World Defying Dan God - Chapter 372

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As the blue-robed old man appeared, Qin Zejun's complexion turned ugly. This was totally outside his expectation. Previously, he was quite sure that the experts from other sea domains would not be arriving to participate in the Heroes Assembly.

Subsequently, other people landed on the square at the summit of the mountain one by one. Over a hundred or so people, consisting of males and females of varying ages, from old to young, were all present.

Chen Xiang was left stunned upon witnessing this, because he knew these people were all extremely powerful Nirvana Realm martial artists who had arrived from other sea domains. This scene was indeed an eye-opener. For the very first time, he was able to see so many Nirvana Realm martial artists gathered together while they laughed and chatted with each other. Gu Dongchen went to greet them.

Chen Xiang discovered that these people were all well connected and knew each other. Liu Menger, Lian Yingxiao, and the others also went to greet a few people. Even Proud Sword Sect's Yue Jiangling also knew a few of them.

"Is this the Mortal Martial World's experts circle? It sure is marvelous!" Chen Xiang exclaimed.

"Generally, all Nirvana Realm martial artists would go out to travel. After they arrive at other continents, they would certainly go and meet the experts of that continent first, and then associate with each other, sometimes they would also exchange some stuffs. It is also one of the ways by which Nirvana Realm martial artists find precious herbs." Su Meiyao said.

Qin Zejun was incredibly thick-skinned and surprisingly, he still hadn't left! The Nirvana Realm martial artists of eastern seas who had submitted to the Sacred Light Temple also found it a quite unbearable, because they all knew that the Sacred Light Temple didn't have any good reputation in the other three sea domains. And now others were pointing or staring at them, there were some who even knew them, some of whom were their friends.

"Yo, Pope, you are still here!" The blue-robed old man smiled and said. Chen Xiang discovered that this blue-robed elder called Old Hao was very respected. Many Nirvana Realm martial artists politely greeted him.

"Lan Hai, didn't you all have deep-seated hatred with Extreme Martial Sect? If I remember correctly, a couple of your teeth had been knocked out by Huang Jintian in the past. It's just not you, the majority of people in your group had been beaten by Huang Jintian once!" Qin Zejun sneered.

Chen Xiang’s heart skip a beat. He remembered once Huang Jintian said that in the past a bunch of people wanted to force him to surrender the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, but he refused and in the end, it ushered into a big fight in which many experts were injured by him and finally the Beast Martial Sect Dean even lost his poor life. Many rallied together against him before he was imprisoned in the Extreme Martial Sect's forbidden area until today.

"Yes, originally we didn't intend to come, but we only had grudges with that old madman. Dean Gu, on the other hand, is a friend. Now, everyone please take your seats as in the past, the Heroes Assembly will now begin!" Lan Hai shouted. Subsequently, everyone arrived at their respective table and sat down one by one.

Just four hundred continents and four hundred tables. Initially, the Sacred Light Temple had occupied no small amount of seats, but now, they had to empty those seats which made Qin Zejun unhappy. He had already lost his momentum and power. After all, powerful experts from other three domain were gathered here, mere eastern seas were far from enough.

The experts of other three sea domains arrived along with some of their disciples. They brought these disciples to let them play with each other in order to broaden their horizons. Let them experience the circle of strongest experts of Heroes Assembly.

"Before we start the meeting, I hope that those who do not intend to help the Chenwu Mainland resist Demons and Devils would consciously leave!" Gu Dongchen glanced at Qin Zejun and his group.

Qin Zejun coldly retorted, "Who says we are not going to help the Chenwu Mainland?"

Now that it had come to this, Qin Zejun was also left with no other way. If he left in front of the other three sea domains, then later perhaps Gu Dongchen and the others would discuss to deal with the people who had conspired to isolate the Chenwu Mainland with the Sacred Light Temple, and remove his Sacred Light Temple from the face of this world. He had to stay.

"Elder Wu, why was Dean able to invite the experts of other sea domains?" Chen Xiang tugged Wu Kaiming's sleeve and asked in a low voice.

