Deva Wizard



Tian Long, peak level practitioner of the Dao had an unexpected accident happened while ascending to heaven(Becoming a celestial).

In the end, his soul was extinguished and suddenly showed up in the body of a little servant boy, Merlin.


Cultivation Levels

– Pran Gathering

– Budding Pran

– Pran Incubation

– Blooming Pran

– Pran Blossom

– Ascension

All divided into 9 levels


Wizard Levels

– Practitioner

– Mage

– Magician

– Magic Warrior

– Wizard

– Great Wizard

– Magic Emperor

All divided into 5 levels.

6 Great Powers and their Protectors:

Church of Light (Holy Sage)

Bohemia Kingdom (Defenders of Bohemia)

Aragon Kingdom (Knights of Aragon)

Naple Kingdom (Forests of Naple)

Duchy Kingdom (Holy Sword of Duchy)

Byzantine Kingdom (Brave Warriors of Byzantine)

5 Guardians and 1 Holy Saint




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