World Defying Dan God - Chapter 369

Translated by - Ash, Edited by - iballisticbunny and Beansprout

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Chen Xiang noticed that many tables only had two to three people each. The Devil Sect Deans were dressed in black robes and had their heads covered in their hoods as they sat on their own sectioned-off tables.

While everyone was feeling quite bored, a golden light as dazzling as sunlight shone over from far away. Immediately, everyone glanced over.

Chen Xiang knew even without looking that it was definitely people from the Sacred Light Temple. Many people on the tables suddenly stood up. Besides the sects and clans of the Chenwu Mainland, the guests from all the other mainlands walked over the center where there weren’t any tables and stood quietly.

Gu Dongchen clenched his fists tightly in anger, these martial artists from the other mainlands had submitted to the Sacred Light Temple. Even the Nirvana Realm martial artists had seemed fearful of the Sacred Light Temple. This display was done so that the martial artists from the Chenwu Mainland could see and witness this fact.

With Qin Zejun at the forefront, a large crowd dressed entirely in golden robes flew over, emanating an oppressive pressure. They landed on the square at the summit of the mountain, and as Qin Zejun waved his hand, the people standing at attention in the center all returned to their seats.

The golden robed martial artists behind Qin Zejun also soon found their seats and sat down. There were as many as two hundred martial artists gathered, but amongst them, forty or so were dressed differently. These forty people separated into ten tables and sat down.

“If I’m not wrong, these ten tables are for the ten relatively stronger mainlands. They are very different than those golden robed martial artists, and their overall strength is quite fearsome as well.” Long Xueyi said.

The eastern seas possessed a total of ten powerful mainlands, but it seemed they had all been won over by the Sacred Light Temple. However, these people would naturally not join forces to deal with the Extreme Martial Sect. At most, they would try to isolate the Extreme Martial Sect. They did not dare to try and extinguish the top sect, who had been guarding the entrance to the Devil and Demon World. Otherwise, the Western Seas, Northern Seas, and the Southern Seas, all three Sea Domains would definitely say something against it.

“Your Sacred Light Temple seems to have brought a bit too many people! You occupied tables belonging to others!" Gu Dongchen coldly said. He didn't have a single bit of favorable impression towards Qin Zejun, the Sacred Light Temple's Pope.

Chen Xiang had never left the Chenwu Mainland. As such, he wasn't clear on anything about the other mainlands. Upon hearing Gu Dongchen's words, he learned that these tables that were just filled should not have been. In other words, the martial artists from the other 400 mainlands had yet to arrive.

“Well Extreme Martial Sect’s Dean, not to mention people from the western seas, southern seas, north seas, even martial artists from the eastern seas are not willing to come. So I just brought others to fill the tables, this shouldn’t be a problem!” Qin Zejun coldly smiled as he glanced at the other martial artists from the Chenwu Mainland.

“Hahaha! Even Hua Xiangyue who’s from your Chenwu Mainland has not arrived. The charisma of the Extreme Martial Sect’s is rather weak!” Qin Zejun ridiculed.  

Suddenly from far away, a gentle scoff came, “Who says I have not arrived? Qin Zejun, you are still the same! You don’t know anything besides bullshitting!”

Hua Xiangyue came alone. She was the individual who stood at the peak of the Chenwu Mainland. There won't be any problem, even without anyone accompanying her here.

After having dressed in a snow white dress, Hua Xiangyue, this seductress, didn't have any ounce of coquettishness. She was no different than a fairy who had descended from the heavens. Without even bothering to glance at Qin Zejun, she sat down at her table.

Although there were more than a dozen beautiful Deans, and even more beautiful girls, they all could not be compared with Hua Xiangyue. Only Liu Menger could stand shoulder to shoulder with her. Although Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian were both beautiful, they were still lacking the mature charm as well as the temperament of a powerful expert. However, they still garnered the attraction of many.

"Ha, the Dean of Icewind Valley has also not arrived! Your Chenwu Mainland is not even united yet you still want to gather everyone here?" Qi Zejun had just been mocked by Hua Xiangyue which made him secretly unhappy.

