Deva Wizard - Chapter 7

7 Days later, Arthur and co. has arrived at the city of Waldersia ruled and regulated by the Church of Light. When Merlin stepped into the city of Waldersia, it felt as if he was entering a huge empire. People were walking about everywhere as if it was the capital city of an huge empire. This city was known for its trades. Here, they use a currency called Zenni. However, if a huge amount of money is being exchanged, the city will use currencies called “Crystal”, “Ruby”, and “Diamond”.

1 Crystal is equal to 10,000 Zenni.

1 Ruby is equal to 100,000 Zenni

1 Diamond is equal to 1,000,000 Zenni.

In this world, there are magic items to store items. They are called “Magic Rings” which can only be created by high-level mages. They do it by inscribing “Runes” which is no different than creating a Occult Magic Weapon but with a different source/energy.

Merlin is just a servant so he naturally doesn’t have a Magic Ring. Arthur and Emile however, has a Magic Ring because one is a descendant of Aragon and another is the child of a wealthy merchant. If Arthur didn’t save Emile, the goblins would’ve definitely taken the ring for themselves.

The carriage moved pass many people. Merlin was located in front of the carriage as the coachman so he can see very clearly. In his eyes, he detected many strong presences. Many people wearing red and gray cloaks were walking around as well, showing off their statuses and magic users. In this city, the amount of people stronger than little Arthur was far too many.

After Merlin has finished checking his surroundings, they’ve already arrived within the school of Waldersia. The school excluded an brilliant splendor.

‘Oh! Look, a statue of an old man wearing a golden monk robe. On his right hand, he held a large wand. On his left, a book. If he had to guess who he was, it was probably the leader of the Church of Light. In this land, there were only 6 people qualified to wear a golden robe.

When the carriage moved further in, what came into Merlin’s view was a huge castle. Duke Cowl’s castle was like a small house compared to it. ‘Oh! What a beautifully carved marble pillar. It would take 10 men to surround. So tall as if it could reach the heavens…’

Just as he was admiring the view, thousands of people started coming in like tides. It is because today is the final recruitment day.

Arthur gets special privileges as he was the son of the Duke. He does not need to test into the school as he has the certificate from King of Aragon. He was even welcomed and escorted to his room.

After they arrived, Emile excused herself to go test into the school as she was just a commoner. The coachman, Grimm returned back to Duke Cowl’s castle. As for Merlin, he has to carry Arthur’s baggage into his room.

Merlin did not come as a student but as a servant. His primary duty is to serve Arthur. Thus, he does not need to get tested in or anything.

After they arrived at their destination, Merlin started to serve Arthur according to his memory. First, he stored away Arthur’s baggage which he took out of his ring into his room. Then, he warmed the waters for Arthur to bath in. After that, he went down to the school kitchen to order food for Arthur.

As Arthur was bathing, Merlin decided to explore the school. He jumped onto a tree and jumped off then, he started to soar! This is his self-made lightening technique, “Daydream Walk”.

Why Merlin can use lightening technique? That’s because he broke through to the 3rd level of Pran Gathering during the 5 days journey. In truth, Merlin estimated that he would break through on the first day but he looked down on cultivation too much. Cultivation is still cultivation. The difficulty is still there, even if the energy is richer than his old world’s, his current cultivation speed is already insane.

When he reached the 3rd stage of Pran Gathering, his body was transformed. His muscles and tendons were twisted and rearranged. The pain/torture of breaking through each level was still the same even in this new world. Even so, the benefits outweigh the cost. He also does not need to sleep anymore because cultivating makes him feel as if he had tens of hours of sleep.

Since he practiced his own method, he can already use it very fluently. Right now, he could run on water and walls. If his cultivation level increase, he will be able to stand on water and run on air. He would be able to fly as long as he reached Budding Pran realm. If he has an Occult Magic Weapon, he would be able to fly as well.

Merlin utilized his art and enjoyed the view and stopped when he reached a certain place. The area was filled with crops. Suddenly, his eyes caught 3 suspicious people. They sneaked into one of the domes inside the plantation area.

Merlin was curious, he trailed the 3 people. Unfortunately, his movements alarmed the birds on the tree he was hiding on causing him to slip and fall.


One of the shouted followed by a silence and shouted again,

“Water ball,”

A water ball the size of a water melon shot towards Merlin’s direction rapidly. This was his first day and he already encountered an enemy…


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