World Defying Dan God - Chapter 371

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Those who were angry at first, after hearing Lian Yingxiao's words were slightly trembling inside.

"Lian Yingxiao, don't spout nonsense, martial arts law and will of martial arts way are all bullshit! I have never believed in that stuff, I toiled hard to reach where I am now, I have obtained my power through my own efforts, anyone or anything else is completely unrelated to it! It’s just that heaven is jealous of us. Only when our power reaches a certain level will it lower the Nirvana Tribulation! It wants to kill us." Qin Zejun loudly proclaimed.

Lian Yingxiao sneered, "If you don't believe me, then take a look at the guys from Devil Path Sect. Since these guys had committed so many sins, not even one person amongst them has crossed six tribulations."

The Devil Sect Deans trembled a bit but they did not say anything.

"Is it true? Is Nirvana Tribulation truly related to some martial arts law?" Chen Xiang asked Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou.

"Yes, it is related but how precisely, I have no idea. If you seriously go against the law, then when you are crossing the tribulation, the Nirvana Tribulation will indeed become stronger. What the exact law is, we are also unsure. At best, all I can say is that from the will of martial arts way you can take a glimpse of it!" Su Meiyao explained.

The will of martial arts way is used to constrain powerful martial artists. So that these powerful martial artists won't do something which would incur the hatred of both men and god. However, a majority of humans, after acquiring powerful strength, forgot that there was anything called the will of the martial arts way.

"What utter nonsense!" Qin Zejun loudly shouted, then continued, "Since you, Chenwu Mainland are so strong, then you don't need to worry about it, you can take care of everything yourselves!"

"Let me see how you are going to convene the Hero Assembly!" Qin Zejun continued before returning to his seat as he coldly smiled and viciously glared at everyone.

At this time, Gu Dongchen spoke, "Qin Zejun, I have long been aware of you ambition, but I didn't think that there will be so many idiots to follow your nonsense. And as Brother Lian had said, these bitches will definitely die tragically under the Nirvana Tribulation in the end!"

They were already furious from Lian Yingxiao's cursing, yet now they are being cursed once again. This made those Nirvana Realm martial artists angrily glare at Gu Dongchen one by one.

"Why? Do you want to fight? Did I say anything wrong? You are someone who has been alive for so many years, yet you are actually willing to become someone else's slave, you have actually forsaken your original intention for learning martial arts! Relying on martial arts, you have become powerful, but now using the very same power you want to harm the common people, you will definitely face retribution!"

Gu Dongchen sounded dull, his voice was filled with ridicule, and when he looked at these Nirvana Realm martial artists, the look in his eyes was actually that of a pity.

Nothing is sadder than abandoning their most trusted thing. As far as martial artists are concerned, they believed in the will of martial arts. But now these Nirvana Realm martial artists — under the fear of dying during the Nirvana Tribulation – had forsaken the one thing they trusted when they stepped on the road of martial arts, the will of martial arts way!

"Humph! Gu Dongchen, in addition to moving your mouth, what can you do now? If you surrender to the Sacred Light Temple, the Chenwu Mainland can certainly survive! At that time, the residents of your mainland would not be treated badly. Aren't you also unwilling to submit to Sacred Light Temple just for the sake of your power and influence?" Qin Zejun sneered.

Lian Yingxiao smiled and said, "Qin Zejun, do you think everyone is like you? At the very least, the residents of my Lotus Island are very happy, moreover, I have not enslaved them. If they do some work for my Lotus Island, they will get a very extravagant reward! And if they don't want to, I will not force them either."

"What about your Sacred Light Continent? Hei hei, last time I visited that place, it was simply a world of slaves, their life was worse than dogs! Still, it is called Sacred Light? Bullshit!"

"Surnamed Lian..." Qin Zejun was furious. He vigorously slapped his palm on the stone table, but everyone was astounded because not only was there not a single chunk from the table broken off, the table didn't even shake a little.

