World Defying Dan God - Chapter 370

Translated by - Ash, Edited by - Beansprout

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If Gu Dongchen had said that something was going to happen today, then it will not be simple. If the Sacred Light Temple does not agree to help, then were they going to leave? And will Gu Dongchen not do anything either?

In Chen Xiang's opinion, the Sacred Light Temple - at today's Heroes Assembly - would certainly force Chenwu Mainland to surrender to them. They would completely dominate the entire eastern sea as a pretense for the great cause!

But of course, he still could not determine what disaster would befall on his head. Although he was famous in the Chenwu Mainland, he was just a minor figure amidst these group of Nirvana Realm martial artists.

"If it comes to it, on that day, the Chenwu Mainland will collectively repel the Demon and Devil World, I just hope that everyone can lend us a hand!" Gu Dongchen was left with no patience, he had long guessed the result but he still had to go according to his plan.

After a moment, everyone was hesitatingly staring at each other. The martial artists from other mainlands would not lend a hand, yet Gu Dongchen still remained calm, the same was true for the Deans of Chenwu Mainland's other sects. They had already imagined this scene.

Gu Dongchen's words sounded inconsequential to them, as though they didn’t need to pay attention to them.

Suddenly a laughter of ridicule broke the silence at the scene. This laughter was very disgusting, no matter whether it was friend or foe, they could not help but frown upon hearing it.

When everyone turned their heads to find the source of the laughter, a middle-aged man dressed in golden robe stood up, and walked out of his seat — on one side he was laughing, while on the other, walked to the open space at the center.

It was Pope of the Sacred Light Temple, Qin Zejun!

Facing Gu Dongchen, he suddenly ceased laughing as he pointed at Gu Dongchen and sneered, "Gu Dongchen, no one will support you! If it's just your Chenwu Mainland's martial artists, they will simply be unable to resist those invading Demons and Devils like surging tides."

Gu Dongchen blankly looked at Qin Zejun.

"I know it already!" Gu Dongchen calmly said. Even facing such a predicament, his calmness garnered the admiration of all the experts from overseas.

"For the Chenwu Mainland, there are only three roads which you can take! First, surrender to Sacred Light Temple. Second, you yourself alone can resist the Demons and Devils. Third, flee the Chenwu Mainland." Qin Zejun coldly glanced through the Deans of Chenwu Mainland. If they all made the decision and only Gu Dongchen wasn't willing, then they would have to take the next course of action.

Qin Zejun had planned for a long time, now he was just a step away from completely uniting the eastern seas for the great cause. Moreover, he would also become a legend who will be mentioned in the annals of history! Because he would be the first person in history who would dominate a sea domain. He had grand ambition, after the eastern seas, it would be the entire Mortal Martial World!

"I promise, as long as you are willing to hang Sacred Light Temple's banner, your mainland will be managed in accordance with Sacred Light Temple's rule. You will still remain rulers of your mainland, you still will be high and lofty Deans, and you will also get a fair share of the entire eastern seas!" Qin Zejun's voice was fervent and excited, his words made the hearts of many beat incessantly.

Because as long as these Nirvana Realm martial artists group together, they could monetize the resources of the entire eastern seas, and if anyone tried to oppose them, they would strangle him to death.

"If you agree, you can just come to me, put on Sacred Light Temple’s attire and pledge yourself to the temple, then you, my friend, will become a member of Sacred Light Temple!" Qin Zejun took out many golden robes and raised them high in the air, waiting for the Dean of Chenwu Mainland to come and receive.

At this time, Hua Xianyue giggled and said, "Qin Zejun, this dress is too ugly, I don't want to wear it. Even thinking of wearing this ugly dress every day makes me want to puke, I truly don't know who would even come out for this dress!"

Liu Menger chuckled, "I also don't want to wear this robe, it is really ugly!"

"Like shit!" Leng Youlan snorted which made everyone burst into laughter. Of course, it was the Extreme Martial Sect's disciples.

Qin Zejun slightly quivered as he glared at Leng Youlan. Only to see Liu Menger’s complexion turning solemn as a gust of cold wind blew. Qin Zejun withdrew the murderous look in his eyes.

"Why? Does your Chenwu Mainland like to choose the other two roads? Do you wish to abandon the civilians of your mainland, or die with them?" Qin Zejun once again shouted in a loud voice.

This scenario was beyond what Qi Zejun had expected. He glanced at the Devil Sect deans. He knew that the Devil Sect deans and Righteous Sects had always been at odds, moreover, they would very much like to choose the resources over the safety of civilians. They should have submitted to the Sacred Light Temple, but he failed to get any response from them whatsoever.

Other experts from overseas were also having a hard time understanding this. From the very beginning, they were more or less have been suppressed. Of course, most of the martial artists would have a hard time resisting the temptation of Qin Zejun. After all, every expert yearned to cross the Nirvana Realm and finally ascend to the Heavenly Realm, and as for things like morality and justice, they didn't care much about it.

Qin Zejun emphasized once again, "Does everyone not wish to safely cross their next tribulation? Do you not wish to cross Nirvana Realm and ascend to Heavenly Realm? As long as you can ascend, in the future, you don't need to worry about dying under that damn Nirvana Tribulation, or do you want to vanish in a puff of smoke? As long as we are together, we do not need to fear Nirvana Tribulation again!"

The wealthier a person is, the more he fears death. The same is true for the strongest of martial artists. Naturally, there is always an exception: some martial artists who have understood life and death thoroughly. This type of people are not many, but neither are they few. Such are those who will not violate the will of martial arts way.

Suddenly, two Devil Sect's dean stood up. However, once they looked at Gu Dongchen, they sat right back down. This made Qin Zejun extremely annoyed. He could not understand how Gu Dongchen had such deterrence. Although his strength was almost the same, he, Qin Zejun was the Pope of Sacred Light Temple who was able to rally tens of Nirvana Realm martial artists from ten strongest mainlands together; Gu Dongchen was far worse than him.

Gu Dongchen was just a Dean of Extreme Martial Sect, but compared to Qin Zejun, he appeared to be insignificant.

"Qin Zejun, you are so impatient! What makes me want to laugh is that Demons and Devils have yet to attack, but we already have infighting amongst us! What is even funnier is that there are also a bunch of idiots who are willing to follow you!" Lian Yingxiao smiled and said, this made many Nirvana Realm martial artists abruptly angry.

"Surnamed Lian, so according to your little understanding, who are these idiots!" A long bearded old man stood up as he spoke in a stern voice while glaring at Lin Yingxiao.

"It is those who are willing to wear that shitty dress! Have I understood enough!?" Lian Yingxiao still said with a light smile hung on his face. In doing so, he was undoubtedly scolding those Nirvana Realm martial artists of Sacred Light Temple, which made them stand up one by one and glare at Lian Yingxiao furiously.

Chen Xiang secretly admired the Lotus Island Dean. His appearance says he is gentle and refined, while his mouth says otherwise.

"Do you think I'm wrong? You, these bitches, don't you know the rules of martial arts? Did you forget the will of martial arts way? Don't think that you could live through the Nirvana Tribulation just because you can control all resources in the world, do not even think about it. Any martial artist who goes against its will, the more powerful he is, the more ruthless the Nirvana Tribulation will be lowered upon him. Guys like you will all finally have to die under the Nirvana Tribulation!" Lian Yingxiao sneered.

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