Till now, the Heroes Assembly was moving in the right direction. As it is now, nothing unfavorable could go for the Chenwu Mainland. And thence, the Huang Jintian's prediction of him encountering some disaster would also not come by.

"Just wait and watch, you will soon know!" Wu Kaiming's complexion seemed to be a little strange, but Chen Xiang could not see anything out of the order.

Chen Xiang could not help but feel that there was something wrong. Although everything was proceeding in the correct direction, he still could not help but have a bad feeling.

"Gu Dongchen, there is nothing to talk regarding resisting the Demons and Devils. This time, we all came to defend until our last breath at the One Hundred Thousand Devil Mountains, just like in the past! Every continent will have its own arrangement! Now let's talk about business, you must comply with your promise!" A middle-aged beauty said.

"That's right, let's talk business! As long as your commitment is true, we will help you kill the Demons and Devils!" Lan Hai also seconded. Soon other people also followed in shouting.

Only now did Qin Zejun understand. Originally, Gu Dongchen had promised them something, and only because of this were the experts of other three sea domains willing to set aside their grievances and come here. As to what he had promised, he could only wait and let everything proceed? What could be so important that it could lure them all here?

Chen Xiang was also thinking about that very same question. He remembered when Huang Jintian was a dean, he had forged enmity against many powerful experts. He suddenly felt that these powerful experts of other three domains were not of the good kind. They all came here completely because of the conditions proposed by Gu Dongchen!

Everyone looked at Gu Dongchen, waiting for him to reply.

Gu Dongchen forcefully coughed, sighed and said, "I will not let your trip become a fool's errand, the person is already sitting on my table."

At this time, Gu Dongchen looked at Chen Xiang. Chen Xiang was astounded, he suddenly thought of something but he dared not believe it.

"Isn't he Chen Xiang? Is he really Huang Jintian's apprentice?" With a flicker, Lang Hai's figure, like a blue light, traversed the whole square and appeared before Gu Dongchen.

Chen Xiang was now certain, he had been sold out by Gu Dongchen! Now, he finally realized why Huang Jintian had said that no matter what Gu Dongchen did, he should not blame him. Although it was so, he still furiously looked at Gu Dongchen.

Only to see him smiling right back at him with a completely ashamed looked on his face.

The experts of other three sea domains had a conflict with Huang Jintian just because they wanted to acquire his Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise. If Gu Dongchen promised to pay out Huang Jintian's apprentice, they promised to help Chenwu Mainland in resisting the invasion of Demons and Devils together.

Chen Xiang was Huang Jintian's apprentice, so he definitely knew the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise. If he didn't know, they could always use Chen Xiang to threaten Huang Jintian. That's why in the eyes of these Nirvana Realm martial artists, Chen Xiang was akin to an extreme treasure.

"Gu Dongchen, you motherfucker, you actually dare to sell out this father!" Chen Xiang furiously roared. Now he knew what it meant by an imminent disaster that was going to be landing on his head.

Upon hearing Chen Xiang's yelling, everyone was stunned, but now they were dead sure that Chen Xiang was Huang Jintian's apprentice. And Gu Dongchen's martial uncle!

Everyone secretly whispered in each other's ear as they discussed about Chen Xiang in a low voice. Particularly, the experts of Chenwu Mainland. They were even more astounded by Chen Xiang's identity. They now understand why Gu Dongchen would always protect Chen Xiang. Because he was the martial uncle of all three tycoons of Extreme Martial Sect!

Many of the disciples of the present generation were all scared to death. Even the disciples and Elders of Extreme Martial Sect who were present at the scene were all taken by surprise.

Chen Xiang always knew that this day would arrive, but he didn't expect it to arrive so soon. Although he was angry, he quickly wrecked his brain and soon came to realize that Gu Dongchen must have definitely discussed this with Huang Jintian. Otherwise, even if he had all the courage in the world, Gu Dongchen would not have dared to sell him out.

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