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A plethora of lights began swirling around me, almost as if it were a vortex. I felt no sensation from my body except for a feeling of weightlessness.

All of a sudden, the bracelet I had around my arms started glowing and coated my entire body with light.

Suddenly, several objects flew past my head.

What could it be? Then, my consciousness gradually faded away.

Drip, drip...

Sounds of water droplets rung inside my head.

“Ugh... my head... where-” (TL Note: He regains consciousness and feels pain on his head, he then questions where he is.)

I opened my eyelids and saw myself inside a dark cave. Just what was this place?

'I remember falling into a strange hole; where am I?'

When I first looked around at my surroundings, I noticed the extremely high ceiling. Additionally, there seemed to be only one direction for me to go, which was to advance deeper into the cave.

“What is this? I've never seen a cave like this before in Joongwon.” (TL Note: Joongwon is where he is from.)

I felt an absurd feeling welling up from my insides; I was stunned. That bright cave I just passed...

“Uh, am I dreaming? Ugk, aigo... that’s painful.” (TL Note: Ugk - like that sound when you feel a sharp pain. The term “aigo” is a Korean equivalent of “geez”.)

I pinched my cheek as a reality check; Don't think I'm pathetic.

Just how crazy was I? If you don't understand, try taking my place in this situation. ㅠ.ㅠ

Then, I started to examine my body to see if anything was abnormal. Nothing was out of place.

However, the bracelet I had wrapped around my arm was missing.

'Well, what can I do in this situation. My only option is to move forward.'

The cave was huge. Additionally, the strange thing was that the cave was no longer dark, it was currently filled with a ray of light.

The source of the light seemed to come from a small object stuck on a wall.

“That's ridiculous, how can that... Well, it is a pretty long cave.”

My walk to here was fairly long. I didn't know how long I had been walking. Since I was inside a cave, I couldn't tell how much time had passed. After a while, I could see the end of the cave.

However, it didn't seem to lead to the outside world. Instead, some… thing was exuding an ominous aura.

“It sounds like the breathing of an enormous beast... what could it be..?”

I used the Gyong Gong Sul martial foot technique to silence the noise from my footsteps and reached the end of the cave.

And what I saw was...

How can... I've never seen anything like it, not even from books.

I scrutinized the beast more carefully this time. Its titanic body exuded a golden glow. I couldn't even see the entire body from where I was standing as it was too huge. As I observed its features: a long neck, golden wings, a horn on its forehead and an elongated tail, all on fours, the monster seemed to be asleep judging from its breathing rate and its closed eyes.

There was also a small pedestal in front of its sleeping face with a strange sword placed above it.

'I've never seen a sword like that before, also what the hell is this… creature!? I am definitely not from here, am I? Where the hell is this place?'

After contemplating my current situation, I decided to pick up the strange sword. Although, using a sword like that probably wouldn't do much against the monster.

'Since I can’t afford to wake up the monster... the only way to not make any noise is to use my martial feat technique.’

Once again, I used the Gyong Gong Sul to traverse the air to the ground where the sword was. I walked up to the sword. The sword had a white handle wrapped around by otherworldly symbols, sheathed in a red scabbard. There was also a gem embedded in the sword, which emitted an odd light.

As I examined the sword itself, I had a strange sensation as if the sword was staring back at me.

“There's no way...”

Subsequently, a haunting sensation crept up to me as I turned around. My eyes met with the pair of brilliant, golden eyes of the monster. Despite the inhuman eyes, they could only be described as calm and serene, implying the great strength and wisdom of the creature. For a moment, we stared at each other.

What came next was a greater shock than anything else. This being the realization that the creature was speaking

“How did you get in here?”


“Did you not hear me asking? How did you get in here?”

'Stay calm. This isn't Joongwon; I’m in a completely different land. First of all, stay calm, stay calm....’

I stared at the monster's face and began talking. Huh, such a rare experience.

