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“The name of the sword is Lamia. It was forged with the combined effort of master craftsmen. I was the very first master craftsmen, the head of all the others, as the Dragon Lord. More joined; other Dragon Lords, the Light Gods, and the Dark Gods... I wanted to make a great weapon. So I dragged various Dragon Lords and Senior Gods to help me forge the sword. We all used the best of our abilities to forge this sword, while using the highest grade metal, Eclipse. The handle was formed with portions of my own dragon heart and bones. The scabbard was created from the hide of the King of the Red Dragons. The creation took around a millenia… On the day Lamia was finished, I tried to wield it but was rejected. I was rejected by it. I even tried to forcefully bend the sword to my will; nothing worked as the power of the sword surpassed my own. The others who participated in the creation of Lamia were all rejected by it as well. Even the Gods couldn't wield Lamia as they too exerted their strength into it. Because we all poured our power and energy into the sword, the sword obtained all of our power. Only the Creator, the source of Light and Darkness could possibly wield Lamia. Since Lamia hasn't chosen its master yet, it has to stay here. Because I am aware of the full extent to Lamia's power, I felt that I had to be the one guarding the sword for the rest of my life. The only ones who know about Lamia are the Light and Dark Gods as the other Kings have probably passed away.”

I threw a glance at him and saw his empty eyes.


After he was done with his story, I glanced at the sword again.


“Is this thing really that great?”


Since I'm not from this place, I cannot judge the value of the so-called Lamia. However, it must be great as it has the combined power of the Gods....


[... Nim.....] (TL Note: You would say this to show respect to someone, such as PardonMe-Nim ;) )


As I stared at the sword, I thought I heard a diminutive whisper. All of sudden, my hand stretched out to the sword involuntarily. I couldn't hear anything as well as my mind was solely focused on grasping the sword.


I knew that it was dangerous to even touch the sword; however, it was as if my hand wasn't even apart of me anymore. My fingers finally wrapped around the hilt of Lamia. Suddenly, my eyes became dizzy and the melodious voice of a women resonated inside my head.


[I am Lamia and I have met the man who shall be my master. However, we need to make a promise. If you will be my master, would you stay with me forever?]


'What is.... this....'


[Will be with me forever?]


It repeated its question.


'Is there something that I would not enjoy...?'


[There will be no harm done to you. Will you share an eternity with me?]


The voice was really pleasant.....


'Yeah, sure why not.'


[The promise of sharing an eternity has been agreed upon. Even the Creator cannot obstruct this promise. I am Lamia. I will now stay next to you... forever.]


As the ceremony came to an end, I saw a woman watching me, giving me a warm smile in front of my eyes before I lost my consciousness.


As I woke up, I immediately gained consciousness as if nothing had happened.


Hu~ is there possibly a person who could wake up like this?


I saw a middle aged man in front of me. The person seemed to have a soft and a dignified impression on his face.


“I want you to explain what has just happened.”


I talked with this man before; I knew it, he was that dragon I was talking to earlier!


“You do not have to be surprised. It is just magic spell, Polymorph....”


I stared at him for a moment, then I looked down at my hand because I had a feeling something was there. It was my sword, Lamia. It didn't seem to be heavy at all, in fact it almost felt weightless. I asked Graydron, who was in front of me.


“Why is this...”


“I wanted to ask you that myself! Once you grasped the sword, it suddenly shattered with rays of light spewing forth, what happened?”


“I wished I knew. I heard the voice of a woman in my head. I told her that I would stay with her forever, if she wouldn't do any harm to me. After that, I was able to take a look at the women before I lost consciousness.”


After staring at me for a brief moment, Graydon opened his mouth.


“Did it finally find its true master? If so, my hardships are finally over.”


“Master? What! Are you telling me that I am the master of this sword?”


Graydron nodded.


“You now are the sword's owner.”


“Hey, hey! I don't need it.”


“It does not matter; it depends on how you use this power. Over sixteen thousand years... I've been protecting this sword, exerting the limits of my body. Now, I can finally rest.”


“Hey! What are you talking about? Are you going to die now?”


“Yes, the average lifespan of a dragon is usually around ten thousand years, and since I am a Dragon Lord, I could live up to fifteen thousand years. However, I have lived a thousand extra years. Now, I could rest.”


“Then.... what am I supposed to do? The only dragon I know.... is you..... what am I supposed to do!”


He looked at me for a moment and let out a chuckle.


“Then, let's make a deal. Many dragon magic were lost because of me. So, I'll teach them to you.”


“What are you talking about?”


“I will give everything to you, even my own identity. With this, you will be treated as if you were me. You can teach these spells to the other Dragon Lords. Not anyone has this kind of an opportunity you know…”


“Yeah, I'll do it, but I don't know anyone here. You would have to go along with me and guide the way....”


“You do not have to worry about that, as I already said, everything I know will be transferred to you. However, you will have to learn to use this knowledge, and you will have to do some things yourself. I’m also not familiar with the road you must take as it's been over seven thousand years since I've seen the light of day. Please prepare yourself, haha~, it is funny to think that a man has the intelligence and the ability of a dragon who also carries a sword of the Gods... if you do well, you may even become a High God yourself.”


Uh... is he making fun of me~ While looking at me, he began to chant something.


I give my everything to thee... I shall now be reborn inside thou.


He suddenly shined with a bright glow. Subsequently, my hands began trembling.


[Master, this is an ability that will transfer magic. Do you wish for me to deflect it?]


This voice was the same voice I heard in that light, but to block this....


“No. Don't deflect it, it's not an attack, you got it?”


[I understand.]



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