Gu Dongchen sneered, "The righteous sects of Chenwu Mainland were all established to promote the martial arts. Martial artists too were once ordinary people, they have reached their level step by step. Humans are the fundamentals of martial arts, they are the object of our protection. Once the catastrophe arrives, and if we are not willing to charge forward, then are you going to make civilians stand and resist the Demons and Devils? What power do they have to resist those Demons and Devils?"

"So boring, is the Heroes Assembly even going to be held today? This little miss has somehow taken a time out of her busy schedule! But who would have thought that we would actually have to lecture a group of pigs here! Wrong, I am insulting the pigs! Pigs are better than you, they will not do anything that will bring scourge to humans." Hua Xiangyue, with her tender cheek resting on one of her palms, said with an impatient look.

"You..." Qin Zejun was completely furious. His pair of eyes shone with an ominous gleam as if he could not wait to kill them, but he had to weigh everything. If he killed the Deans of Chenwu Mainland, the martial artists of western seas, northern seas and southern seas would not let this opportunity go and erase his Sacred Light Temple off the world.

The experts of other three sea domains were not stupid. They knew that the Sacred Light Temple's existence was a great threat to them, they too wanted to let the Sacred Light Temple collapse, but the Sacred Light Temple had always resorted to peaceful ways to make other continents submit. If they fought against his Sacred Light Temple, a conflict was bound to happen. At that time, both sides would be defeated and wounded.

Although Chenwu Mainland was just one mainland, Gu Dongchen and the others' strength could not be overlooked. Although they overwhelmed them in number, it was a mainland with a long line of history. Some hidden dragon and crouching tiger experts were bound to exist; if they fought here, Qin Zejun might even get injured.

"It is not up to you to talk about how we are going to defend against the Demons and Devils, you all can get the fuck out! You are so annoying, the threat of Demon and Devil Domain is imminent, yet you want to take this opportunity to threaten us and dominate the entire eastern seas! Wishful thinking!" Liu Menger stood up, the look on her face was as cold as frost, her pretty eyes were shining in furious gleam.

Qin Zejun had now realized that he would not be able to swallow the Chenwu Mainland. The thing he could not understand was that what gave the Chenwu Mainland's Nirvana Realm martial artists such courage that they even dare to resist Demons and Devils alone - it was just nothing more than a dead end! Things were not going according to his calculations.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk, the Divine Weapon Empress is still as brave as ever! You even dare to speak like this towards our Sacred Light Temple's Pope!" From far away floated a naughty laughter, it turned out to be coming from an old man.

Hearing this voice, a few of the Nirvana Realm martial artists suddenly startled. While Gu Dongchen on the other hand, immediately stood up, laughed and said, "The true people to participate in the Heroes Assembly have arrived!"

Chen Xiang was a little curious, he asked in a low voice, "Elder Wu, who are they?"

"They are the experts of the other three domains! They have some conflict with our Extreme Martial Sect, originally they didn't intend to participate, but the Dean somehow persuaded them!" Wu Kaiming replied in a low voice.

Chen Xiang now understood why Gu Dongchen had said the seats were not enough. Originally, the number of experts from the mainlands of other three domains: the southern seas, northern seas and western seas were more compared to the eastern seas. If all of them arrived, then the current gathering could be compared with the one from a hundred thousand years ago.

"All of you get up quickly, you are occupying others’ seat!" Lian Yingxiao laughed.

Chen Xiang reckoned that Lian Yingxiao might very well be an eighth tribulation Nirvana Realm martial artist. Otherwise, he would not so courageously contradict Qin Zejun. After all, the Deans of True Martial Sect, Proud Sword Sect, Free Immortal Sect and others remained silent as they calmly watched the proceedings.

As for Hua Xiangyue, she herself had been very mysterious. Moreover, she was a high ranked alchemist. While Liu Menger was in charge of both Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire and Icewind Valley, she also cultivated the Icewind Divine Exercise, even though she had only crossed six tribulations, her strength was impressive.

"Old Hai, long time no see!" Lian Yingxiao laughed and said as a white-haired old man dressed in blue robe appeared beside Qin Zejun.

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