Deva Wizard - Chapter 2


Who is Merlin?

Is she talking about me?(TL Note: He called himself ‘kah’ it’s  a noble way of calling yourself. Just something I wanted to point out)

Heavens! Just what is going on?

“It’s fine if you can’t answer me now. I’m just glad that you’re awake.Thank the gods that you’re safe.”

The girl then suddenly hugged Tian Long with tears dripping down her face. When her body touched Tian Long’s body, memories flowed through Tian Long’s body.

Unfamiliar, bizarre memories. The memories of a seven years old boy known as Sirte Merlin.

The girl crying in front of me is…

‘Sirte May, the mother of this child. She is the 3rd wife of Sirte Fisher from the Clan of Sirte, the father of Merlin’

The Family of Sirte

The Clan of Sirte has Sirte Rose as the clan leader. As the Earl of Kerl Burke, he was protected by the Kingdom of Aragon, one of the great powers of this land.

‘Fisher was the fourth son of Earl Rose.  He had three wives. His first wife gave birth to a son, who they raised with the family’s full support. His second wife did not give birth to any children but she still loved Fisher to the point of giving up her life for him. His third wife is May, the crying girl in front of him.

Unfortunately, Fisher died due to a disease outbreak. His second wife, who loved him the most became brokenhearted. Unable to live without him lead her to end her own life.

Earl Rose lost his son Fisher which caused him to become depressed and brokenhearted afterward. This was around the time Merlin has just been born. The Earl hated May because she was just a servant and Fisher took her as his wife.

His grandson was part of the lower class due to being birthed by a servant and right after he was born, Fisher died. This increased his resentment towards May by two-fold.

Thus the third wife, Maya was cursed at and humiliated due to the death of her husband. Stripped of her status, she became a servant again. Her child, Merlin was recently sent to serve the Duke of Aragon, Cowl. What was the reason for an Earl's descendant to become a mere servant of a Duke?

Perhaps, it was because of Earl Rose’s hatred towards the mother and son pair?

Currently here (E)->In just a few moments, memories of Merlin’s entire life flowed into Tian Long’s head. The huge influx of information caused Tian Long’s brain to become to feel slightly stressed.

The the most recent event, Tian Long could see it the most clearly. It is the picture of the torrents of a river flowing wildly.

A big river?

Why do I see a river?

Tian Long then backtracked his memory slightly. This time, the picture of a child getting bullied came into his sight. One of the bullies pushed Merlin too hard causing him to fall into the river.

Merlin then struggled his hardest to cling to his life but the torrents of water made it difficult to do so.

The small body started to drown.

Then it sank violently.

Tian Long flinched out of his trance.

Is this the body of that boy, Merlin? (TL Note: facepalm)

Tian Long looked at his small hands and feet. His skin was youthful, but not what he wanted. He contemplated about why he was here. He may have taken over the dead body of this child. The child’s soul has already gone through the cycle of samsara.

So why?

Why is an enlightened being like him in this body?

He has endured his soul tribulation. He was not supposed to be in the body of this child. He was supposed to be in heaven.

Not like this!

Tian Long felt shocked and depressed. Did he do something wrong while enduring his tribulation that caused him to be in such state?

Tian Long looked up again. The girl named May is looking at him with concern. If this is all true, he must accept his fate. Tian Long quickly calmed down.

From now on, he must live his life as the boy named Merlin and he must accept May as his mother.

Suddenly, a rough hand gently caressed his head. The girl’s eyes and smile were filled with gentleness.

Why are the hands of this girl so rough?

Shouldn’t every girl have smooth skin?

For May, her hands are used to protect her child. She has no desires to progress any further in life. Even if she was a servant or anything, it is for the well-being of her child.

“Mother,” Tian Long, who now has to use Merlin as his name said.

She looked at him with a soft smile and replied back in a mellow voice.

“Merlin, do you know how worried I was about you? You must not play around like this to the point where I was this worried about you. Wait here, I’ll get you something to eat.”

Her tone brimmed with concern. She then kissed him on the forehead and left the room.

After she left, Merlin was left alone in the room. He then started to observe his surroundings.

This place was drastically different from the place he used to live in. It would be correct to describe this as a cottage, not a house. The walls were roughly made and when Merlin saw it, he cringed a little. He was one of the strongest practitioners of the Dao. He could not stand living in a place like this.

Although his path was fraught with hardship when he first embarked on the path of the Dao, after he reached the peak, everything he wanted could be conjured up with a wave of his hand.

When he thought of it, Tian Long, in the body of Merlin suddenly thrust his hand in front of him.

Plub!(TL Note: Punching Sound effect I guess)

Plub! Plub!


What is happening

Why is his power so weak. He used a the peak practitioner of the Dao

600 years, his power is this depleted. (TL Note: I have no idea what he is talking about)

Is this the result of failing to extinguish the soul?

In order to ascend to the heavens, one had to extinguish the soul. In the past, if someone failed to extinguish their soul, they would get destroyed by the Heavenly Tribulation, splitting their soul into pieces, never to be born again.

So why, after he extinguished his soul, even if he failed, why did he end up here?


It’s depressing! It is so depressing!

Merlin laid on his bed. The more he thought about it, the more depressed he became. He never thought that his situation would make him so depressed and sad that tears came out of his eyes. His hundreds of years of effort, all in vain! He gritted his teeth, enduring his pain of failing to ascend to heaven.

Then a thought flashed by.

No! He can’t be depressed like this.

As long as he’s alive, he still has flesh and blood. His path will not end here.

When he thought of it, his passion and hope rekindled.

The body of the little boy suddenly sat up from the bed and went into the sitting posture of meditation. He will not let his depression and sadness stop him.

He must go forward even if he had to start all over again. Merlin started to gather Pran around him to initiate cultivation.


What is this!

Why does this place not have any Pran? Merlin could not feel even the slightest bit of Pran.

Heavens! And what is this!

In truth, his surroundings not only failed to contain Pran but instead he could sense another form of energy.

He was extremely surprised.

This land does not have any Pran but has another form of bizarre energy.

When he gathered these energies into his body,

Plun! Just a bit more

Su!(TL Note: Can also be translated as fight! but I guess it’s a sound effect in this case)

Inside the body of the child, appeared a thin opaque mist. Merlin’s body soaked with sweat.

This is!

He can cultivate to the first level with this energy!

Heavens! He was able to reach the first level of gathering Pran so quickly.

It is definitely not a mistake. A large amount of sweat coming out of his pores means that he has accomplished the first level.

What is this about?

In the past, it took almost 2 years for him to reach this level.

And he only needed a few moments to achieve it now.

1st Level Gathering Pran?

Could it be!

The strange energy that he could sense from this place.

This energy's quality is several hundred times more concentrated than the Pran from his hometown. Thinking of this, Merlin’s lips gradually curled up. He could not hide his excitement.

If it is as he expected, he could cultivate to the peak faster and extinguish his soul once again by once again enduring the Heavenly Tribulation.

In his misfortune, he was able to find fortune.

Heavens! Thank you for giving me another chance, I will definitely become a Celestial this time!


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