this kind of scenario was extremely rare. Usually, the world from Human Domain side is taken over.

That's why, every powerful expert of the world must stand united to protect the world. But now the Sacred Light Temple wants to unify the eastern seas to get more resources, and they are almost successful in doing so. However, the sects at the Chenwu Mainland are very strong, furthermore, it is vast. No one wants to be controlled by the Sacred Light Temple.

After arriving at the Heroes Mountain and taking a mountain road, the sky was already bright. Chen Xiang didn't expect that the top of the Heroes Mountain to be actually made flat using giant bricks and stones. It seemed that it was done many, many years back. Around the square, there were also many crude benches and tables carved from stone. Each stone table was built using square-shaped stones, and the same was true for the stone chairs.

Those who had arrived earlier were already sitting. Each sect had its own table. However, there was a very big table with forty or so seats. Chen Xiang reckoned that it was the Extreme Martial Sect's table.

Sure enough, Gu Dongchen with the Extreme Martial Sect disciples walked up to that table.

After Chen Xiang sat down, he stuck his tongue out to Xue Xianxian and the others. It could be considered as a greeting. He knew that within moments, he would be facing some kind of disaster. If possible, he must take this opportunity to be intimate with his fairy-like wife.

After everyone arrived, no one said anything. The atmosphere was very solemn and depressing. In boredom, Chen Xiang chose to count the number of tables which were actually over four hundred!

Besides the Extreme Martial Sect's table, the other tables could only accommodate five people. That is to say, the people participating in the Heroes Assembly were no more than 2000 in all.

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