Deva Wizard - Chapter 1

Feelings of love, greed, lust, and anger must be abandoned to become a celestial.

How much Pran does one need to accumulate to become a celestial?

The cycle of life and death, where do the dead go after death?

After becoming the highest level practitioner, where does one go?

Guanshin Territory

The earth shook, black clouds covered the sky and raindrops raged. Soon, everything became soaked. Thunder roared while the heavens screeched hectically.

On this land, practitioners are everywhere. Whether it’s man or beast, they all aim for an eternal life.

An ordinary person would not know what is happening, whereas, practitioners of the Dao will have an inkling. This event was the process of shedding off one’s mortal body after achieving the pinnacle of the Dao, which only occurs after one reaches the pinnacle of the Dao!


The number of people who had cultivated to the pinnacle of the Dao can be counted on one hand.

To ascend to heaven, practitioners must first extinguish their soul. To become the strongest, a true celestial, they must cut off their mortal self.

Even if their identity was unknown, they caused many people to gaze in their direction enviously. The Heavenly Tribulation- the method of extinguishing the soul. The person must endure the wrath of heaven 999 times to cut off their mortal self to become a celestial.

The thunder roared and crackled countless times, shaking the earth.

Pliange!(TLN: Thunder sound effect)

After the thundering finally settled down...

On a towering peak, a golden light beamed from the ground to the sky. The onlookers understood that the “person” had reached the true celestial level successfully.

Tian Long, a practitioner who had reached the pinnacle of the Dao, had managed to cut off his mortal self. He had received the last bolt of the Heavenly Tribulation.

Even in the ancient times, where there were countless more practitioners at the pinnacle of the Dao, many still failed to take on the 999 Heavenly Tribulation.

The souls of those who failed were shattered into pieces.They lose the chance to become a practitioner again, even if they get reincarnated.

Tian Long has practiced the Dao for hundreds of years. His soul received only a little damage from the Heavenly Tribulation. His effort of were not wasted.

When the light finally shone upon his face, he felt the Eyes of Celestial slowly opening.

Tian Long had anticipated that he would have his youthful body returned, emit a holy golden aura as well possess eternal life.

But the reality before him was…


What is this!

“Merlin! You have finally awoken, my beloved child!”

The lights of heaven that he anticipated was merely the light of the sun beaming through the window.

The first thing he noticed was a young woman, apparently his mother. She was wiping his face with a towel. When he looked at her, she smiled gently back at him.

“You're awake?”

The woman asked the same question again.

Tian Long did not answer. Instead, he tried to sit up but found that he had no energy. He decided to lay back down.

““Don't be in a rush, you’ve slept for one night straight. Now, can you tell your mother what you were doing at that river?”

Tian Long felt confused by the woman's question. He was not familiar with the language she spoke yet he was able to understand it. Who is she and where is this unfamiliar place?


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