Deva Wizard - Chapter 3

Cultivation Levels
– Pran Gathering
– Budding Pran
– Pran Incubation
– Blooming Pran
– Pran Blossom
– Ascension
All divided into 9 levels

Wizard Levels
– Practitioner
– Mage
– Magician
– Magic Warrior
– Wizard
– Great Wizard
– Magic Emperor
All divided into 5 levels.

6 Great Powers and their Protectors:

  • Church of Light (Holy Sage)
  • Bohemia Kingdom (Defenders of Bohemia)
  • Aragon Kingdom (Knights of Aragon)
  • Naple Kingdom (Forests of Naple)
  • Duchy Kingdom (Holy Sword of Duchy)
  • Byzantine Kingdom (Brave Warriors of Byzantine)

5 Guardians and 1 Holy Saint

Tian Long continued to meditate. He aimed to reach the third level of Pran Gathering by sunset.

The strange energy slowly seeped into Tian Long’s body. According to Merlin’s memory, this energy was called “Mana”. If someone could tap into this power, they were able to utilize the power of Magic.

Magic consisted of six main elements: Earth, Water, Fire, Wind, Light, and Dark unlike Tian Long’s unique hometown which had two additional elements: Gold and Wood.

People who tapped into the power of magic were given the title of “Practitioner.” Once they could use magic, a symbol would appear on their body. If they were at the “Practitioner” level, a single line appeared on their body. If they were at the “Mage” level, two lines appeared on their body.

Tian Long was in fact, gathering Mana into his body and converting it into Pran. By doing this, he was able to reach the peak of 1st level of Pran Gathering and was preparing to breakthrough to the 2nd level of Pran Gathering.

Suddenly, something unexpected happened.

A sudden wave of familiar energy entered Tian Long’s body and made a complete cycle of circulation. Subsequently, every hair of Tian Long stood erect, this was not Mana, this was Pran which only cultivators could sense. This Pran was also the one emitted by those of the “Blooming Pran” level.

Heaven! I should not be the only cultivator here then.

In the past, it took 300 years for Tian Long to reach the Bloming Pran level. But with this place’s environment, it would take at most 50 years to reach this level.

Meeting another cultivator here was not a good thing. The fact that the person was at the “Blooming Pran” level made it even worst. If that person discovered him, it would be a terrible occurrence.

When a person embarked on the path to power, the reason behind every action was for one’s benefits. Rarely, did one do anything without weighing their options. In the past, when he was at the peak of the Dao, only four people were at the same level as him. Anyone who was below him in cultivation were beneath him. The younger generation called him the“Patriarch”. He could split the seas with a wave of his hand; no one dared to challenge him.

Everyone cultivated differently, and there were many methods to benefit one’s cultivation. One way was to keep gathering Pran until it reached the 9th level to condense it and integrate it into one’s foundation roots.

If another practitioner took the roots of another practitioner, they could slowly extract out the energy and integrate it into their body. This increased their cultivation speed by several folds.

Even though this way of cultivating was evil, it was still the fastest way. However, in Tian Long’s previous world, not many people practiced it because one must be at the Blooming Pran level and if other cultivators found out, they would join hands dispose that practioner. Because of this, this way of practicing slowly faded away.

Tian Long did not know how many cultivators were out there to extinguish the cultivators of the evil path. If Tian Long were to encounter the evil path cultivator, he would definitely die.

When he thought of it, fear rose out from the bottom of his heart. He had just started his journey of cultivation. If he were to encounter other cultivators, he would be completely defenseless. Thus, he decided to never tell anyone.

“Merlin, time to eat”

The voice of May woke Tian Long up from his trance. After he cultivated up to 7th level of Pran Gathering at the age of 35, he never touched normal human good again. Right now, he was only at the peak of 1st level of Pran Gathering. He had to eat and drink.

Hah! He sighed heavily.

“Yes, I will go out now” He had to imitate growing up as a normal child as realistically as possible. Once he became strong enough as a cultivator, he would no longer have to hide his identity.


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