World Defying Dan God - Chapter 375

Translated by - Ash, Edited by - Beansprout

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Many of the Nirvana Realm martial artists whose cultivation was relatively low happened to have a change in their complexion upon listening to the furious tiger roars that kept on coming continuously. Although they, too, were Nirvana Realm martial artists, facing this level of White Tiger, their only choice was to escape.

"White Tiger Family!" Gu Dongchen dispiritedly said. At this moment, the entire soundproof barrier has already been destroyed. The birds and beasts inside the forest all seemed to be fleeing in fear. The sky above was full of varieties of birds as they flee in distress. The summit could be said to be shrouded in a haze of fear.

Chen Xiang was secretly shocked. He didn't expect Zhenzhen – this Little White Tiger's parents – to be so formidable! He hastily shut close the opening on the profound beast bag. If they came to know that he had caught their daughter, he was finished.

Of course, he had done so in order to let the White Tiger husband-wife duo have their hatred pointed at these Nirvana Realm martial experts. At that time, as long as the situation here was in chaos, it would present the best opportunity for him to escape.

"Smelly dragon, can you lure some birds here so that we can confuse these old men? Otherwise, a sudden appearance of a bird will only make them suspicious." Chen Xiang asked Long Xueyi.

"It's a piece of cake. Those two powerful White Tigers are about to arrive. Looking at their imposing manner, they should be ready for a big fight." Long Xueyi excitedly said. At this time, a flock of birds suddenly charged at the summit of the Heroes Mountain. Countless birds flew like a swarm of locust, covering the sky. And the experts at the summit had their hands full, they could only manage so much. All of them stood up and turned their gaze towards the place where the tiger roars seemed to be coming from.

At the moment, all they could worry about were those two powerful White Tigers.

"They are coming!" Gu Dongchen shouted and flew out. He was the strongest expert of the Chenwu Mainland and also the host for the Heroes Assembly of this time. Surely, he had to guarantee the safety of the assembly.

Gu Dongchen was the first to bear the brunt of the attack as a white mist rose from his pair of fists. The power and momentum emanating from these fists had made many hearts tremble. This was precisely the strength of someone who had crossed eight Nirvana Tribulation.

At that very moment Gu Dongchen flew out, two white light streaks made their way here from far away and crashed into Gu Dongchen fiercely.

Gu Dongchen immediately followed up with a fierce shout as he suddenly punched out, seemingly bearing the momentum that could topple mountains and overturn the seas. In the twinkling of an eye, it seemed as if the sky and the earth were going to collapse. A large part of the earth had cracked open, even the Heroes Mountain was shaking violently! A burst of glaring light had covered the sky and the earth, even worse was that it gave people a kind of burning sensation.

Of course, what made everyone feel terrified was the monstrous Slaughter Qi which had covered the world; it made everyone feel as if they were in a battlefield where over a billion people were slaughtering each other! After the glaring light vanished, a middle-aged couple stood before Gu Dongchen. The robe worn by the couple were just like the fur of a White Tiger, it had many stripes, while the look on their faces seemed to be that of anger.

At this time, a flock of birds once again flew their way into the crowd of martial artists. Presently, everyone's attention was completely focused on the White Tiger husband and wife couple. They simply didn't notice that a dense mist was slowly spreading under their feet.

Lian Yingxiao and the blue robed old man also charged out and faced the White Tiger couple standing next to Gu Dongchen. All of them were not flying, but using their strength, they were making their body float in the air which can only be done by Nirvana Realm martial artists.

Chen Xiang was also incomparably tensed. At the very moment the glaring light covered everyone's vision, he quietly cast the "Misty Sky". There were countless moves inside the Black Tortoise Divine Exercise. Generally, all of the moves were focused on escaping, that was why he rarely used them. However, now was just the right moment to use them.

After he kept on releasing a large part of water attributed True Qi that transformed into white mist, the mist grew denser and denser. In just a few seconds, the crowd at the summit of the mountain were shrouded in a dense mist.

