Deva Wizard - Chapter 5

Tian Long’s carriage passed by many forests and cities. In just a few days, he arrived at the castle of Duke Cowl. When the carriage stopped in front of the castle, a young man came out of the castle. Although young, his face contains elegance and handsomeness wearing a well cut blue and white fabric that made him look like an elite. This boy was none other than Lord Arthur “Aragon Arthur”, the sole son of Duke Cowl.

Citizens of the Kingdom of Aragon expects that Arthur will take the throne because the current Emperor, Engl has no offspring. Duke Cowl, who is the younger brother of the current Emperor gave birth to a talented son. Many nobles predicted that the throne will not go to Duke Cowl, but his son, Arthur instead.

King Roland of Kingdom of Aragon(TL Note: Not sure if this is the Emperor or a different person) was the strongest throughout the 10 years in his reign. He is one of the reason why no other kingdoms dare to invade the Kingdom of Aragon. Furthermore, he also has 8 wizards under his command(TL Note: Author didn’t say their power level. It’s wizard wizard not the “Wizard” realm.) known as the “Eight Round Table Knights of Aragon”. These people are extremely powerful and versatile and magic. Kingdom of Aragon has a guardian protecting the country as well.

The position as the Guardian of Kingdom of Aragon is very well respected. They have the power equivalent to that of the Emperor’s. One must be the strongest within the Kingdom to become the Guardian. The current Guardian is known as “Ceres” the mighty old man. He wears a gold robe. The only people qualified to wear a gold robe is someone at the rank of Great Wizard.

Users of magic will be sorted out by the color of their cloaks. Every year, the Church of Light will measure and test everyone from the 5 Kingdoms. Different levels/realms will have different colors.

People at the Practitioner level will have no cloak.

People at the Mage level will have a red cloak.

People at the Magician level will have a gray cloak.

People at the Magic Warrior level will have a white cloak.

People at the Wizard level will have a silver cloak.

People at the Great Wizard level will have a golden cloak.

As for the cloak of the Magic Emperor. Since the beginning of time, there has only been 5. Legends say that Emperor “Solomon” who united every Kingdom and land donned a rainbow cloak representing the pinnacle of magic.

After Arthur stepped out of the castle to meet Merlin who is just coming out of his carriage, he walked passed Merlin without care and turned around loudly.

“What are you doing, sleepy head, hurry up and get on the carriage”

“But I just arrived” Merlin replied in displeasure. He has just returned and hasn’t even stepped on the ground yet and Arthur is already ordering him to travel again.

“That is none of my business. If you don’t get in now, you’ll have to run after the carriage.” Arthur said and immediately entered the other carriage.

Humph! Children are so unreasonable.

Merlin complained in his head and and took the reign of the carriage. He could not sit inside the carriage because someone of the higher status is in there but he has no problem because he has very little baggage.

He must be patient. In his past life, he endured much harder hardships. Since he has woke up, he has cultivated to the 2nd level of Pran Gathering already and he was about to break through to the 3rd level. He hoped that there will find a place to settle down soon because breaking through to the 3rd level will increase his ability to survive dramatically.

After breaking through to the 1st level, the body will be able to contain Pran.

2nd level body will become stronger

3rd level body will become stronger

4th level body will be able to utilize Pran

5th level body will be able to use Pran outside of body(Attack from far away)

6th level body will be able to control Pran better and longer breaths(More stamina)(TL Note: Remember True Martial World?)

7th level body will be able to channel Pran so that it doesn’t need to eat or drink

8th level body will be able to contain more Pran

9th level body will be able to condense Pran

After Merlin got on the carriage, they set out immediately passing through forests and entering the region of the Church of Light. That is the location of the school of Waldersia.

Arthur’s carriage has been traveling for half a day suddenly, boom! The sound of an explosion rang out. When driving a bit further, what came to view was another carriage getting robbed.


The sound of a little girl screaming was heard. A girl wearing a bloody pink dress suddenly came to view, running for her life from 4 goblins each holding a knife. When the carriage stopped, Arthur immediate got out.

“What are you going to do?” Merlin shouted at Arthur

“Someone needs our help, why do you need to ask, you sleepy head!” Arthur replied back emotionally and pieced his sword into a goblin.

‘Hu! You want to be a white knight? Let me see what you can do, little brat’


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