World Defying Dan God - Chapter 376

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Indeed, it had nothing to do with Gu Dongchen. When Chen Xiang disappeared, everyone had witnessed Gu Dongchen obstructing the White Tiger couple who had suddenly appeared right before them. That White Tiger couple abruptly came and abruptly left, which also puzzled everyone.

Everyone believed that Chen Xiang had escaped using some secret technique. The one thing they were completely sure was that the fog had been released by Chen Xiang.

"That brat indeed has the ability to escape. However, I still can't figure out this martial technique which can leave so much water behind. But obviously, he hadn't used this kind of martial technique to escape. If he had, he would have definitely released a rich water attributed True Qi." Lian Yingxiao turned around to look at the stone tables nearby. Even though he had noticed the hole, it never crossed his mind that somebody could escape here because, in his mind, a human could never enter this hole.

"Hahaha... what a bunch of idiots. Surprisingly, that little rascal ran away. Hahaha... I am laughing to death here. In my entire life, this is the funniest thing I have ever seen!" An insane laughter suddenly floated over, angering Lan Hai and the others even more.

It was Huang Jintian's laughter!

"At the beginning, I intended to wait till that brat had imparted half of Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise before saving him, but who would have expected him to spout a load of bullshit. And after you blockheads actually believed him, he escaped. Hahaha... truly worthy of my apprentice! Those bullshit stories are all false, concocted by that brat, but they were actually not that bad! They were enough to fool you blockheads to listen to him for three days and three nights!"

Once Huang Jintian finished speaking, he once again burst into maniacal laughter. Listening to his mirth, Lan Hai and the others turned pale. Chen Xiang had actually treated them as pigs[1] and toyed them with for three days and three nights!

"Hahaha... this is so funny! A group of pigs.However, that brat's story was pretty good! You have not suffered a loss here! Hahaha..."

Previously, when Huang Jintian heard Chen Xiang telling those stories, he had almost spewed blood from laughing. And now that Chen Xiang had fled, he was mercilessly ridiculing these self-righteous Nirvana Realm martial artists.

"Blue robed old man, if I remembered it correctly, when that little rascal was telling the story, you were the first to praise it. Now, it seems that you are the dumbest pig! Hahaha..."

Lan Hai was trembling in anger, he almost had an impulse to vomit blood. When others thought of the time when Lan Hai was singing to Chen Xiang's tune, it was indeed true that Lan Hai was a complete idiot. At his age, he had actually been played by a little rascal.

Xue Xianxian and Leng Youlan too very much wished to laugh, but they dared not! The same was true for Liu Menger as well as Hua Xiangyue, but thinking of it, they realized they too had been cheated, they could not laugh.

"Hahaha... I'm dying here, imagining your looks when you pigs had been fooled by my apprentice, I can't stop laughing! That brat is too formidable, the pupil has surpassed his teacher, hahaha..." Huang Jintian's voice disappeared. However, that insane laughter which was full of ridicule still echoed everywhere.

Lan Hai and the other felt as if someone had ruthlessly slapped them in the face. They were all incomparably furious. This was the biggest shame of their life, especially for Lan Hai. Now, he could not wait to find a hole in the ground and jump into it.

Long Xueyi, Su Meiyao, and Bai Youyou also could not stop laughing, especially Bai Youyou. It was the first time for Chen Xiang to see her laughing so hard. Needless to mention - Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou - these two girls constantly laughed to their heart's content.

As long as they are those who believed Chen Xiang's story were true, they did not feel it was funny at all because they felt like a pig who had been idiotically sitting there, listening to Chen Xiang blindly for three days and three nights, and also believing it was all true!

"I'm extremely sorry! I admit that at that time, I was no more than a stupid pig in that brat's eyes, I indeed had been played by him. But Old Hai, you can not go back on your words! I have personally handed him over to you, it was you who could not look after him. You can't blame me for that!" Gu Dongchen helplessly sighed and said. Chen Xiang's means had taken him by surprise. And now, the public was completely furious.

Of course, Lan Hai and the others could not go back on their words. It was indeed their carelessness which allowed Chen Xiang to escape. After they all calmed down, they more or less had come to admire Chen Xiang a little. Not only had Chen Xiang had that kind of means, he also had the guts to even dare to spout nonsense, concoct some stories in front of a few hundred Nirvana Realm martial artists, in order to fool them.

Not just anyone could have such courage!

"This brat... I must catch him!" Lan Hai angrily snorted.

Lian Yingxiao laughed and said, "Old Hai, I'm afraid, that brat is not going to return to Extreme Martial Sect for a long time. I think that the next time he returns, he should be in Nirvana Realm!"

Chen Xiang in Nirvana Realm? Not to mention Nirvana Realm, Chen Xiang was just in True Martial Realm, and he had been so unruly. Thinking about this made everyone’s head ache!

"I promise everyone, if he returns to Extreme Martial Sect, I will be the first to catch him and hand him over to you! But of course, if that old madman took action, then I won't have any way to do so." Gu Dongchen bitterly smiled and said.

Huang Jintian still made everyone dread him. A majority of the people in here had a bout or two with Huang Jintian. Furthermore, a group of them had besieged Huang Jintian together, yet in the end, they were injured by him. This spoke for Huang Jintian's strength itself. They were all well-aware that if Huang Jintian so wished to rely on his heaven-defying strength, he could definitely dominate the entire Mortal World. Yet he did not do so, and finally, his fate had fallen to that of a prisoner.

"Although the old madman is imprisoned, if he... if he wants to take action, it is still not a problem. He seems to have mastered a powerful means by virtue of which he could congeal a body from his divine sense." Gu Dongchen solemnly said.

Everyone was aghast. They all looked at each other and noticed a stunned look on everyone's faces. What did they just hear, Huang Jintian actually has the ability to come out and take action?

There was already no sign of Chen Xiang. Now, he continued advancing through that passage of small hole. He found that this small passage had been intentionally made by someone as if it was leading to a place right below the venue of Heroes Assembly.

"Who in the hell had created this? This mountain is but incredibly hard!" Chen Xiang was extremely uncertain. Previously, the Sacred Light Temple Pope had ruthlessly smacked a palm on the stone table, yet it did not leave any damage, it did not even shake the ground. It was quite clear that, from the beginning to end, this mountain had been carefully crafted.

"It is very deep, it looks like this passage is going around the mountain till it reaches the bottom, who in the hell is so bored? If he wanted to reach the bottom, he could have made it straight." Long Xueyi was also uncertain.

The mountain was extremely massive. If the passage continued going around the mountain to reach the bottom, then this passage indeed could only be made by someone who was incredibly bored.

"Is it sealing some bored guy?" Chen Xiang made a guess. Previously, when he went to take the Suppressing Devil Divine Exercise, he had freed Bai Ziqian who had been sealed there for a hundred thousand years. If someone was sealed below the mountain, he would not find it strange at all.

"Who knows! However, this place has always been a forbidden area, there is definitely something under it! At the very least, this passage was intentionally made by someone, it is impossible to be naturally formed." Long Xueyi said.

Chen Xiang turned into a mouse and quickly crawled his way into the passage. At the beginning, he intended to hide here for some time before leaving. But now, driven by his curiosity, he continued to advance.


  1. ^ [TLN: Everyone might be wondering why they were feeling like a pig when they were cheated, it is because according to Chinese Astrology, those who have pig as their zodiac sign, they are trusting and sometimes naïve, so they may easily fall into traps.]

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