World Defying Dan God - Chapter 89

Chapter 89 Azure Profound Fruit

Chen Xiang could overtake the blue-eyed panther anytime he wanted, but he was intentionally pursuing it neither too fast nor too slow. His goal was very obvious, he wanted to follow this blue-eyed panther and take a look at its eventual destination.

The old men inside the Elder Courtyard quickly saw through Chen Xiang’s intentions, this made their hearts a bit uncomfortable.

Chen Xiang followed the blue-eyed panther until they arrived next to a large tree. That blue-eyed panther climbed up onto that large tree as Chen Xiang soon followed.

Above that tree was a hollow entrance. As Chen Xiang went inside the opening, the blue-eyed panther started howling and trembling, there was no escape route, only a dead end.

Inside that hollowed out area, there was a haystack. Upon which, were a few stones that resembled eggs and emitted a strong azure aura. Chen Xiang sucked in a mouth full of cold air and exclaimed, “Azure Profound Fruit, and five of them! This is the key material required for refining a Foundation Building Dan!”

The Azure Profound Fruit was a type of tuberous fruit. Very rarely, did the roots under the ancient trees sometimes start to gather a large amount of Spirit Qi. If at the right place and time, along with some special conditions being met, the roots may turn into a fruit. However, having a tree meeting these prerequisites was extremely rare!

After being briefly shocked, Chen Xiang quickly took these five fruits and placed them into his storage pouch. Then he said with a smile to that blue-eyed panther, “Thanks! I will spare you life for this!”

Jumping down from the tree, Chen Xiang was very excited. He quickly left that part of the forest. He had never expected that he would obtain five Azure Profound Fruits. But this was even more shocking for the Elders inside the Elder Courtyard. Although they were all very strong experts, seeing this little devil who had not even entered the True Martial Realm obtain such good materials, they could not help but envy him.

Morning arrived as warm sunlight permeated the atmosphere throughout this Mysterious Realm. Currently, Chen Xiang was holding a steel blade and standing high above a mound, watching the lush green prairie for demon beasts.

“This annoying brat is just standing there in broad daylight. He’s seeking his own death! That’s the grazing area for the Grade-10 Iron Armor Bulls!” Elder Dan sneered.

“This brat has some bizarre and unique martial skills. He’s actually able to make demon beasts fear him! Is this a type of Dragon Martial Art?” Wu Kaiming had a doubtful look on his face.

At this time, Chen Xiang, who was still standing on top of the mound, saw around twenty bulls coming out from inside the forest. Marching with a heavy pace, each one was howling, their bodies covered in a topaz colored armor that looked very sharp and tough. The one leading the herd had two scythe like horns protruding from its head. From its posture, it seemed ready to charge and crush anything in it’s path.

All of a sudden around twenty or so beasts appeared, not only that, but they were Grade-10 demon beasts! If any ordinary martial artists saw this, they would surely choose to avoid the herd. But Chen Xiang wasn’t an ordinary martial artist as he drew out his blade and rushed towards the pack.

“This crazy brat! Isn’t he just seeking death?” Wu Kaiming could not help but exclaim. Although he had some grasp about Chen Xiang’s true strength, he did not think that Chen Xiang would be able to deal with all the Iron Armor Bulls.

Seeing someone rushing toward them, the herd of Iron Armor Bulls suddenly started bellowing. The relatively larger bull leader rushed out from the herd and emitted an angry growl. Its thick and strong hooves trampled on the prairie with each step splashing various grass and dirt up into the air. Letting out thunderous sounds, it dashed towards Chen Xiang, and along the way even aroused a burst of fierce wind.

The two giant horns on the Iron Armor Bull were pointing straight at Chen Xiang. It was like two sharp and giant thorns were speeding towards him.

Before the bull was about to reach him, Chen Xiang stepped aside and at the same time, brandished his blade in a chopping motion. Chen Xiang had poured his vigorous True Qi into the broadsword, which in turn transformed into a Qi Aura that gushed out of the blade, making it even more sharper.


The steel broadsword slashed onto that Iron Armor Bull’s neck as sparks and intense Qi waves burst out from the impact. Chen Xiang’s steel blade was shattered into pieces. He did not actually manage to cut the bull’s neck, and only destroyed his own weapon.