Suddenly, Chen Xiang cast 72 Transformations and silently metamorphosed himself into a little bird. At this moment, many birds were chaotically fleeing amidst the crowd, he simply would not be discovered.

"Chen Xiang has disappeared!" An old man suddenly shouted.

Even though many people were watching the White Tiger couple, there were still people who were monitoring Chen Xiang. Once Chen Xiang is discovered, it was immediately known.

After Chen Xiang turned into a little bird, he immediately flew in accordance with Long Xueyi's direction and flew his way towards that stone table and entered the small hole under the table. Just as he entered the hole, he heard someone speak that he had disappeared.

"Chen Xiang ran away! How can there be so much damn fog!" An old man furiously roared as he released a gust of wind, blowing away the mist to immediately look for Chen Xiang.

"Quickly, look everywhere!" Lan Hai shouted. The field was suddenly in a complete chaos. And after the White Tiger couple noticed that their daughter wasn't here, on the contrary, it was full of many powerful experts, they angrily roared several times before flying away.

Although the beasts could change form, they were still very much detested by mankind. The White Tiger couple were worried that instead of finding their daughter, they would be captured. So they had no choice but to leave.

"Quickly find him, he could not have gone far!" The blue robed old man was anxious as well as furious. Floating high in the air, his gaze swept through the mountain forest everywhere, and he also released his powerful divine sense that swept all around.

Just after Chen Xiang hid in the small hole, in a few short seconds, he suddenly sensed hundreds of powerful divine sense swept over. But he was not discovered, and thus, he even more leisurely continued his way down the hole.

Under the sweeping of hundreds of divine sense of Nirvana Realm martial artists, not to mention human, they were even clear of the number of ants. Yet they still could not find Chen Xiang.

"What the fuck happened! Not to mention a little rascal, even if Huang Jintian was here, it would be absolutely impossible to escape in such a short amount of time. Even if he escaped, he would still leave the fluctuations of his aura, but this brat seems as if he had evaporated into thin air!"

Lan Hai angrily said. He was unable to accept this fact. Although the situation was very chaotic, he felt that even he himself could not escape if he was surrounded by so many Nirvana Realm martial artists.

But the fact was that Chen Xiang had disappeared without a trace! These people were the strongest in the Mortal World, their divine sense could almost search a few hundred zhang deep under the ground. In just a short span of time, the entire Heroes Mountain had been locked by their divine sense. They could sense many birds and beasts fleeing, but they could not sense any human running away.

Those Nirvana Realm martial artists who had come from far away anxiously searched up and down. On one hand, they were grumbling and cursing, while on the other they were searching for Chen Xiang using divine sense. Even Gu Dongchen and Wu Kaiming took part in the search.

Liu Menger and Hua Xiangyue also stood at the edge of the square, released their divine sense and swept the mountain forest around them. They were extremely happy because of Chen Xiang's escape, but they could not understand using what means had Chen Xiang escaped. If it was just a few Nirvana Realm martial artists then it was still probable, but there were hundreds of Nirvana Realm martial artists here, yet he had safely escaped.

Xue Xianxian said in a low voice, "Brother Xiang has really surprised everyone, he had actually run away!"

"Was it just nonsense he was talking? He has always been waiting for an opportunity, this little rascal can be truly hateful! I think that this mist is definitely created by him!" Hua Xiangyue looking at the white mist and said in a low voice.

Suddenly, the entire white mist floated into the sky and slowly gathered together to form a row of words, "A bunch of idiots, hahaha!"

"Quickly look at the sky!" As a man shouted, everyone raised their head. After they read the sentence, they were incessantly furious. They understood that Chen Xiang was blatantly shaming them, the Nirvana Realm martial artists. And they too also felt it as a great insult!

Seeing those few words, Lan Hai furiously roared as he sent a palm towards the sky, thereby, dispersing the white mist. Afterward, he looked at Gu Dongchen.

"Don't look at me, I don't know anything either!" Gu Dongchen spread his hand as a bitter smile appeared on his face.

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