Deva Wizard - Chapter 6

Arthur plunged his sword into the goblin holding the knife but the goblin was agile and quickly evaded it. Suddenly, the other goblin holding the spear attacked Arthur along with the goblin holding the knife. Facing the coordinated attack, Arthur raised his sword to defend himself in a timely manner.

Shiiing!(TL Note: Collision sound)

The 10 years old boy continued to fight the goblins with no sign of backing down and plunged his sword into the goblin holding the spear causing its blood to spurt out and fall down.

“It’s dangerous here, go hide in my carriage”

Arthur shouted at the girl in pink dress. She quickly obeyed the order and made a beeline towards the carriage. Merlin assisted her up the carriage. After the girl got into the carriage, she looked at Arthur with a worried look. Seeing this, Merlin sat down slightly showing that he’s not worried which calmed down the girl.

After Arthur took care of the goblin with the spear, the 3 other goblins retreated in fear. Suddenly, something flew towards Arthur but he was able to detect it and quickly recited a spell.

“With the power of the earth, assist me to build a strong wall”

After the earth spell was recited, a shield which resembled a turtle’s shell appeared.


An explosion occurred causing dust to rise up. Without waiting for the dust to settle down, Arthur continued reciting his spell.

“With the power of the earth, give me speed”


Suddenly, wind started to swirl around Arthur’s body. With Arthur as the center, the dust quickly settled down. His speed was increased several fold. His body suddenly appeared in front of the goblins carrying bombs.

Chuab(TL Note: Some kind of sound effect.)

His sword pierced the goblin. Without hesitation, he took his sword out and chopped off the head of the goblin holding the sword. He turned around only to find that the goblin with the knife was running away. He naturally won’t let it get away so he gripped his sword tighter and threw it.


Arthur’s sword struck the goblin. Finished dealing with all of the goblins, he walked towards the dead goblin and took his sword out. He then took out his handkerchief and wiped the blood off his sword in an experienced manner.

In the eyes of Merlin, Arthur’s performance was quite amazing. The so-called magic was actually so terrifying. Arthur was just at the Practitioner level and was actually this strong. If he were to fight him, he would not win easily. As expected of the hope of Aragon. No wonder he didn’t bring any guards.

The so-called magic is practically cheating. Just at the Practitioner level and one is already this powerful. Even if Tian Long broke through to the 3rd level of Pran Gathering, it would be hard for him to fight high leveled mage users. Thus, he decided that he will reach the Budding Pran realm within 3 years so that he can start practicing magic.

If he was still in his previous world, he would not be worried like this. In his previous world, there were Occult Magic Weapons(TL Note: If you have a better name for this, please leave it in the comment.). If a 2nd level Pran Gathering practitioner were to have an Occult Magic Weapon, fighting a Mage level practitioner would not be a problem.

Right now, he could not build an Occult Magic Weapon. First, he does not know if the raw materials are available in this world. Secondly, with his strength, building one would be no different than building a piece of junk.

After Arthur finished cleaning up, he dug his hands deep inside the hearts of the goblin. What he was looking for was the “Mana Spirit” of the goblins. One can integrate Mana Spirits to a weapon or convert it into mana for cultivation.

Mana Spirits have different levels. Stronger beasts have stronger Mana Spirits. Every strong warriors have their equipments integrated with strong Mana Spirits.

After Arthur collect all the Mana Spirits, he got on the carriage. ‘This kid can think ahead, as expected of a descendant of Aragon’

“Set out”

Arthur said filled wit authority. Immediately, the carriage started moving.

“Who are you? Why were you getting attacked by goblins?” Arthur asked the unlucky girl.

“My name is Emile Bernard Maria(TL Note: What a name…), my father is a merchant from Ponca City. I was on my way to test into the school Waldersia but suddenly got attacked by goblins. All my subordinates died protecting me,” the girl said sobbingly. Arthur moved his curtain a side and looked back to see the corpses of Emile’s subordinates.

“Don’t be so sad, I’m also traveling to Waldersia. You can come with me,” Arthur comforted the girl and put his hands on her back. Merlin looked inside the carriage and made eye contact with Arthur which seems to say,

‘What are you looking at, turn back’

Merlin understood the meaning behind his master’s stare and turned back. Next to him, the young coachman, Grim nodded in approval with a huge grin on his face. ‘He’s just 10 years old and he’s already wooing girls, he’ll definitely build a huge harem!’


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