World Defying Dan God - Chapter 373

Translated by - Ash, Edited by - Beansprout

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After realizing some of these things, Chen Xiang wasn't that angry. Now, he must calm himself down in order to properly face this sudden matter. He absolutely could not be taken away by these Nirvana Realm martial artists, or else, they would resort to all kinds of threats and inducements in the future to make him hand over the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise.

"Gu Dongchen only promised them that he would hand you over. Now, Gu Dongchen has already fulfilled his promise. As far as he is concerned, whatever happens next is none of his business. Even if you escape, they still have to fulfill their side of the bargain. So you must escape!" Su Meiyao said. Both she and Bai Youyou were extremely anxious. However, what they must first do was to calm themselves down before discussing countermeasures.

Chen Xiang clenched his fists as he remained standing in place. He knew that it was a stroke of luck which made it possible for him to acquire Huang Jintian's inheritance. And now, he has to pay for this. Everything, from acquiring the complete Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise for nothing, to getting Huang Jintian's help and embark on the right path of cultivation was all extremely rare indeed.

Many years ago, Huang Jintian had forged enmity with the experts of the other three sea domains. The experts of the three sea domains didn't arrive to participate in the Heroes Assembly - it was the work of a single person alone. Huang Jintian was responsible for this, and that's why Huang Jintian pushed everything onto Chen Xiang.

After some thinking, Chen Xiang came to realize that this scenario had already been planned by Huang Jintian and Gu Dongchen. Huang Jintian had once said that it was a kind of test!

Certainly, the Nirvana Realm martial artists would not make it outrageously difficult for Chen Xiang. After all, Huang Jintian was still alive and kicking!

"Little rascal, we will not make things difficult for you. You are Huang Jintian's apprentice, he should have passed on the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise to you!" The blue-robed old man asked with a smile. From his appearance, it seemed he could not cause any harm to humans or animals. But in Chen Xiang's opinion, it was nothing more than hypocrisy.

Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise! Upon hearing these words, everyone held their breath in surprise. In the past, because Huang Jintian cultivated this marvelous bizarre exercise, he came to possess preeminent strength due to which he showed disdain for the mortal world, struck terror in all direction and killed many famous Nirvana Realm martial artists!

After Huang Jintian agreed to be punished and imprisoned himself in the forbidden area, his apprentice took over the Extreme Martial Sect. He similarly cultivated the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise and his cultivation soared by leaps and bounds. In just a short span of time, he had ascended to the Heavenly Realm. If not for Gu Dongchen going out to fight with other martial artists every once in a while, everyone would have suspected that he too had acquired the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise.

"As long as you hand over the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, we will not make things difficult for you. Isn't the catastrophe going to arrive? If you share the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise with everyone, you will be the biggest contributor for mankind, you will be a hero!" Lan Hai said, his tone was rather gentle, it seemed as if he was stealing candy from a baby.

Chen Xiang slightly laughed, "Do you have Yin and Yang Vein? If you don't have, you are unable to learn Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise. Besides..."

Much to everyone's surprise, even under such circumstances, Chen Xiang was speaking so calmly. Just a moment ago, Chen Xiang in a state of extreme anger shouted at Gu Dongchen, but now he had calmed himself down. This kind of state of mind had rendered everyone surprised.

Many already knew that the absolute requirement of cultivating Tai Chu Subduing Dragon Exercise was Yin and Yang Vein. Now, everyone understood why Chen Xiang was so monstrous. Originally, because he cultivated the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, he was able to defeat Xiao Chou of Herculean Family. Realizing this point, everyone, thirsted even more for the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise. Not only was it a divine exercise, it was still a Dragon Martial Technique which went against the common norms. Upon thinking about this, everyone was in a frenzy.

"I am well aware. Even if I can't cultivate the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, that does not mean I can't create some power martial technique!" Lan Hai laughed and said.

Chen Xiang glanced all around. He discovered that these Nirvana Realm martial artists had their face filled with greed. They were all waiting for him to hand over the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise.

Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue walked together. They already knew Chen Xiang was Huang Jintian's apprentice. They had been in constant worry that this day would come, but they had not expected it to arrive so soon.

Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan, both tightly clasped Liu Menger's hand. The revelation of Chen Xiang's identity had also surprised them, yet at the same time, it became the cause of their worry. They both knew that in that past, in order to seize the Tai Chi Subduing Exercise, a dreadful slaughter was set off in the entire Mortal World.

Chen Xiang scratched his head and laughed, "Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise is a supreme divine exercise. I had to spend an entire year just to remember the whole thing. How should I say this, if I am to hand it over, I will need one or two years."

When everyone heard this, they were petrified for a moment. However, they were even more excited, he needed an entire year to remember the whole exercise, evidently, this spoke for its esoteric principles itself. Obviously, Chen Xiang was intentionally exaggerating and he was now stalling for time.

Gu Dongchen secretly came to admire Chen Xiang for his calmness in such a dangerous situation. Previously, he was prepared to be cursed a few times by him.

"I only promised to hand him over. I did not guarantee that he would tell you Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise. Whether you can ask him all depends on you!" Gu Dongchen sighed softly and surprisingly jumped into the sky and flew away.

Once Gu Dongchen left, what was going to happen next had no relation with him whatsoever. He had already completed his end of the bargain with these Nirvana Realm martial artists.

Escape? Currently, he was surrounded by a few hundred Nirvana Realm martial artists. If he escaped, perhaps these Nirvana Realm Martial artists would die from shame.

As Chen Xiang glanced at Sacred Light Temple's Qin Zejun as well as the other Nirvana Realm martial artists who were wearing golden robes, he said, "Seniors, I understand that Gu Dongchen has made an agreement with you, but how can the people of Sacred Light Temple share the same benefits? Seniors, you are the one who Gu Dongchen had made an agreement with, don't you think Sacred Light Temple is getting all the advantages for nothing?"

Chen Xiang was indeed right. The experts of other sea domain secretly felt happy. They had come from far away just for the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise, while the Sacred Light Temple didn't have any agreement with Gu Dongchen.

"You lots of Sacred Light Temple, get the fuck out!" Lan Hai shouted. At this time, everyone felt incredibly excited because they knew Chen Xiang had no way out. He had no choice but to pass the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise to them.

The people of Sacred Light Temple ground their teeth in hatred. In their eyes, the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise was also akin to extreme treasure. But now, how could they remain here? The opposite side had powerful experts of three sea domains and if they fight, they were going to lose without a shred of doubt.

Chen Xiang was stalling for time in order to think of some ways to escape.

After the martial artists of Sacred Light Temple left with a dejected look hanging on their faces, Gu Dongchen once again came back. Now, Chen Xiang was standing in the center while three hundred or so Nirvana Realm martial artists surrounded him!

"The sects of Chenwu Mainland cannot leave! The martial artists of Sacred Light Temple are definitely close by. Seniors, can you lay down a soundproof barrier so that when I speak the chanting formula, others can't hear it. And everyone please have patience because the chanting formula is incredibly long."

Chen Xiang had a helpless look hanging on his face while everyone was even more excited. They immediately laid down a soundproof barrier together.

It did not take long for the sound-proof barrier to be completed. It completely isolated the sounds from either side, neither the people outside could hear what was happening inside, nor the people inside able to hear anything happening on the outside. Everyone was fearless of any kind of attack; after all, they were the strongest martial artists standing at the peak of the Mortal World. What should they be afraid of?

Chen Xiang was also very excited; if he could escape from amidst these people, it was no different than ruthlessly slapping them in their faces.

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