“Um.. Hmm... My name is Ye Chunhwa ... and I do not know how I arrived at this place.”

'It wouldn't get angry at me for speaking to him in a such informal manner, right?' (TL Note: The Korean culture demands people who are younger to pay respects to their elders, even such little things as changing their way of speaking the language.)

As I was pondering, it opened its mouth again.

“Well... it seems like you are telling the truth. Your name is Ye Chunhwa you say? I have never heard a name like that anywhere on this continent.”

“Where am I anyways?”

Since I started off using informal language, I guess I should continue using it.....

“This is the border of the continent that was once known as Gressen, however I do not know what it is called now.”

As I didn't understand anything it was saying, I was anxious to listen.

'Gressen... I have never heard of it before... but... how did I.... the things he said just now was so strange.'

As I stood there with a blank expression, he glanced at me for a moment before beginning to speak again.

“If you aren't from here, then can you explain how you can speak our language?”

A sharp question from a smart monster.

“I don't know. I really can’t explain how I’m able to speak your language… it seems as if I was speaking this language for my entire life.”

After I spoke in such a disorienting fashion, the creature softly muttered.

“Awake.” (TL Note: Or “wake up”, same thing.)

Subsequently, I felt these confusing thoughts in my head becoming lined up and organized.

“Are you alright?”

“Yes, my head is cleared... how did you do it?”

“This is dragon magic, do you not know what it is?”

In response, I shook my head. I had never heard of such a thing.

“Have you really never heard anything similar to my name before?”

It nodded its head unabashedly.

“You do not seem to be from here. How did you arrive at this place?”

“I don't know. I was in the mountains when I fell into a strange light. When I woke up, I was in a dark cave, so I followed the light at the end of the tunnel and now I am here.”

“Well, I can’t say for sure, however, Chunhwa, I believe you have crossed into another dimension.”

What does that mean...?

“What dimension? What are you saying?”

“I won’t be able to explain quickly. In short, God created various worlds among the cosmos and erected a wall between each world. And that wall is what is known as a dimension.”

“Okay then, how can I climb over that wall again?”

“I don't know. The only being that can cross between worlds is the Creator himself, the origin of light and darkness. No other God nor Dragon Lord can cross dimensions.... however, since you have crossed dimensions already, I wonder if there is a way for you to go back.”

I was baffled by its words. What the hell.... I wonder if this is an elaborate prank set up by the Creator... no it can't be, I mean he's a God, right? Ha~ I want to cry right now. I carried myself over to where the sword laid and sat down. The creature silently watched me. I guess it was empathizing with me. I let my mind settle and I proceeded to ask more questions.

“Wait, what are you doing here? Before you answer that, what's your name?”

“Hu~ you are the first human who doesn't seem to be fazed with a dragon in front of you. My name is Graydron.”

“Graydron? A weird name indeed. So, what are you doing here?”

In response, he pointed at the sword next to me and said, (TL Note: I shall now be referring to Graydron as a “he” now as they now have introduced one another.)

“I've been guarding that sword. It has been this way for over ten thousand years.”

“Ha~ guard that sword for what reason? So, you’re saying your age is over ten thousand?”

“Yes, I don't know my exact age. However, I should be around fifteen thousand years old.”

“So... shall I use formal language then...?” (TL Note: Well.... the dragon is older than him...)

“That's not necessary. You may keep speaking the way you have been speaking.”

Phew~ how sad. What could be the reason for him to guard this sword for over ten thousand years? My focus then shifted over to sword and an urge to grab the sword welled up inside of me. However, Graydron stopped me.

“That sword has a mind and life of its own. When a man, who is not its master or unqualified to be its master touches the sword, they will be obliterated.“

“Ha.. ha... such an incredible sword. Who in their right mind created this sword? No! Who is its owner? Never mind, the sword probably doesn't have a master yet, that's why you are guarding it.”

The monster let out a big sigh as he opened his mouth. He must have a lot in store for me....


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