Liu Menger said dismissively, "I am the Icewind Valley's Dean!"

While speaking, a sudden gust of cold wind spread outward from her location. As the gust of cold wind brushed against their bodies, the complexion of many Nirvana Realm martial artists changed. Meanwhile, the disciples didn't seem to have any major issues, they just felt a gust of extremely cold wind.

Suddenly, it seemed like the entire square was under pressure that stopped their breaths. After a short moment, all the Nirvana Realm martial artists exhaled lightly, and unexpectedly, they all exhaled cold air! Li Menger had used the most effective and direct way to prove her identity as the Dean of Icewind Valley!

Chen Xiang already knew this and wasn't surprised. However, the revelation of her identity this early on had taken him aback!

"It seems that the God Weapon Sect's Dean position is most cumbersome, they always need to manage two identity." Gu Dongchen smiled and said.

He glanced at Chen Xiang. From Chen Xiang's mood, Gu Dongchen realized that Chen Xiang already seemed to know Liu Menger's identity. Chen Xiang and Liu Menger's relation had even made him a little envious. Such a beauty had fallen into the hands of a little rascal, he felt it was a reckless waste of a god's gift.

Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian were also shocked by Liu Menger's identity. Now they realized why Liu Menger often visited Icewind Valley.

"Teacher..." Leng Youlan shouted in a low voice, Liu Menger smiled and nodded her head.

Leng Youlan never knew that Icewind Valley's Dean was Liu Menger. Although she was astounded, she was very excited as well. She had a favorable impression of Liu Menger, and now Xue Xianxian just became her senior sister.

The same feeling was also true for Xue Xianxian. However, the two didn't know that their teacher's heart had already been stolen by Chen Xiang. If this matter was somehow leaked, the entire eastern seas would be shaken!

"Icewind Valley's Icewind Divine Exercise is true to its name. It deserves to be called divine exercise!" The Sacred Light Temple's Pope, Qin Zejun spat a few pieces of ice then walked towards a table.

"Divine Exercise," Upon hearing these two words, everyone in the square could not help but look at Liu Menger. Only Chen Xiang, who was in possession of so many divine exercises, wasn't too surprised by this. But the other martial artists were different, divine exercises were the supreme martial exercises. After the cultivation of a divine exercise, it would be possible for the cultivator to transcend mortality.

In the mortal world, those who were in possession of divine exercise were extremely scarce. Not even mentioning divine exercise, even sacred level and immortal level exercises were a rarity!

"One of the ten ancient bizarre exercises, the Icewind Divine Exercise! Even I don't know the intricate details of this divine exercise." Su Meiyao said in surprise.

"I always wanted to learn this divine exercise, I even sought it for many years, but alas I never found it! Who would have thought that this divine exercise would actually appear in the mortal world!" Bai Youyou was a little excited. She too cultivated Cold Qi, this kind of martial exercise was most suitable for her.

"Sister Youyou, if the opportunity comes, I will ask her!" Chen Xiang laughed and said. Bai Youyou had passed onto him many devil techniques. These devil techniques were as formidable as the divine exercises, he certainly had to find a way to repay her.

"There is no need. Sometimes, even if one wanted to pass on the divine exercise, it is not possible. Especially these kinds of bizarre exercises." Bai Youyou shook her head. She had searched for it for a very long time. Although she had found it, the other person could probably not give it to her. She clearly knew this was very difficult.

Chen Xiang didn't say anything but still intended to give it a try.

"Friends of eastern seas Mainland, I think everyone is already well aware why we have gathered here today. I am also not going to say much! I just want to know where everyone stands. Once the entrance to the Demon and Devil World opens, I want to know whether or not you will come help?" Gu Dongchen went straight to the point as he loudly asked everyone in the square.

The entire square was peaceful. Everyone from the Chenwu Mainland had already guessed the answer beforehand. After all, besides the Chenwu Mainland, every other mainland in the eastern seas had been reined in by the Sacred Light Temple.

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