At this very moment, Chen Xiang realized that common Ordinary Grade Weapons would not be able to easily deal with Grade-10 demon beasts. Even though he added his vigorous Qi Aura, his blow only shook the Iron Armor Bull and nothing more.

Chen Xiang’s blow actually caused zero injuries to the bull, and it was clear how sturdy the Bull’s Iron Armor was!

“This brat is still too immature. You know, sooner or later, he’ll suffer a setback.” Elder Dan sneered. She and Wu Kaiming were looking at the large bull herd that was galloping towards Chen Xiang from far away.

Chen Xiang threw away his broken weapon as his complexion turned serious. He clenched his hand into fists and revolved the invisible True Qi within his body. In response, the True Qi from the five divine beast forms as they surged out and gather at one place, transforming into the colorless and invisible Universal True Qi!

This was Chen Xiang’s true strength, simultaneously using the True Qi of the five elements!

"[Dragon Aura Fist!]"

The Universal True Qi that was around Chen Xiang’s fists was suddenly converted into Dragon Aura. The aura surroundings his fists instantly changed and looked as if they had been moulded out from pure gold. With terrifying power and momentum, punches flew out one after another in a seemingly endless storm of piercing Qi waves.

Seeing this draconic might suddenly appear, the bull was terrified as it’s whole body started shivering. Chen Xiang relentlessly and ruthlessly pounded the bull with a barrage of blows. In the blink of an eye, dozens of punches were sent out, and in that moment the golden fist’s images were flashing, all of which struck directly onto the bull’s head. Whenever a blow landed on the Iron Armor Bull, gushing blood soon followed. Chen Xiang’s fists sheathed in the destructive Qi Aura broke through the bull’s head and entered into the bull’s body as it destroyed the inside of the bull.

In just a few seconds, more than 200 clean [Dragon Aura Fists] landed onto that bull’s head. Afterwards, the Iron Armor Bull fell down with a loud thump.

After Chen Xiang entered the 9th level of the Mortal Martial Realm, his True Qi became even more vigorous as the result of being compressed. Even if he were to continuously use the Universal True Qi to launch his violent attacks, he did not need to worry anymore about his True Qi consumption.

The remaining twenty or so Iron Armor Bulls that were rushing at him from afar were also subjected to that faint draconic pressure. Their instincts screamed in fear and they turned around to quickly try and escape.

Chen Xiang fiercely leapt into the sky, like an arrow fired from the ground into the air, and flew over the entire herd of bulls. He then emitted a crazy howl before blasting a palm towards the ground.

This blow of his suddenly burst out into an azure and red aura. The source of these two clashing auras was the vigorous Azure Dragon and Vermillion Bird True Qi, which he had completely released and fused together into a fearsome Qi Aura. He then used his divine sense to gather and compress it to form the enormous palm.

After the compressed True Qi from Chen Xiang was completely released, it looked like something solid, unlike the previous gas like form!

The giant palm fiercely pressed downwards, completely covering those twenty or so bulls!

A thunderous booms resounded as the land burst into a fierce tremor. A huge palm imprint emerged onto the prairie's surface. Chen Xiang withdrew the rest of the remaining True Qi and poured it into the two dark beast forms inside his dantian. The beast forms were similar to transparent crystals. As long as they were filled with True Qi, they would start emitting Aura once more.

Chen Xiang flew down from the air and walked towards the sunken palm imprint. In just a blink of an eye, those twenty or so bulls had been crushed to death and turned into gigantic meat patties. Inside this crater that resembled a palm imprint, was an area was filled with blood and meat, creating a very nauseating scene.

Wu Kaiming blinked his old eyes a few times, just to make sure he wasn’t going senile before the he squeezed out two words from the gap between his teeth. “Abnormal freak!”

Just like him and everyone else watching, they had been secretly shocked by Chen Xiang’s strength. In their opinion, only an elite few disciples among the Inner Sect Martial Courtyard were capable of such a feat. It must be known that those Inner Sect Disciples have been here for a long time and learnt many martial skills and compressed their True Qi to a very rich form!

Collecting the ravaged corpses of the bulls, Chen Xiang backtracked. He wanted to quickly enter the Inner Sect!

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