Deva Wizard - Chapter 4

After Tian Long finished eating with May, he went outside because his power was about to break through to the 2nd level of Pran Gathering.

If he breakthroughs to the 2nd level of Pran Gathering, his body will become much stronger than a normal human’s. After breaking through to the 3rd level, his body will become much faster and more agile than a normal human’s.

Currently, with his strength, he can lift up objects 3 times his weight. Breaking the ground in front of him is also not difficult.

Tian Long hid away from his mother’s sight by moving to the rear entrance of Earl Rose’s castle. Even though Earl Rose is Tian Long’s grandfather, Tian Long and May still has to live outside the castle because they were of lowly status unlike the other wife, Lady Deria who is from the family of Vincent. The difference was like heaven and earth.

After Fisher died, Deria immediately started treating Merlin and May maliciously. She was the one who stripped May of her status and turned her into a servant again. She was also the one to encourage Earl Rose to turn Merlin into the servant of Arthur, son of Duke Cowl.

Not long ago, while Merlin was coming back from Duke Cowl’s mansion, he encountered the mother and son pair, Deria and Clay. When Clay saw Merlin, he started beating Merlin with eyes filled with disdain until Merlin fell into the river. Deria watched this entire event unfold before her eyes, smirking the whole time. She did not care whether Merlin lived or died. Fortunately, Merlin was saved by Murry, an old servant of Earl Rose when he saw Merlin floating near the riverbank.

Inside the entire castle, Murry might be the only person who actually has compassion for May and Merlin. No one pays attention to Merlin so everyone in the castle might never notice that “Merlin” has already passed away and “Tian Long” is occupying the body.

Tian Long is sitting on a rock, meditating. Mana around him slowly poured inside him. Breaking through the second level is not hard at all for Tian Long because he already broke through before and has reached the peak of cultivation already.

Suddenly, when an hour was about to pass, wind started converging around Tian Long’s body. Black ooze came out of his pores along with a disgusting stench, indicating that his body was getting rid of its impurities. When he opened up his eyes, it was filled with joy.

He, then took his clothes off and jumped into the water to clean his body and clothes. If it was in his previous life, a single wave of his hand would’ve blown away the impurities.

When he jumped inside the water, he felt that even the water was filled with magic. If he was able to tap into the element, he would be able to use the magic from his surroundings but he was not ready to learn Magic yet. Before, Merlin was just an ordinary boy which is another reason why he is a servant.

Even though Tian Long wants to learn magic, gathering Pran is creating the foundation to cultivate for him. If he were to create a Mana Core, it may hinder his cultivation later on.

Even now, he was not sure why he failed at ascending to heaven. He thought that one of the reason might be a weak foundation so in this life, he must create the most stable foundation possible.

Therefore, until he has created a stable foundation, he decided to not practice any other arts that may create errors in his cultivation.

When he finished washing, he continued meditating until he lost his sense of time. His cultivation was almost at the peak of 2nd level of Pran gathering when he heard shouting,

“Merlin! Merlin, where are you?”

That is the voice of Murray, the servant of Earl Rose.

“Over here, uncle Murray” (TL Note: In Thai culture, you have to add a title to people older than you or people you respect)

Tian Long shouted in return with trust because he was kind towards Merlin. When Murray heard Merlin’s shout, he hurriedly walked towards the direction of the 7 years old boy.

“So you are here, I was so worried”

“What’s the matter? Why are you so restless”

“A message came from Duke Cowl. In a few days, the school of young master Arthur will open so you will have to go with him as a servant. You must go immediately.”

“But I just returned”

“You cannot argue. You are a servant, you must follow your master’s orders. I pity you Merlin but the fate of each person is different. It is up to you if you want to fight your fate.”

“Yes uncle Murray. I understand, I will go pack my things now”

After saying that, Tian Long walked towards his home. Murray looked at him with eyes filled with compassion.

When the boy returned home, he talked to May who is now his mother. She embraced him while crying. ‘I have not seen my child for years. My child hasn’t even been here for a day yet and he has to leave already’.

While in the embrace of the girl, Tian Long felt a bit of warmth. In his previous life, he did not experience parental love because he was abandoned by them and became and orphan. He was later picked up by a Daoist Priest later on. Tian Long hugged her back. In this life he wants to experience some parental love.

After saying his goodbyes, he began his journey. Even though it was nighttime, he still has to leave immediately. As Murray said, he is now a servant, he has to obey his master’s orders. He must arrive within 3 days. When he arrive, he will meet Arthur, his master.

When it comes to Arthur, his relationship was neither good or bad because he was used to getting everything he wanted since he was the son of the Duke. Arthur was 2 years older than Merlin but he still harasses Merlin, having no sign of maturity at all. Even though he harasses Merlin, it was nothing compared to Clay’s treatment of him. The worst things he has ever ordered Merlin is to change the bedding, selecting the same clothes over and over again, throwing rocks at small insects, ordering Merlin to get water over and over until he is satisfied.

Arthur was good-looking and extremely talented in the fields of sword and magic. He was named as the hope of the kingdom. Merlin was a weak and skinny looking boy so people judged him to have no talents. Very few people knows that Merlin, the servant of Arthur is one of the successors of Earl Rose.

Being the servant of Arthur has some good aspects. No one would mess with him because of Arthur’s status so he could take advantage of this and use it to hide his abilities. He just has to endure the pain of being a servant.

This time, he must follow Arthur to the school of Waldersia established by the Church of Light, one of the 5 great powers with 5 Holy Sages as the main pillars of power.


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