Deva Wizard - Chapter 8


The sound of the water pressure colliding against the tree directly destroyed the tree. But Merlin was nowhere to be found. This is one of the moves from “Daydream Walk”, “Vague Day”. Merlin moved so quickly that only his afterimage was left behind.

“You fool, why did you make such a loud noice…” Not even finished speaking, a woman appeared.

“What are all sneaking around here for?”

When the moonlight shone through, an old woman could be seen appearing from a corner. She was wearing an old robe and holding an old staff. Her eyes was filled with power indicating that she was not an ordinary old woman. This shows that she has magic power.

“Teacher… Glory,” the 3 kids were trembled when they identified her identity.

“Hur, it’s me indeed. I know you from B class. You’re all quite brave to sneak in here tonight. You want to steal the Man Drags I planted for tomorrow’s class?” The old woman said slowly with her hoarse voice. She knew what they were all going to do just be looking at their location.

“No teacher, we were just stuck here” a young man lied through his teeth.

“Daring! To lie in front of me!” The old woman snapped. Wind currents started to form. This is ‘Pressure Force’


The 3 children collapsed onto their knees. The Pressure Force was too strong for them to handle. This illustrates that the old woman’s status is not ordinary considering that she was able to get them on their knees so easily. The children were at the Mage level too.

‘Not good, I’ll definitely be detected’ Merlin thought. Merlin quickly escaped to avoid complications. He was not Glory’s match. Glory has already detected Merlin but she simply didn’t care because he didn’t break any of her properties. After lecturing her students, she returned back to her resident.

Merlin glided over the the other side. He could probably outrun a good horse with his current speed. Each of his steps were light and soundless. Represents his mastery over ‘Daydream Walk’. He made sure to not trample any of the plants. The were probably priceless, which is why the old woman cherished them so much.

The world is full of crouching tigers and hidden dragons. He could not afford to fight anyone with his current strength until he finds the right saber and reached the 5th stage of Pran Gathering. Even now, he doesn’t the strength to fully protect himself. Escape is the best choice.

In the past, he reached the peak of Pran Gathering at the age of 40. In order to boost his strength, he created his own saber technique. It was named “Disintegrating Earth Saber”. When cultivated to the peak, cutting rocks would be like cutting bananas and killing without even letting the saber touch the opponent would be easy.

Merlin was heading into the jungle on the other side of the academy. As he went deeper, he found a strange place. A huge barrier, clear like glass, which seems to be made to suppress magic users specifically. It was already created to hide(TL Note: Sounds awkward in english. Just says that it was made to hide, didn’t say anything else.). Most students hasn’t even seen this barrier before. The mana miasma from the barrier is enough to keep the students away. Even a Great Wizard wouldn’t be able to break this barrier.

But it still has its flaws. Since it was made to suppress magic users specifically, non-magic users can approach it easily. But since this is inside the forests of Waldersia, an ordinary person would’ve died already. Inside this forest, there a many wild beasts. Merlin can enter because he converted all his mana into Pran. He also has ‘Daydream Walk’ which he can use to avoid wild beasts. An ordinary person wouldn’t be able to replicate what he did.

Merlin penetrated into the barrier with ease. In front of him, was not a forest. It was a huge ancient wall. With an entrance, a portal. As if inviting people to enter.

Merlin naturally did not wait. He shot himself into the portal immediately like an arrow. But just as he was 10 meters into moving, countless arrows rained down on him. ‘Heavens! What kind of place is this, why does it have so many traps.’

Merlin has already reached the 3rd stage. With the help of boosted agility and ‘Daydream Walk’, he was able to avoid all the arrows safely. He once again, shot himself into the portal but this time, faster to avoid all the traps.(TL Note: Great strategy.)

After he moved 100 meters in, hundreds of stone statues, covered in moss from head to toe had their eyes lit up in red light. They all turned their head towards Merlin simultaneously.


Just as Merlin was about to prepare himself, the statues moved toward him like agile monkeys ‘Crazy! They have such a huge body, how can they move so fast’

In front of him, hundreds how statues moving like monkeys. Behind him, hundreds of arrows pouring down on him like rain. What should he do in this situation?

With no time to think, the statues were closing in on him, same with the arrows. He started to walk up the wall with his ‘Daydream Walk’

When he reached the top of the wall, what he saw was…!


He front of him was a huge maze. Thousands of meters wide in radius. In the middle of it was a bright light. Before long, he heard trembles again.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Fatuous! These huge statues climbed up these walls just to chase me…


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