World Defying Dan God - Chapter 377

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Hero Assembly officially began. The crowd of experts discussed on how to jointly seal that rift and destroy those Evil Demons later.

Naturally, Chen Xiang who was still inside that quiet and dark passage had no way to know. What made him a little worried was that he might encounter some danger.

"This place should be enveloped in a powerful restrictive spell, otherwise, it would not be so firm!" Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang also gave it a try, but no matter what he did, he could not budge a single piece of stone, he could not even leave a scratch on the surface. He was now sure that there were definitely some good things hidden under the mountain.

This mountain was built a hundred thousand years ago, a time when the martial way was flourishing. Later, because of the catastrophe, many martial and alchemy techniques were lost. So the current martial artists were much worse than before.

After crawling for more than half an hour, Chen Xiang suddenly felt a gust of chilly wind which made him feel very comfortable. But this comfortableness didn't last for long because of an extremely strong suction force had suddenly appeared and immediately started to pull him downwards.

It felt like he was flying in this small passage. Chen Xiang panicked, "What the fuck is happening?"

"A strong suction force is sucking you forward." Long Xueyi explained.

"There should not be any problem. If this place was established by the martial artists a hundred thousand years ago, then they should not have any malicious intention. I think that the suction force is there to make you reach that mysterious place quickly." Su Meiyao said.

Chen Xiang heaved a sigh. However, he was still vigilant. At this moment, he felt like he was moving faster and faster, like he was inside a passage created by the wind itself. And this feeling was pretty good.

A moment later, he suddenly fell to the ground. He also reverted back to his human form because there was an ample room of space here.

"Is this the bottom of the mountain? Where the hell am I?" The stonewalls in here were exuding a weak white light. Chen Xiang glanced all around, hoping to find something here.

It was only a broad stone room with nothing else inside, which made him quite disappointed.

"Which mainland are you from? What sect do you belong to?" A very loud voice suddenly rang in his ear, frightening Chen Xiang to the point that he could not help but scream in fear.

Chen Xiang hadn't expected that there would actually be someone in this huge stone room. But no matter where he looked, he could not find anyone, which gave him the creeps.

"Chenwu Mainland, Extreme Martial Sect disciple!" Chen Xiang slightly took a breath before replying.

"Worthy of the sect created by Extreme Martial Old Man. His sect's disciple is actually the first one to arrive here. So to say, the Extreme Martial Sect is still surviving after a hundred thousand years, amazing!" The voice was filled with admiration.

Chen Xiang secretly chuckled to himself. Now it seemed that there would be some good things inside this stone room.

"Senior, are you sealed here?" Chen Xiang asked. If he could, he would free this man.

"No, it just a wisp of my spirit thought which is talking with you. I am already inside the Heavenly Realm!" The man laughed.

Chen Xiang was shocked. Is he in the Heavenly Realm? Furthermore, he could still talk with him. He reckoned that this man's divine sense was definitely astonishing, or else it would have been impossible to separate a wisp of spirit thought and maintain it for so long, not to mention, he could still control this spirit thought from the Heavenly Realm.

"This fellow is definitely a Shinto cultivator. There is a Splitting Soul Technique in Shinto which can not be affected by constraints of space, making it possible to control spirit thought from another space and get the latest information directly! Even for me, it is currently impossible. It seems that this fellow after crossing the ninth Nirvana Tribulation didn't immediately ascend, and remained here for some time." Long Xueyi was also caught by surprise. She encountered Chen Xiang, a human who could cultivate in Shinto was already unexpected, now she had encountered another one.

After listening to Long Xueyi, Chen Xiang was suddenly filled with deep veneration, "Senior, could it be that you are a Shinto cultivator?"

"Oh? Little brother, may I ask how strong are you now? How did you know that I am a Shinto cultivator? Even in the past, many old men didn't know what is my ability called, even I didn't know. Only after I ascended to the Heavenly Realm did I came to know of Shinto." The man asked in surprise.

"I am just a 7th level True Martial Realm cultivator. I have read a book that had records about Shinto, that's why I know." Chen Xiang replied.

"So it was like that! How did you come here? Discovering the hole is not difficult, the difficult part is to realize that there is something underneath. Furthermore, when you arrived, you didn't destroy the mountain. Not to mention, by your current strength, it will be near impossible for you to destroy it!" Regarding this issue, the man felt extremely uncertain.

Long Xueyi said, "Tell him that you are a Shinto cultivator. This person had been exploring the cultivation of Shino on his own, furthermore, he is currently in the Heavenly Realm; he is definitely not an ordinary person. It's better for you to become friends with him, you might encounter him in the Heavenly Realm later on."

"Senior... In fact, I am also a Shinto cultivator. I have just learned itsy-bitsy of spiritual power, by virtue of which I turned into a mouse and crawled my way here!" Chen Xiang laughed and said.

"Hahaha, interesting, interesting! In the past, I had said, anyone who can come here would definitely not be some ordinary person. Who would have expected that after one hundred thousand years, the human who could arrive here is actually a Shinto cultivator! In the past, this place was built together by me and a group of old men." The man laughed and said.

"Where in the end is this place? Right, I have yet not asked senior's good name?" Chen Xiang asked.

"My name is Wu Canghong, little brother, what about yours?" Wu Canghong asked with a laugh.

"Chen Xiang! Senior Wu, where am I? I only came here in order to hide." Chen Xiang replied.

"Oh? Why were you hiding? The Great Battle of the Three Realm has yet not started, right!?" Wu Canghong doubtfully asked, "I very much want to know, why you came here?"

Chen Xiang possessed the Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Exercise was already known to many, he had nothing to be afraid of in telling it to Wu Canghong.

After listening, Wu Canghong was furious as well as surprised.

"We have never imagined that, after us, the Mortal Martial World would actually become like this, so inharmonious! It's good that the leader of Extreme Martial Sect was able to unite the various continents at the most crucial moment, otherwise, the Chenwu Mainland would have been finished." Wu Canghong furiously said.

"Chen Xiang, in fact, you don't need to afraid. Your teacher is actually very strong, he absolutely would not have let you get hurt. The only reason that he doesn't dare to use too much of his power is because he is afraid that he will be sucked into the Heavenly Realm. At present, he is still safe inside the Mysterious Realm!"

Wu Canghong continued, "Since you were able to arrive here, and got my approval as well, I will give you two things! One is a magical equipment called Tian Luo Door[1], and the other is a map."

Chen Xiang was secretly elated. Although he didn't know what was good about these two things, he knew that these things were definitely not ordinary.


  1. ^ [TLN: Tian Luo, this term comes many times, so I figured I should break it to you. So it is the Heaven in Taoism. I still can't understand it completely, but whoever is interested I have found an internet page for you, you can know more about it here. ]

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